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Re: “Class Justice Hypocrisy

It is amusing to read the left wing drivel or Barneys incessent ramblings that all things are racial and, by the way, NEVER the responsibility of the people he champions. No bad decisions there, just a yoke of oppression. I feel sorry for him having to lead such a miserable life of self loathing. While I agree Bush has made some very bad mistakes it is also amusing the left can never see that their pimp-in-chief Clinton was just as bad. Why is this? Because he was Bubba and played to the crowd and, because it made you feel good and didn't require you to think, you ate it up. You got your dose of kool aid from Hollywood and the "let's celebrate anything but America crowd" and because it allowed you to continue to be responsible for nothing you guzzled it down like a fine wine. A few points: 1. Criticize the Libby commutation if you like but I doubt it would have happened if the judge had allowed him to remain free until his appeals were up. That is not an uncommon practice especially in non violent crimes. But this was a democrat political witch hunt so, for you, those rules don't apply. If you must complain so be it but at least have the self respect to complain about Clintons pardons of political allies, relatives, thieves and terrorists. I forgot, you can't do that because he was after all Bubba. 2. There is no illegal war. Congress authorized the action. Let them stop it if they want to. Cut the funds. That simple. After all the Democrat party has already surrendered. They were determined, for political reasons for the war to fail and keep telling our enemies "We support the troops but for you fighting us, keep killing them so we can make political points and give you a date when we will leave." I am sure Pelosi has an orgasim of delight everytime she reads about more soldiers killed. It fits her despicable play book. 3. Katrina wasen't ignored nor were the people. Remember New Orleans has been a Democrat plantation for 40 years. Money for the levees channeled into marinas, bridge feasibility studies and, oh yes, congressmens freezers next to the frozen fish sticks. I have been in New Orleans and pity to poor there because they are stuck, not because of a lack of ourside support but by the poverty pimps who have deliberately placed a generation in the position where they cannot help themselves. A history of politicians and black "leaders" who insure their poor receive only enough to subsist so they can use the fear card to guarantee their votes. Why is New Orleans the only part of the Gulf Coast that says "rebuild me" while the rest are saying "help me while I rebuild myself"? Pity the poor, they have been made victims a second time by their "leaders". On a side note they can be really proud of their mayor who wouldn't evacuate them, wouldn't let the Red Cross stock the Superdome and then left his city for four days after the storm to "relocate his family". What a leader!!!! 4. Kidnapping and "torturing" prisoners. First of all the "torture" was minimal and if it got the needed information great. For those of you sitting around downing your six pack and whining about it remember, your not in the line of fire. While I am not a great fan of torture because physical torture is normally ineffective and the information often unreliable, psychological duress works and god bless it. Try a little criticism of those who blow up kids or cut peoples heads off with pocket knives. Oh, I forgot that wouldn't be politically correct and you have to be so, so PC to survive in your phoney world. 5. When U.S. citizens assist the enemy treat them like the enemy. Really they should just be dropped off with their friends so they can fight and hopefully quickly assume room temperature. 6. Valarie was not a covert operative and had not been for the requisite period of time. No crime was committed by identifying her. Why were the democrats so upset? It was because we found out she recommended her husband, a man with an agenda. We have a right to that little bit of info even though they didn't want us to have it. Also, if we can believe her husband, she compromised herself to him before they were married. That's also illegal. He didn't have a need to know just because he was banging her. Makes us wonder how many other received a similiar confession from her? 7. Firing U.S. attorneys is a presidential perogative. Any administration, Republican or Democrat, has the right to get rid of them if they are not team players. Perhaps it would be a good idea to change that but it is the status quo. Again the hypocricy of the left is deafening regarding Clintons purge of all U.S. attorneys when he went into office. Oh yes, I forgot that was Bubba!! Understand I have little better to say for the right wing. I agree issues such as gay rights, civil unions should not be an issue, they should just happen. I also have a problem with Faith Based Initiatives, but I also see the hellish pit "professional educators" have placed the public school system in. No, it is not lack of money or facilities or diversity, it is bloated staffs, non accountability, lack of subject matter experts (now replaced by generalist education majors), waste of available funds, failure to emphasize core courses over such issues as art, music, diversity training or the other issues that can allow the teacher to make a field trip rather than teach, and unions that could care less about the kids and only about their own bottom line. I know the argument that a well rounded education would include all the areas I mentioned above, but teaching art appreciation to a graduate that needs a machine with pictures on it to ring an order and whose major accomplishment in life will be to ask, "do you want fries with that", is not being fair to them. If these initiatives can stop that they may have value. In reality we have to jettison both the right and left wings and establish a centrist position that serves all opinions and not those with the loudest mouth regardless of who they are. Todays political climate is so toxic that the only thing we can be sure of is that if we don't reign in the extremes on both sides and start talking honestly about our ideas and problems we will fail. The truth comes from open discussion, not shouting down those you disagree with. That is a tactic of the ignorant man or woman who is eiher a convicted ideolog or who lacks the ability to defend their own position. You can't get all your news from FOX or CNN or Air America. Listen to them all and you will be amazed there a a little truth from each. You also hear about things no one else reports. Hey may'be that's the reason they are so unpopular among their opponents. They do tell you things you won't hear in the dumbed down press. In any case, let's knock off the partisan crap or a pox on all our houses.

Posted by Sightseer on July 11, 2007 at 10:18 AM
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