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With so many fantastic restaurants in town, it can be hard to stay home. Who wants to cook when you can go out and have someone exponentially more skilled prepare something tasty in under an hour? However, there are some advantages to staying in — like saving money and eating healthy. For the newbies who may not know where to go shopping, don’t worry: this personality quiz will help to match you with a local grocery store that suits your style. Happy shopping!

1. On average, how often do you

A. All the time, recycling is the key
to keeping our world clean.
B. I recycle when there’s a bin
C. I don’t really have things to
recycle because I usually just
mooch off my friends.
D. It’s really about half and half.
E. My lactose-free soy milk only
comes in reusable glass jars.

2. How much did you spend on your last pair of shoes?

A. It was so long ago I don’t
remember; I usually keep my
Birks till they fall apart.
B. About $30, whatever looks
cool at the mall.
C. I didn’t buy them. They were
hand-me-downs from my
D. Under $100, I wanted
something decent but I’m not
going to pay an excessive
amount for my shoes.
E. More than $150; who buys

3. If you could choose one of these animals as a pet, which would it be?

A. An adopted dog from the
Humane Society.
B. A goldfish; fish are easy, they don’t need much care.
C. I don’t like animals; they involve too much maintenance and
tend to be expensive.
D. A cat.
E. A teacup chihuahua; I can take
him anywhere, and he goes
with everything I own.

4. What is the most you’ve ever paid for a haircut?

A. I would never pay for a haircut
because long dreads are just
B. I get my friend who lives
down the street to cut my hair.
C. I go to Great Clips and get my
hair cut for $8.
D. About $20, that’s reasonable
to me.
E. Around $40, that’s enough for
a quality ’do.


5. What is your preferred mode of

A. I ride my bike everywhere I go,
it cuts back on air pollution and
gives me exercise.
B. My longboard, it’s easy, quick,
and I don’t get stuck in traffic.
C. I usually walk or ride CARTA.
D. My VW Jetta.
E. My new Land Rover I got for

6. How many times have you been
hiking, biking, or swimming in the
last week?

A. 4-5, I love the outdoors.
B. 2-3, I go when I have time.
C. 0-1, I work a lot, so I don’t
really have that much extra
D. 3-4, I go to the beach a lot and
surf with my buddies.
E. 1-2, I just got a brand new
mountain bike and kayak, so I’ve
been putting them to good use.

7. What is your favorite pastime?

A. Anything outdoors, or playing
in my drum circle.
B. I hang out at my neighbor’s
house a lot.
C. I like the free activities offered
around town and at the school.
D. Going to the beach with
my friends.
E. I like to go out a lot to bars,
restaurants, shopping, etc.

8. How many times a month do you go to the movies?

A. I only go when something I
really want to see is playing; I
don’t watch a lot of movies
or TV.
B. When someone offers to
take me.
C. Movies aren’t really in my
D. I’ll go a couple of times a month.
E. I go whenever I want.

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POP QUIZ: 2006 College Student Guide


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