T-Rav talks Southern Charm and his future in politics 

A Charm Offensive

I have experienced a lot in my life — some good, some bad ­­— but all of those experiences make up the man I am today. I have always been one to take risks and never be complacent, so my next endeavor in the television world should surprise very few. I do not have any idea how the country will feel about Southern Charm, but I do know my personal life has always been pretty entertaining, so I can only hope it will make for entertaining television.

Southern Charm will not reflect everyone's life down in Charleston, and that was never the goal, but it will chronicle a small group of us living our lives in one of the greatest cities in the world. My hope is that the rest of the country can get a taste of the beauty, sophistication, and "charm" of Charleston because it's something I have been fortunate enough to experience my entire life.

How will the show impact me politically? Honestly I'm not sure — nor do I especially care. I've always been very successful in business, and when it comes to politics, I've always come down on the right side — the side of free markets, individual liberties, and the individual taxpayer. So my personal life is a little crazy. I've still got two out of three. And two out of three ain't bad.

Some people will question or criticize my association with this show. To them I would say this: There are legions of indistinguishable, supposedly upright, and virtuous people in public office — so-called principled leaders with perfect families, blemish-free backgrounds, and alternating red or blue ties to match their American flag lapel pins. These cookie-cutter politicians stand in front of cameras and read from teleprompters about how they know what's best for us — how they will take care of us — yet these are the very people bankrupting our future generations and running our Republic into the ground.

Every year, every election — it's the same old thing. Yet nothing ever gets better. Nothing ever changes.

If you ask me, those are the real criminals in this country — the "native criminal class" Mark Twain spoke of — not people like me who have the audacity to live our personal lives as we see fit.

I stand against those criminals. I stand for the simple belief that when it comes to helping people and expanding prosperity, markets work — bureaucracies don't.

And no matter what comes of this show, that's the political fight I'm committed to advancing in the years ahead.

Southern Charm premieres Mon. March 3 at 10 p.m. on Bravo

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