Roseville: A Suspenseful Comedy 

Old School: Roseville is classic and creepy

Roseville: A Suspenseful Comedy
Fri. Jan. 16, 9:30 p.m.
Sat. Jan. 17, 7:30 p.m.
Lance Hall

Like many visitors to the Holy City, when Jet Eveleth came down for the Charleston Comedy Festival last year, she fell in love.

She impulsively considered moving here and even submitted her application to local colleges. But for now, her home is Chicago, a town whose hot comedy scene just might make up for its crappy weather.

Eveleth performed in two of iO Theatre's presentations last year: I Live Next Door to Horses and The Reckoning. This year, she's back to introduce Roseville: A Suspenseful Comedy, which she presents with Brendan Jennings, who will also perform with Cook County Social Club.

Roseville is actually a spin-off of I Live Next Door to Horses, which rocked audiences with its quirky scenes and endless barrage of characters, played by Eveleth and Holly Laurent (anyone remember the pussy sketch? It was packed with, um, dry humor). The new show, just a few months old, is most similar in that Eveleth and Jennings bring 14 different characters to the stage over the course of the evening. It differs in that it uses an improv technique called La Round to unfold the scenes, in which the show follows whichever character is leaving the scene. In the first scene, a detective meets a prostitute. The prostitute meets a man at a bus stop. The man goes home to his daughter, who then follows a kitten out onto the roof. And so it continues until the last character meets up with the first, and voila! The magic of La Round.

"It's like you see this whole town, and it unfolds before you in a less narrative way, in a more sort of coincidental way," Eveleth says. "And throughout the scenes there's always this sort of tension ... It's the idea that maybe everyone is affected by the idea that this one guy is missing, but it never really comes out in the story, more in the tension of the scene."

Hence, the suspense of this comedy.

As a comedic acting teacher at Columbia College Chicago as well as iO Theatre, Eveleth is more well-versed than most about the history of comedy.

"I have more of an interest in alternative comedy, but this isn't even alternative. It's sort of going back to the basics. I watch a ton of old movies, which inspires me to create more physical comedy," Eveleth says. "Like old school Jerry Lewis, sort of committed to that crazy physicality.

"It's fun to do a show that's sort of an homage to older comedy."

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