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Re: “Marina Variety Store


"is full of completely subjective and untrue statements"


How can you blame someone else for YOU bringing me the wrong item or forgetting the item or forgetting to put the order into the computer or putting in the wrong order into the computer?

"However, expecting every server to know by memory every detail of your lard-laden order or to check their notepad continuously while delivering food when he/she likely has 10-20 other guests distributed around the restaurant is ludicrous."

By memory, YES, by checking the written order, NO, NOT if you expect a good tip.

Quit being lazy and do your job. You should check the pad for EVERY SINGLE DETAIL. That's WHY you are getting an individualized tip.

So the other customers are MORE IMPORTANT than my order? If it is, then don't look at me when your tip is low or non-existent for being UNCARING AND TOO LAZY TO VERIFY ALL THE DETAILS.


You expect something at the end to be good, we expect something good during our service.

Just as you expect payment, we expect our server to GIVE A CARE about WHAT they are BRINGING TO US FOR OBVIOUS ERRORS!! If you don't care about our orders, we aren't going to care much about your tip. WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND!!! I will treat you the way you treated me in the tip.

It's called positive and negative reinforcement.

"then not realize that you were missing a side of ketchup"

It would be ranch, because I hate ketchup, but if they are that forgetful, we have had servers VOLUNTARILY decided to offer to bring condiments out ahead of time to avoid such a situation. You make your own destiny when it comes to tipping for the most part. I didn't say all, but for condiments, YES, YOU DO!!

"And you're married? The poor fool."

I am married, the SMART man that has a woman that knows more about a restaurant than some of these servers even. I am smart to check each price to see if we are overcharged, which we have had a number of wrong prices in restaurants before I caught, but the lazy, uncaring server didn't even **TRY** to.

"People like you are the reason that some servers become resentful of their jobs."

Why? Because we make you actually **WORK** for your money? What a concept, huh, WORK?

Because we know more than you do about the menu. Because we know why our food got to us wrong and you don't, because you have zero common sense to speak of or just don't want to admit that you are too lazy. In a way you did that you said it was ridiculous to check over the food for errors.

"competent people like me will NEVER serve ignorant assholes like yourself."


If you forget my ranch even if you aren't my server(assuming it's on the ticket), that's your fault and it's my server's fault, because my server COULD HAVE OFFERED TO BRING IT OUT AHEAD OF TIME OR THE OTHER SERVER COULD HAVE VERIFIED THE TICKET, which most of the time they don't, because it's not their tip.

It's my server's job to check every OBVIOUS detail of my food that they don't have to TOUCH my food to notice the mistake, it sure is, because I am **PAYING THEM A TIP FOR IT**!!! You are VERY LAZY to say it's ridiculous to check over every detail as if others are more important. If that was your attitude at my table, I'd stiff your ass. You would be showing me you don't care, so why should I care about your tip?

I will treat you the way you treated my service. Act like it's YOUR FOOD is what you have to do. The other people can wait THEIR TURN. Check over every detail of theirs as well. Get good tips from ALL, not just SOME and quit blaming the kitchen staff for something YOU could have caught yourself!! QUIT BEING SO DAMN LAZY!!!

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Posted by Springs1 on October 15, 2010 at 10:10 PM

Re: “Marina Variety Store

"So next time you blame the service, try...and I really mean this, try and remember that your food being cold, messed up, wrong, taking long, etc. could be from the kitchen or the expo. All your server does is take the tray to your table and pass it out. So please tell me how all your problems fell on her."

No server just takes the tray to your table and doesn't verify the food, because if they do that, they are the STUPID IDIOTS!!

Your server's job is to BRING the food out as *CORRECTLY* as they possibly can notice without having to TOUCH the food to notice the mistake.

90% of the time it's the SERVER'S FAULT:

1. They can put in the order wrong into the computer or if it's a written ticket they submit, they could have written something down wrong or hard to read.

2. They could have forgotten to put in the order in the first place.

3. Servers can also misunderstand what the customer is saying such as 2 times when I ordered 2 sides of bbq sauce and the stupid idiot servers thought I didn’t want bbq sauce on my ribs when I NEVER ONCE SAID I didn’t and I didn’t say “ON THE SIDE”, I SAID SIDES, which means extra. One of those times I said extra even.
4. Most mistakes with food are visible:

A. Condiments of any kind regardless of who brings out the food can be brought out by the server ahead of time.

B. If someone orders extra crispy bacon with their pancakes, then the bacon looks limp, not stiff, and you can even see some white fat on it, guess what? MY SERVER COULD HAVE SEEN THAT TOO AND TOLD THE COOKS IT WASN'T CORRECT, TO RECOOK IT INSTEAD OF BRINGING IT TO ME WRONG IN THE FIRST PLACE!

C. Any wrong side dishes or entrees are the fault of the server if they bring out the food even if they put in the order right. You can tell the difference between a baked potato and mac n' cheese, yet, a waiter at Logan's Roadhouse was so stupid as to bring me mac n' cheese when I ordered a baked potato. I noticed it within 5 seconds of the food hitting my table. Like DUH a baked potato looks completely different from mac n' cheese.

D. Any MISSING side dishes, appetizers, condiments, or entrees ARE the server's fault if they bring out the food as well. Have had that happen a few times or so. Our servers aren't blind, so they can tell if something is missing or not.

E. I have seen a red steak delivered to someone before at Outback which means let's say the customer ordered their steak well done, that the server could have noticed the color difference as in your example “Steak cooked rare instead of well done ? It’s not your server’s fault, they didn’t cook it, it’s the kitchen’s fault.”

F. If something LOOKS burnt such as a piece of bread with the food and the person didn't order it burnt, my server is at fault for serving me that.

G. If my server forgets an item that an entree or appetizer comes with, that's their fault if they brought me my food without the item such as a side dish or ranch.

H. I have ordered at Outback my fries "lightly cooked" "Not overdone and yellow not brown." I have had their fries before cooked the way I like them before many of times before this time I am talking about. This stupid waitress decided to blame the kitchen staff for REALLY DARK BROWN FRIES as if she was blind or something and my husband even told me he could see that they were really dark. My husband may not agree with me on every subject of course, but with that, you could EASILY tell just by LOOKING that those fries were overdone and very dark. She said she put in the order correctly. I am thinking, SO? I wish I could have said "Are you blind?" That was HER FAULT she DECIDED TO SERVE ME THOSE FRIES THAT WEREN'T CORRECT. I noticed the mistake within 3 seconds of my food being placed in front of me.


You can tell in this picture above the bacon is very crispy just by simply LOOKING at it.


You can tell in this picture, the bacon is NOT CRISPY, just by simple LOOKING at the bacon.

While the server didn't "COOK" the bacon, it's obvious to the EYES that one batch of bacon is crispy and the other isn't to decide to BRING the food to the customer wrong or not. It's my server's fault if they decide to bring me the bacon that's like in picture 2 if I ordered it crispy that she or he didn't tell the cooks it was wrong and get them to cook the bacon more instead of SERVING it wrong. WHY bring it out only for the food to be sent back?

My server's job isn't just to bring out what the kitchen staff gives them, it's also getting the order OBVIOUSLY correct to the table as much as possible in order to get that good tip. As you said “They just want to be tipped well and will do pretty much anything reasonable to get your money”, which that IS VERY REASONABLE to think OUR SERVERS ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT THEIR TIP TO GET THINGS RIGHT TO HAVE A BETTER TIP!!

Same thing with dark brown fries vs. lightly colored fries, that you can tell just by LOOKING at fries if they are really overdone or not.

You also can notice if someone has wing sauce "On the side" vs. "On the wings" themselves. This isn't rocket science.

Most of the things that are wrong with the food can be caught by the server if they bring out the food, even if they didn't cook it. If it's another server, they can catch obvious errors on the ticket and menu(such as menu states the item comes with bbq sauce and the ticket doesn't say "no bbq sauce") if the ticket was correctly put in by the original server that took the order. Condiments(in bottles or on the side in containers) can always be offered to be brought out ahead of time REGARDLESS of WHO brings out the food to the table.

So most of the time when the food has something wrong with it, chances are, your server or another server could have caught the mistake before it got to you in most instances. I NEVER said ALL, but in most cases, it can be caught BEFORE bringing out the food(unless another server brings out the food with the ticket wrong), because then the original server that took the order is at fault for putting the order in incorrectly into the computer.

There are few rare cases where the food being wrong is the kitchen staff's fault such as raw food(such as raw chicken), slightly undercooked or overcooked food that you'd have to CUT into to know if it was under or overcooked, or anything the server cannot see with their eyes unless they were to TOUCH the food. Things such as a pickle under a bun the server can't notice unless they lift the bun, so unless they put the order in wrong, they wouldn't be at fault, but in general most food mistakes can be caught BEFORE bringing the food to the table.

What I am saying is, MOST mistakes ARE PREVENTABLE by the SERVER if they bring your order to you that they can NOTICE things wrong by comparing those written orders to the plates of food.

Once a waiter at Chili's said "The kitchen forgot" when I had ordered 2 sides of mayo and 1 side of mustard. The thing is, my waiter brought out the food, so NO, HE HE HE HE HE FORGOT, the kitchen staff didn't step out the kitchen to bring me my food and forget obvious missing containers from my plate that aren't covered up by anything. MY WAITER DID THOUGH!! I HATE this type of attitude. YOU have that attitude it seems.

You walk in one room in your house with a plate of food, but forget the ranch. Even if your mom or significant other plated your food, which you even told her you wanted a side of ranch for your fries, but you bring it to another room. HOW IS THAT THEIR FAULT? It's YOUR FAULT YOU LEFT THE ROOM WITHOUT THE RANCH AND DIDN'T NOTICE IT SINCE IT'S SOMETHING OBVIOUS YOU DON'T HAVE TO *TOUCH* TO NOTICE THE MISTAKE!!

Even if he didn't bring out the food, that waiter could have prevented that type of thing from being forgotten since it needs no cooking to bring it out ahead of time. It is always the person bringing out the food that is at fault for any type of mistake that you don't have to TOUCH the food to notice the mistake, unless of course, the ticket was put in wrong by the original server that took the order with another server bringing out the food. Of course unless, the kitchen goofs up, making it correctly even if the ticket is wrong, but that's highly unlikely scenario.

I cannot believe you honestly think that the server is not at fault for most food mistakes. WE LIVED THROUGH THE "DUH" MISTAKES, SO WE CAN SEE WITH OUR EYES WHO WAS AT FAULT!!

We had a waiter once admitted he grabbed the wrong entrée from the kitchen. It was just my husband and I. This waiter not only admitted he didn't compare the WRITTEN ORDER with the entrées he was bringing out, but also we saw he had other entrées for another table that he didn't ONCE get his pad of paper out to see WHICH ENTRÉE WENT WITH WHICH TABLE!! So 2 times he could have caught his mistake, but didn't *****TRY HIS BEST AS HE SHOULD HAVE, because that's HIS JOB**!!

He admitted that he grabbed the wrong entrée from the kitchen. He brought my husband fried shrimp w/fries when he ordered crawfish au gratin w/baked potato. Those items look NOTHING A LIKE, but yet THAT WAITER WAS TOO LAZY AND UNCARING TO VERIFY WTF HE WAS BRINGING US!! We still left him 17% BTW, just to let you know since he profusely apologized TWICE and FIXED THE SITUATION IMMEDIATELY just about. We honestly shouldn’t have though, because that really didn't make him LEARN anything. If I had to do it all over again, I would have tipped 13%. It's because since that happened(a number of years ago, maybe like 4), we have had some terrible experiences. We have had good ones too of course, but the servers need to LEARN that they can't just hand you ANYTHING like McDonald's cashiers do. They are there to EARN a tip, NOT to just hand you anything.

It's very rare that it's not the server's fault. Things like if I order no pickles if you took my order and brought out my food, which there are some pickles under a bun that you'd have to lift it to see it, unless you admitted putting in the order wrong, I will assume it's the kitchen staff that is at fault and probably is.

Things like raw chicken tenders aren't the fault of the server unless they are pink or something.

A slightly over or undercooked steak if the order was put in correctly is not the server's fault.

Also, some people assume things as well, that end up being wrong.

My point is, MOST of the time, the server can prevent mistakes from getting to the customers and it IS INDEED MOST OF THE TIME THEIR FAULT THE CUSTOMER RECEIVES THE MISTAKES.

If another server brings out a wrong side dish or if they are missing items other than condiments, no it's not the server's fault if they put in the order correctly, but it still counts against the tip. It's part of the service.

If your food is taking too long it could be:

Ask yourself:

1. WHEN did you put in my order?

2. Did you put in my order CORRECTLY?

3. Did you FORGET to put in my order entirely?

4. Did you FORGET anything I ordered?

5. Did you bring out the WRONG FOOD the first time around, because you didn't VERIFY WHAT you were bringing me?


7. Did you DROP my food on the floor?

These things CAN HAPPEN!!

Sometimes taking a long time or a longer time has A LOT to do with the server:

We have had 3 TIMES where servers FORGOT to put food orders into the computer. We also have 4 times servers forget to get bar drinks from the bar.

We also have had delays due to that the servers delayed putting orders into the computer when they COULD have such as deciding to buss a table first or decide instead of a mini-greet(I'll be right with you all), they decided to take like 6 people's drink/appetizer orders instead of putting in our food orders. I can understand if they call you over, but if they don't, you should be putting that order into the computer not delaying our food. The longer you wait to put in orders, the LONGER WE WAIT!!

Also, if your server put in your order wrong, that's THEIR FAULT you are waiting longer for your food, because the kitchen staff only knows what's on the ticket, PERIOD!!

My husband and I have had wrong food put into the computer and even stupid servers bring it out that took the order even. You have to be stupid to not even LOOK at WHAT you are bringing the person. Act like it's your food. I was once brought quesadillas when I ordered bbq chicken nachos. The waiter was too LAZY to COMPARE his written order to the food. Turns out, he admitted pressing a wrong button. So not only did he delay my food from getting to me by bringing me the completely wrong food, but also put in the order wrong to begin with. So he made 2 mistakes. That was the fault of the waiter, not the kitchen staff.

Also, if your server FORGETS something from the kitchen even though they put in the order correctly, that's on YOUR SERVER, NOT the kitchen staff since your server brought you your food. They have full control of what is in their hands they are taking you.

Condiments are the most common thing to be forgotten. That is the server's fault no matter who brings you your food, because my server can offer to bring those out ahead of time.

The same situation I mentioned above about the waiter that grabbed the wrong entrée from the kitchen has to do with the wrong food as well as time. It was just me and my husband. This waiter not only admitted he didn't compare the WRITTEN ORDER with the entrées he was bringing out by saying he grabbed the wrong entrée from the kitchen, but also we saw he had other entrées for another table that he brought out on a tray that he put on a tray jack which he didn't ONCE get his pad of paper out to see WHICH ENTRÉE WENT WITH WHICH TABLE!! I saw with my own 2 EYES he didn't EVER get his pad of paper to make sure he was bringing his customers the correct items. So 2 times he could have caught his mistake, but didn't *****TRY***** HIS BEST AS HE SHOULD HAVE, because that's HIS JOB**!! So this wasn't even REAL MISTAKE, it was a LACK OF ***EFFORT**** and BEING LAZY!! Go work at MCDONALD'S IF YOU WANT TO NOT CARE ABOUT WHAT YOU HAND PEOPLE YOU DUMB SERVERS!!

He admitted that he grabbed the wrong entrée from the kitchen. He brought my husband fried shrimp w/fries when he ordered crawfish au gratin w/baked potato. So it was HIS fault my husband's food took longer to get to him due to HE didn't check over his written order BEFORE bringing out all the entrées he brought out.

If your server delays going to get your food when they DO have a chance to run it, but they are chit-chatting about personal stuff, that is for sure their fault.

I would say 90% of the time your server had SOMETHING to do with how long you waited for your food by the fact that they didn't go put the order in as quickly as they could have in a fair manner that is. I don't expect our server to put in orders if they have food/drinks/request that came BEFORE we ordered, because they were BEFORE us, but when it is our turn, don't DISRESPECT OUR TURN by INTENTIONALLY DELAYING our food.

If the food is cold, sometimes it is the server's fault that they didn't bring your food due to that you were chit-chatting with your friends or customers instead of bringing out the food.

You are VERY wrong about this. Most of the time, your server is at fault for the food getting wrong to your table or delaying your order.

It can NEVER be the expo's fault since they plate food and those are obvious errors UNLESS the food is covered up by something as far as when YOUR SERVER delivers your food. If it's another server, if the order was put in correctly by the original server that took the order, then it's on the other server that brought out the food if nothing is covering up the error.

You are an idiot!! It's all about LAZINESS!!

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Posted by Springs1 on October 10, 2010 at 10:19 AM
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