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Re: “Surveillance footage shows shooting of Marley Lion

Wow Denzil. I'm truly sorry to have offended you. I'm not speaking about all black americans, I am speaking about those you mention that are from the hood and stuck in it!! I have lived in 8 states (north and south) other than SC in my lifetime and I have been in Charleston for over 20 years. I have NEVER in my life experienced the extreme level of racial tension and hatered in any state that I have experienced and witnessed here. I have a loved one who was recently jumped by 4 or 5 black males for no other reason than he was on their side of town instead of his own. He walked out of a building and into a group of loitering thugs who immediately began to assault him. "Where you gonna go white boy?". "Why you runnin' white boy?".... I have plenty of black friends and believe me I know the difference between them and ignorant thugs. Just like I know the difference between decent white folk and ignorant white trash. And if this young man's murderer had been a white male, I would still be here speaking out against what happened. I think that I did say that the parents are the problem. The parents are the teachers and they aren't teaching their children respect, period. But they can't be blamed for every effed up choice their adult children make. I'm glad your parents got you out of that environment but if they hadn't, you couldn't blame them for all of your problems and your deviant behavior because everybody grows up and everybody has a choice to live healthily or not. I grew up under pretty rough conditions myself, but I moved forward and I live my life and my decisions are my own. If I decide to pull out a gun and kill someone, I'm not going to blame my mom for failing to give me a fairytale childhood. This person who pulled the trigger on a 17 year old kid for no reason other than he wanted what didn't belong to him, he knows better yet he chooses to sit on his lazy ass in the hood instead of rise above it. And he chooses to kill. I don't think that's his momma's fault. That's the difference between me and him and that's the difference between you and him. I am not a racist, I am a human being who is sick and tired of all of the ignorance and the violence that prevails in today's society.....

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Posted by SassyCutter on June 28, 2012 at 10:04 PM

Re: “Surveillance footage shows shooting of Marley Lion

Brett B., I have to agree with you! People are so ignorantly afraid of the ignorant violent thugs that run free in every community, spreading their hate filled wrath every where they go. I am a white female and I cried when Trayvon was killed just as I've cried over Marley's death. Both of these boys truly could've been my son! Black, white, yellow, red, it doesn't matter. We're all human beings and we are all (supposed to be) equal. If Marley had been black and murdered by a white man, Jesse and Al would be marching through the streets of Charleston demanding justice. Only they probably wouldn't have had to because pretty much anyone in my community that knew the identity of the murderer would've immediately turned him in....

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Posted by SassyCutter on June 26, 2012 at 11:06 AM

Re: “Surveillance footage shows shooting of Marley Lion

John Paul Jah, we really don't need to dig too deep to understand why this particular demographic is in socioeconmic free fall!! It comes down to this, they are being raised by parents who procreate and give birth without having the education and work needed to finacially support their children! They give birth over and over again while the government gives them free money!! They are raised to be free-loading sponges. They are taught to steal. They are taught to be lazy! If you want a freaking Nissan Pathfinder, Apple laptop or guitar, finish school and get a God d***ed JOB and buy your own!!! Don't steal from those of us who have worked for what we have. And definitely don't MURDER to acquire what you are too lazy to work for!!!

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Posted by SassyCutter on June 26, 2012 at 10:49 AM

Re: “Surveillance footage shows shooting of Marley Lion

I don't need to know Marley Lion or any of his family or friends to be truly heart broken and outraged by his death at the hands of an absolute pyschopath. I am a parent and I am a human being who respects the lives of others. I cannot wrap my head around the thought process (or lack there of) of the person who did this. I'm sure it is very safe to say that the shooter is not the only person who knows what he did. To the person(s) who know the identity of the murderer and are not revealing it to law enforcement, you are just as responsible for this chilid's death as the shooter himself. I would find it far more frightening to knowingly be sharing my neighborhood or home with a cold blooded, heartless murderer, than to turn that murderer over to the police and help to remove him from society because I would know that he would do the same thing to one of my loved ones or myself, if the opportunity were ever to present itself. People need to get over their fear of ignorant gansters and FIGHT BACK!!!

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Posted by SassyCutter on June 26, 2012 at 10:37 AM

Re: “What do you think of Skip ReVille's 50-year prison sentence?

One day when I was cutting Skip ReVille's hair I asked him what he had been doing since the last time I'd seen him. He expalined how he was volunteering at a local private school as an assistant principal. When I asked him why he would take on a job like that without receiving a paycheck he told me that he felt it was his "calling". He said that he "felt very passionately about working closely with young children in a christian environment". By the time he left my chair, I was feeling like a lesser person. What a great guy, right?? So selfless in his acts! Not, exactly. A few months later he was arrested and I realized how gullible we all can be. I realized how manipulative predators really are. Until then, I didn't fully understand how much thought and planning pedophiles/sexual predators put into satisfiying their own selfish, sick, twisted desires. I applaud Scarlett Wilson for getting this monster off the streets but I feel that the court let his victims down by only sentencing Skip to 50 years. I'm sure he won't make it out alive, but he essentially took the lives of his victims. His heinous acts forever altered their inner selves and changed whatever path they were currently on in life. None of them are the same person they were before Skip ReVille entered their lives. His victims may still be walking this earth, but they will never live another day without experiencing the horrendous side effects of the abouse they have endured. So, to only give a 50 year sentence is truly an injustice. Life without the possibilty of parole is the very least the court should've given Skip ReVille.

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Posted by SassyCutter on June 26, 2012 at 10:18 AM
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