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Re: “Mary Wessner's Thru New Eyes – The World in Black and White

Mary has definitely connected with the reality that color is not required where composition is salient.

Posted by Street Law on July 2, 2016 at 6:44 PM

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Re: “South Carolina's wage gap robs black and Latinx women of over $20,000 a year, study finds

These statistic are a crock. They include wages women make for low level jobs that men don't or can't do. Nor do we ever see any concerted effort to determine if there is not causation for women making lower wages when they are apparently doing the same work. Or any consideration that when they are, they are just not as proficient in earning merit pay, making sales, whatever. This is a great story for the media to kick around now and then. But it is not a very good job of reporting.

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Posted by Street Law on April 13, 2018 at 10:45 PM

Re: “So about that Comey book...


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Posted by Street Law on April 13, 2018 at 10:20 PM

Re: “Tavern & Table general manager shot during armed robbery late Wednesday

The chef did nothing to deserve this. He was actually shot in the back. If this was not a hate crime what might have been the motive?

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Posted by Street Law on April 13, 2018 at 10:18 PM
Posted by Street Law on March 30, 2018 at 9:33 PM

Re: “Homophobic, anti-abortion secessionist and defeated S.C. senator senses that the time is right to return to politics

Those who label people as being homophobic or guilty of showing prejudice against people whose religions requires that they orient away from homosexuality. Use of the term shows anti-Christian and possibly anti-Muslim bias, and many in our society are using their same-sex leanings to get ahead, and particularly in governmental agencies. Labeling people as homophobic is a good way to deflect away from the real question. Are these people really the best qualified to get the promotion or not?

Gays can always claim discrimination if they don't get a job or are passed over for promotion, in much the same way that members of many special interest groups have done for eons. The rhetoric goes something like "You need to hire more of this or that group because we have been discriminated against in the past." It is never, "You need to hire me because I am inherently better qualified to do this task and I can prove it." This ploy has been used by various ethnic groups, women, veterans, and even the handicapped and always will be. And it works so well because more often or not, it's true!

And far too many gays use their homosexuality as a shield to excuse their lack of ability. Meanwhile in schools, they gravitate toward physical education positions like Eddie Fischer. You certainly have to wonder if this is not to give them access to students who would never dream they would be abused sexually by someone of their same gender. I have know at least half a dozen gays who were or are PE "teachers." I am sure there are hundreds if not thousands more, and that includes coaches. Maybe because they are stimulated by the sight of their own gender in motion and in the showers? Maybe because their enjoy the hands-on aspect of the profession? Maybe they suffer from low T and it gives their libido a boost?

Phobic infers someone has an irrational fear of something, where many people just don't like homosexual tendencies because it flies in the face of their religious requirement to be plentiful and multiply. Actually, it goes beyond that. Gays are also inherently not family oriented in the sense of having children and families of their own. So that topic of discussion is off the table. Most gays are prone to consume alcohol, so they have little in common with non-drinkers. And many of them are delusional in this regard. Gays tend to be anti-social under-achievers who are usually far too self-absorbed to be much fun to socialize with. Some think that if they adopt children it somehow makes them parents. But most don't and so there is little of mutual interest to talk about where family life is concerned.

By now it should be obvious to everyone that I just don't understand the situation and are chomping at the bits to suggest that if there were a gay history month I might better appreciate the significant contributions gays have made to society. Well of course there is a LBGT month and it even has its own flag. Like it is some kind of separate nation. Let not talk about their fight for equality. Obviously they will never be on equal footing with a heterosexual in a reproductive sense. Lets talk about their value to society as a group. And as to whether or not they are derelict in not passing their obviously superior DNA on to future generations.

And while on that subject, if you can lump transvestites who at birth were denied a biological predisposition in with others who oriented by choice or force into their sexual identity, then why not include every and any one who is in some way different and has suffered discrimination because of it. Including people born with no limbs are who were extremely gifted and held back in school because of it? Why not include everyone who has been or felt left out or oppressed for any reason whatsoever.

How about a truly inclusive Diversity History Month that focuses more on how we are alike than how we are different! Power to the disenfranchised! Hail to SPPLU! (The Society for the Preservation of People Like Us!

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Posted by Street Law on March 17, 2018 at 11:57 AM

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