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A look back in amoré

As we bid adieu to 2006, it's time for some reflection. Though I still haven't seen my dream of a flying car fulfilled, I can't say '06 was entirely bad — celebrities making public jackholes of themselves were at an all-time high,

the Coastal Carolina Fair introduced all kinds of new fried concoctions that sent me headfirst into a sweet sugar high, and career-wise, between the radio show, this column, and my work at Theatre 99, I've been pretty lucky and successful. All of which, I might add, has been a good distraction from the complete disarray of my love life.

This year alone I've gotten out of a long relationship (which I took much more seriously than the other person involved), explored the freedom of casual dating and casual sex, became involved with someone much older, and, ahem, much more taken, and finally came to the conclusion that I need to be comfortable with my swinging bachelorette lifestyle.

Sure, some of my choices have been morally questionable, which a select group of you felt the need to harshly point out (as if I didn't already acknowledge that fact). I could just as easily have lied about my exploits and played it safe, but what's the point in that? As my boss has reminded me many a time, "Some people have been put on this earth to be an example of what NOT to do," and I'll own it.

There have been times I wanted to stand on my proverbial soapbox like a 14-year-old fat girl in a tube top on the Maury Povich Show and scream, "You don't know me!" from the top of my lungs. But the truth is, if you've read any of my 40-odd past columns, you do. It's obvious I have issues, but so does everyone else. At least I'll admit to them and try to better myself, regardless of the public scrutiny and passing judgments.

So to get 2007 off to a fresh start, I've started seeing a therapist. The funniest part about it is that during our last session he threatened to drop me if I didn't make an effort to alter my way of thinking. That's right — even my therapist threatened to "break up" with me. Hopefully he'll understand when I start acting like a psycho ex-girlfriend and slash his tires. I kid, of course.

There is one successful love I have experienced this year — the love of this town, Charleston. A crisp fall day on King Street, the smell of a low tide by the City Marina, the sound of a light breeze through the palmettos at night, even those crooked sidewalks that I occasionally trip over and try to make like I'm jogging on — I love it all. Not to mention the people, the food, the history, the buildings, and the pride I take in living here. I know that someday I'll have to leave my little humid security blanket of a town and I'll look back on it the same way I do my first break-up — with bittersweet sentimentality.

Until that day, here's to 2007 and to the search and discovery of love, whether it's for someone else, yourself, or the Holy City.

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