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Re: “How to Be a Busker (Legally)

I am a frequent presence in the down town street performer scene. I'm gonna remain anonymous due the rediculous sensitivity of the subject. I just wanna say that this is just wrong and a true example of backwards and narrow minded legislation and legality from charleston. 1) The fact that this city is so unforgiving and closed minded towards something that has been and is becoming more and more significant in not only the charleston music & art scene but the tourist scene as well... Is for lack of a better description COMPLETELY ILOGICAL & INEXCUSABLE. There's absolutely no remote good reason (outside of greed & ignorance) that I not only have to pay an ungodly robbery of fees ($100+) for a license that's so infantisimal that the cops couldn't even tell me how much it costs (by a long shot there guess being "around 10$") when they actually decided to hassle me for no good reason that I could think of or that could be given. 2)I didn't come out and start playing for people just to make some pocket money or supplement my income in any way. In fact when I first started playing out here I quite frequently & respectfully refused tips or donations as I believed it took away from the purity and lagitamacy of my intentions and message which I adimately believe and convey.(peace, love, understanding & the underestimated power of positivity & what I refer to as the will & the way) it wasn't until people were flat out INSISTING I accept there tips that I (after much self control & patience) gave in and started graciously accepting them. 3)I hold myself to very strict professional standards when it comes to my performance. I replace and water down lyrics as well as even song choice in respect to where I am and who I'm playing for. 4)I posses a GOD GIVEN tallent to entertain a very wide variety of people which has been credited by listeners to everything from simply entertain to change someone's initial view of charleston for the better to even keeping someone from "making a very big irreversible mistake." Comparing what I do to operating a business is apples to oranges and frankly insulting. I didn't buy this gift it was given to me to use. No body taught me or persuaded to peruse music. It simply came to me by chance and second nature...this is just scratching the surface of how backwards and ignorant it is for an artist such as myself to have pay so much and pass through an absolutely unreasonable amount of red tape (almost as if the beaurocratic phillistine PRICK who's inflicting these requirements simply doesn't want us out there at all.) meanwhile your run of the mill begger, grifter, con artist & drug junky can freely sit in the same spot with their hand out and a sob story to con people out of there money. I've witnessed this and my response is WTF! Whoever is making the decisions this needs to make like computer and get with the program because this is an absolute sabatoge to the layed back and open atmosphere of charleston which about 9 out of 10 tourists come here for and expect to experience. It doesn't make sense why you can be a strait bum and beg discretely but if your given a gratuity for being good at something you love then your treated as though your some con artist or snake oil salesmen. The fact that this is even being made into an issue the city should address and regulate so much is just fucking WRONG and makes me and MANY others question what exactly are the priorities of our city government, who's really runnin the show and what exactly are their intentions for our great city. As for this musician/victim of backwards beaurocracy I end with this. You will still stop me from doing what I was put here on this earth to do when pry my intstrument from my cold death gripping hands. If that makes me an outlaw then SO be it. Why should I try to appease and comply with laws that are borderline unconstitutional and absolutely unreasonable in so many blaintant ways. Call me what you want "criminal" "vagrant" but the fact is that MANY others would call me a "freedom fighter" and a "true patriot." With that said there are a lot more people (including a significant number of charleston's precious tourists" who are much more inclined to agree with me than the deep pocketed narrow minded philistines who have put me and many other hardworking professional entertainers in the unfortunate position we are in. If any of those people are reading this trust & believe that there is a lot more of us than there are you. We care, we vote, and we are well prepared for revolutionary means to stand up for our rights and ourselves.

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Posted by Talon Williamson on May 23, 2013 at 6:25 AM
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