We here at the City Paper love American Apparel, and it’s not because they run a regular ad on the back page of the paper. Actually, that’s not entirely correct. We love them because they run an ad on the back page, but it’s not because they pay us, although we’re certainly grateful for their patronage. The point is we love their ads. More often than not they’re sexy. Sometimes they’re just bizarre. And nine times out of 10, we think they’re hilarious. Seriously, it’s hard to read the bio on each model and not crack a smile. For this issue of our annual Summer Guide we decided to pay tribute to our favorite ongoing ad campaign. We hope you enjoy it.

Charter a course for a day of deep-sea fishing
Charter a course for a day of deep-sea fishing You're Gonna Needa Bigger Boat

Summertime in the Holy City is all about the water, whether you spend it relaxing by the pool, reading at the beach, or casting a fly into a lake. But for some water-sport enthusiasts, no summer pastime satisfies the soul as much as a day spent deep-sea fishing. Regardless of whether you fish from your own boat, a friend's, or a chartered vessel, the experience of hooking a mahimahi is unlike any other. — Charlie Morrison

Let H2Osmosis' resident pro teach you how to waterski
Let H2Osmosis' resident pro teach you how to waterski Coach Stisher

Even though Seth Stisher began waterskiing when he was five, he doesn't consider himself to be a natural. "I'm not that super-talented of an athlete," he says in a tone that acknowledges people might not believe him. "I just tried." — Cara Kelly

Who needs ice to play hockey when you've got a pool?
Who needs ice to play hockey when you've got a pool? Down Under

Let's say someone sends you a YouTube video of underwater hockey. At first you think it's just another funny viral video sent to you by that guy in the office who forwards e-mail chain letters about Obama's phoney birth certificate and pictures of cheeseburger-craving kitty cats. But unlike those, underwater hockey is not a joke. In fact, the guys that play it take it pretty seriously. Look no further than the Charleston Blockade Runners, the Lowcountry's own club team. In 2006, they won the U.S. National Underwater Hockey Tournament. — Cara Kelly

Come see Charleston's beauty by kayak
Come see Charleston's beauty by kayak Have Paddle Will Travel

Charleston is a prime spot for kayaking enthusiasts. Secluded estuaries, striking black water swamps, saltwater, and surf — the Lowcountry has a lot to offer for those itching to get out on the water. And naturally, there are several groups who specialize in showing off the area's aquatic beauty. We've compiled a list of some of the most popular and beautiful trips local outfitters have to offer. — Cara Kelly

It's time to play
It's time to play Marco Who?

It is common knowledge that the first pool game was invented by the noted blind explorer Marco Polo. But play time by the pool has changed dramatically since the days of that great pioneer of water fun. In the spirit of that Italian great, we asked local pool aficionados to weigh in on their favorite modern pool pastimes. — Lucas Hagerty

Get up, stand up, on a paddleboard
Get up, stand up, on a paddleboard Sex in a Cadillac

I started surfing when I was 13. Nearing 30, one would hope I'd know how to do it by now. That's up for debate. — Stratton Lawrence

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