The Greater Park Circle Film Society hosts Earth Week film screening 

Water Coolers Will Kill Us All

The best part about science class, other than the dissections, was watching all the fascinating videos. Getting to watch a film about tectonic plates or the nitrogen cycle was always way cooler than sitting through a teacher's lecture. On Saturday night, the Greater Park Circle Film Society and Lowcountry Environmental Education Programs will exemplify this concept when they show two water-related documentaries at the Olde North Charleston Picture House, starting at 7 p.m.

The award-winning Web of Water was produced by LEEP and Organic Process Productions for SCETV. The film records a three-week kayaking trip throughout the state.

The City Paper got a sneak peek at Tapped. The story has three lessons: We're a bunch of saps, corporations suck, and frankly, we're all completely screwed.

The film takes you from the lush landscapes of Maine, where groundwater is sucked up by Nestlé S.A. for free and is sold back to the state's citizens at 1,900 times the cost of tap to the industrial wasteland of Corpus Christi, Texas, where residents living near the plastic plants are suffering from different illnesses. It probably won't be the most cheerful part of the evening, but you'll finally learn just why you get nickels and dimes for every can or bottle you recycle in certain states.

The most interesting focus of the film — one that could have gone much more in depth — is when it touches on the marketing aspect of the industry. Using words like "pure" and "healthy" to mask what is usually just filtered tap water, corporations have tricked us into believing that buying a bottle is better than filling our glass from a sink. Blame Perrier. Blame the production of cheap plastic. The point is, according to the film, screw Aquafina and Dasani. Get a Brita filter and make do.

Tapped may scare you, it may turn you off of bottled water forever, or it may piss you off because you work for Coca-Cola or Pepsi and the film sure made you look like a monster. Whatever thoughts or ideas the film provokes, you can share them at the panel discussion afterward.

But it's not something you're going to want to talk about around the watercooler. Those things are freakin' deadly.


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