The Cheap-@$$ College Student Guide 

Summer 2008

The world’s in trouble right now. Russia has invaded Georgia. Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf has stepped down. The National Enquirer has broken one of the biggest political stories of the year. Who cares, you say? And with good reason — you’re broke. Exactly how are you going to make it through this semester without a penny in your pocket? Fortunately, the City Paper is here to lend a hand. Read on and learn how to live it up with less.

Freebies Jeebies
Having fun shouldn't cost you a dime
College is the most fun you'll ever have with your clothes on and off — if you're lucky. As someone who spent more time than I care to admit as an undergraduate with no money at the College of Charleston, here are a few suggestions on how to spend your penniless days with a smile on your face.
By Randy Shelley August 18, 2008

A night out with your sweetie doesn't need to be expensive
The Dating Game
No one really wants to be considered a cheap date. There's a negative connotation surrounding — some might say, strangling — the term.
By Meaghan Strickland August 18, 2008

Shoppers willing to search can dress for much less
Dig Away
As shallow and stereotypical as it sounds to admit it, girls love shopping. It's a fun way to socialize, exercise (c'mon, all that walking and squeezing in and out of clothes gets tiring), and yeah, it definitely gives you a little rush to come home with a bag of things that you know are gonna make you look good. But alas, we aren't all daddy's little princesses with gold cards at our disposal — but that doesn't mean you have to give up your love of spending. We're here to prove that you can always score a cute, unique outfit for well under 20 bucks. You just have to be willing to dig. We guarantee that the biggest shopping rush you'll experience is when you know you've gotten an incredible bargain. I feel a little light-headed just writing about it.
By Susan Cohen August 18, 2008

Outfits for every occasion can be found for a Jackson or less
Lookin' Cheap
For a college student, extra money is hard to come by; digging in couch cushions, diving in the pineapple fountain at Waterfront Park for spare change, or even worse, getting a part time job aren't always popular options. I set out to prove that you can find three outfits within the price range of two cases of Natty Light ($20). I gave up on thrift shops after too much time spent digging through packed racks and finding nothing — shopping was never so tedious. Instead, I focused my attention on the sale racks at local stores and found stuff for almost as cheap as the sloppy seconds Goodwill was offering — and I was in and out in a much quicker time period.
By Todd Curran August 18, 2008

Want free stuff? Go to Craigslist
In Craig We Trust
Is Craigslist like a synonym for "heaven" or what? We think so. After all, where else can you find a job, an apartment, and that stranger you thought was attractive at Starbucks? Its "Free" section has plenty of stuff you need and plenty more that you probably don't but should get because it's just plain neat. There are just two things you should keep in mind; first, with gas at $4 a gallon, it might not make too much sense to drive out to Summerville for a no-cash curbside couch. And second, people have abused the website in the past, so when you go out to get yourself one of those free guinea pigs, bring someone with you to help fend off any put-the-lotion-in-the-basket weirdos. It'll be the perfect bonding experience with that new roommate. The following is just a sample of the freebies that were available a few weeks back.
By Susan Cohen August 18, 2008

Getting organic goods and other healthy items on the cheap
Just Eat It
Some students think that being healthy is impossible on a college budget. Wrong. We're here to tell you where to get your hungry hands on the finest fruits, vegetables, and meat without deep-sixing your debit card. With a little thrift, you can have a balanced diet on the cheap. Get all your nutrients now and kill them with alcohol later.
By Alison Sher August 18, 2008

Some foods are worth paying for
A Time to Spend
The Sprout is the only raw food restaurant in South Carolina. Their food is moderately priced, but it's worth the drive to Mt. P. Their smoothies, filled with fruits and veggies like kale, carrots, and ginger, range from $3.25 to $6.77. Try the veggie burgers on sprouted rolls for $9. Their desserts, like the chocolate macaroons, are very tasty too. It is one of the healthiest and most innovative culinary experiences in Charleston. Everything they have is to-go, so you can bring it back to your dorm. Another plus is that it looks so funky, your roommates won't sneak into the fridge and eat it.
By Alison Sher August 18, 2008

Non-lethal ramen recipes that won't send you to the restroom
Use Your Noodles
Ramen sucks. But at 17 cents a package — that is if you buy in bulk — the price can't be beat, and those pasty white noodles of joy can actually get you high if you stick your face in the MSG-laden steam. Okay, maybe that was just a flashback.
By Joshua Curry August 18, 2008

Get a permit and sing away
Busking for Bucks
In Charleston, singing on the side of the street for tips is fairly common. In fact, it's possible to make more than a few bucks busking in the downtown streets — especially in the touristy hot spots in nice weather. The best busking spots tend to be popular public places with large volumes of foot traffic, high visibility, low background noise, and few distractions. Downtown, this means along the Market, the waterfront parks, and King, Meeting, and Calhoun streets.
By T. Ballard Lesemann August 18, 2008

How to dine on your parents' dime
Fleece the Parents
Your parents are in town. This can mean a lot of different things — you're getting bailed out of jail, you've gotten knocked up, you need an intervention— but for college students, it's finally time to go to all the restaurants and do fun activities around Charleston that your normal budget won't allow.
By Alison Sher August 18, 2008

You don't have to get a job to bring home the bacon
Making Money
Unless you're a trust-fund baby, chances are you'll spend most of your college years broke. That's normal. But you still need money to stay stocked up on Yuengling. Maybe you should get a job. Oh. That didn't go over too well. Fortunately, you don't have to work to make mad money. Let us help you out.
By Susan Cohen August 18, 2008

A quick look at the Holy City's transportation options
Gettin' Around
With gas at four bucks a gallon, it's easy to spend all the money you have set aside for life's essentials — like beer and cigarettes. Our advice, ditch the car and go with these alternative modes of transportation.
By Svetlana Minx August 18, 2008

Bar Deals and Happy Hours
August 18, 2008


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