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Re: “Interview with Ron Paul 2/15/10

Mike MN posted:

"Personally, I disagree with the naive thought process of not believing we are at war with a global Jihad against all infidels."

Mike, this is exactly right. I don't think Dr. Paul would disagree with this. However, what he would disagree with is HOW we approach it. He would want the CONGRESS to declare war (not the president and certainly not the UN !!We went into Iraq under UN Resolution!). He does recognize terrorism as a serious threat. He does recognize that there are those extremist in the muslim world that perpetrate Jihad. But, he would point out that we unfortunately have choosen a singular uni-dimensional way to deal with "terrorism" and "Jihad". Our policy does NOT take into account what motivates the terrorist and WHAT builds their impetus to recruit new forces!

Allow me to regress. Let's go back to the time of Jefferson. There has been terrorism since the fall in the Garden of Eden. Jefferson's time was no different. And the "Barbary Pirates" as they have been called by modern historians, were actually Islamic Jihadist. Please google this. Do some reading. But what IS different is HOW Jefferson dealt with it. Do some reading on it. You will be amazed. And it is right in line with what Dr. Paul espouses.

Congressman Ron Paul has an impeccable record. I have heard many "conservative" (read "neo-con") commentators ridicule Dr. Paul. Dr. Paul was one of THE FIRST PUBLIC OFFICIAL to address and speak out about getting the perpetrators of 9/11 (but not get dragged into a unconstitutional war. Can anyone say Vietnam?). It is unfortunate that the neo-cons aborted the proper response to 9/11 and took us into a conflict in Iraq. Now, that is not saying that there would never be some point in the future where we would of had to deal with terrorism from Iraq. Cong. Paul was SPECIFICALLY responding to the immediate perpetrators of 9/11. And I am certain if we did not give up on the situation in Tora Bora and so forth, we would of already HAD Bin Laden and company captured and put to death.

Dr. Paul in no way "naive" about Terrorism. I would urge you to view his writings, speeches and comments on terrorism. However, I think that he would also say that terrorism is NOT the greatest threat to our liberties and our nation. Our nation is BEING TRANSFORMED before our very eyes by the progressive neo-cons and progessive liberals and others. THAT is the most serious threat we face. That is, they are thwarting our very constitution and principles (not to mention ruining our currency!) that make us WHO we are! If the traditional constitutional republic has been TRANSFORMED into a socialist, soft-corporate-fascist state - then are we America?

I have been following politics for 35 years. I cast my first presidential vote for Ronald Reagan 1980. And I can make one clear observation. There are some very good people in public service. I mostly side with the "republicans". But I am first a CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVE. Most "conservatives" so-called do not even understand what they want to conserve !! They have unfortunately bastardized the name, and it no longer has any meaning. So i say to any "conservative" our there. What precisely is it that you want to conserve ? I have yet to meet a conservative who can answer this completely. They might say I am for "low taxes" or "freedom" or somethig like that. But i have yet to meet ONE who can explain a THOROUGH position on ALL ISSUES and state them to be in line with our founding fathers and the spirit and written intent of the constitution. NOT ONE. Do you know your history ? Do you know what the founders said?

Dr. Paul, though i may have minor disagreements with (and we will all never agree fully and that is okay!!) IS a SOUND CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVE. He DOES understand what the founders said and what they implied. His record is IMPECCABLE. This cannot be denied.

People need to do their homework. I have listened to many commentators, read many books and been a student of history and economics for a long time. And we have had this cycle going on for over 40 years. The repubes promise this and the dems promise that, and on and on. And what do we have ? Take a look at that GEOMETRICALLY rising debt. We are in the age of "geometrics". Billions ? Forget that. TRILLIONS NOW. BOTH of these parties have lost their way. Dr. Paul is surely right. The traditional conservative republic party has been hijacked. And our problems are not just from progressive liberal democrats. It is from progressives power hungry people in both parties.

I would like one of these conservative commentators like Crystal, Limbaugh (who i agree with a lot), Levin etc... To challenge Dr. Paul to debate foreign policy and the constitutional position that our founders did and would espouse. Let's see them all present their case and present the facts. Do it for 3hrs in front of their audiences. I will speculate that if this is done America will begin to see something. They will begin to see (if their ego's are kept in check and their minds are open) that our traditions have been hijacked and fear and party drum-beating has been steering us the wrong way for a long time. Eisenhower warned us of this. But, then again, we Americans are pretty ignortant sometimes. We do not do our due diligence....

Kind regards,
San Diego Ca.

Posted by rdrews1052 on February 22, 2010 at 10:59 PM
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