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Re: “Goodloe-Johnson's Parting Words

I am sick at all this discussion - its beating a dead horse and accomplishes nothing! I am from NY, now dont think city, look up a town called Memphis NY - its 5 or so hours from "the city" - a town with a small population and a school district that has kids from 4 towns going to it - and its still relatively small. I moved to Syracuse NY (about 30 minutes from where I grew up) and loved the environment - the schools, though over crowded on many levels, still offer after school programs, teachers stay to help students who are having trouble in their classes, there are feild trips all the way through senior year...Syracuse is smaller in area and has a higher population that Charleston, so I dont understand why this WHOLE damn state cant get their crap together and band together for our children. I have moved all over the East Coast, I have seen many different schools, people, cultures and communities. Charleston does not really have the "racial tensions" that people make it out to have - its NOT just Charleston - its all over the country, its not just the south, its the north, south, east and west. The problem with "racial tensions" is that people keep the problem going, the whites blame the blacks, the blacks blame the whites, the muslims blame both and the mexicans blame all. If we stop playing the blame game and work to eliminate the problem, to eliminate these feeling people harbour for no reason, to educate people that "people are just people" and that color does not matter then we can start to heal this country and its image. I said to my husband the other day, "African-Americans struggled and fought for freedom, women struggled and fought for the right to vote, again African-Americans struggled for equal rights, gays, lesbians and the transgendered fought for their rights, mexicans are fighting for their rights....the fight never ends - it will go on forever unless America as a whole bands together and fights" - You can not blame another for what you do, you can not blame another for what your children do, you can only blame yourself and the person who has done the wrong. Dr. Goodloe-Johnson, in my opinion, was just as racist as anyone else. She was haughty, high and mighty, cold, distant and acted as though she were Gods gift to this town. As someone said before, she was here four years, not four weeks - There are plenty of things that could have been done to improve this district, there are many programs that could have been implemented to give our children not only something to do after school but making teachers stay for educational help. My sister in law (17 years old) failed 2 out of 4 classes this year. She asked multiple times for the teachers assistance and all they told her was "come in ealrier and we can help you before school" - how is this child supposed to get there? I cant take her in at 6:30 in the morning - I'm on my way out the door at that time to go to work. The problem is this - Charleston, like MANY other large cities in the country faces the problem of too many children and not enough to keep those children occupied. It faces the racial stigma that goes with the living in the south, and sad to say - its both the whites and the blacks who perpetuate this type of ignorant thinking. Now, dont anyone get too pissy, I'm white, my husband is black and my sister in law (his little sister in our custody) is black. We have many long conversations about what is wrong with our society today and we come up with many ideas that we feel would help the city, state and country to get out from under this "black cloud". Remember people, this is not just the south that has this issue - its all over and until we band together as one voice and one people united "united under God" then we will accomplish nothing. Eveyone is entitled to their own opinions but when that opinion crosses over the line into the territory of causing mental, physical or verbal abuse to another then the person expressing their opinion is no better than the person they are describing in said opinion. He who lives in a glass house should not throw stones! Judge not lest ye be judged yourself! And ye harm none, do what ye will!

Posted by ReneeElliott on June 27, 2007 at 10:26 AM

Re: “ANOTHER VIEW ‌ Number Six

I can't agree more...but the thing that has to be looked at the most is how the child is raised. As parents we need to remember that we are raising our future. Our children will one day, ultimatly, be in charge of the major things in our lives - government, health care, education. How can the children of today be involved in any of this when they have no concept. Parenting is not sitting your child in front of a TV while you sleep, it is not letting your child do what they want because you are afraid that you will make them upset with you, it is not blaming the problems on the fact that your a single mom and you just dont have time. If you dont have time then you never should have had the child in the first place. We need to realize that our children are going to be upset with us when we say no, they may even "hate" us - but it passes and they become better for it. Education starts at home, is carried to school, and learned through life. If we dont teach our children the basic moral values of life then we are a nation, not just a state, of doomed people.

Posted by ReneeElliott on May 14, 2007 at 4:56 PM
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