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Re: “Mike Calder's Buffalo Pub

I had some friends in town in mid-July and I took them to Calder's on a Friday night. The bartender was drunk out of his mind. We ordered food from him and told him we'd be outside with our drinks and he said he'd let us know when our food came out. 30 minutes went by, I went in and after 10 minutes of me trying to get his attention and focus on what I was asking, he said it wasn't ready yet without actually checking with the kitchen. After 20 more minutes my friend went in and asked the bartender where the food was and his reply was "oh, the kitchen guys left a half an hour ago. Did you order food?" I went over the last hour in detail with him and he stared at me with eyes glazed over and said "sorry, how bout I buy you a beer?" I said no thanks, we're hungry so we're going to the grocery store to get food. I paid my check and the bartender said "next time you come in remind me a I'll buy you dinner."
No thanks dummy.There won't be a next time. Good luck with your hangover.

Posted by Pete on December 14, 2012 at 11:47 AM

Re: “The Shelter invites Mt. P to come hang out a while

If I may give a key piece of advice to the bartenders, that would be to "MAKE EYE CONTACT" with your customers. Do you hear that managers/owners? It's very simple. If the bartender purposely has his head down, he cannot see the customers trying to order a drink. I've been to The Shelter twice and both times it took 10-20 minutes to get the bartender to acknowledge my presence and then to get me a drink. Here's one more observation. It's nice when the bartender actually exchanges words with you for instance "an Absolut and tonic and a Miller Light, coming right up." Last time I was there, I placed that exact order with the bartender, she said nothing to me, and came back with two beers. One of the patrons sitting at the bar who overheard my order corrected her and she took one of the beers away and replaced it with the V & T. By the way, she did all this without uttering a word to me. Rude, rude, rude.
Owners, you need to put the fear of God into your employees or at least the fear of being fired. If you don't, you'll be out of business by spring and we'll read your restaurant's obit in The City Paper. Scratching your heads, gee I wonder why we didn't make it? Maybe we should have listened to our reviewers thought and suggestions.
Third time's a charm? Not for me.

10 of 10 people like this.
Posted by Pete on December 14, 2012 at 11:21 AM

Re: “Downtown thermometer for carriage horses could be relocated

Inhumane to the extreme. I'd like to hold Tom Doyle's face down on a nice hot BBQ. We have to speak for those that can't speak for themselves. Horse/Donkey carriage rides have to end.

Tom-you'll get yours if not in this life then the next. Karma is a bitch.

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Posted by Pete on July 30, 2011 at 7:52 PM

Re: “City and CSO pulls together to celebrate 75 years

The CSO's performance along with the CSO spiritual chorus and C O C Choir was in one word, amazing. They performed Beethoven's 9th with such skill and vigor that it would have made Ludwig proud. I was deeply moved both emotionally and spiritually. It gave me goosebumps and tears uncontrollably streamed down my face.
I had a strange thought during the show. I imagined a superior race of aliens coming to our planet. They said that we must be destroyed because we were bent on self destruction and destruction of the planet. But I said wait, you must hear the CSO's performance of Beethoven's 9th. They watched and listened, reveled in the beauty and they too were moved. They still decided to wipe us off the planet but they let the CSO live. Ha ha. A happy ending.
I hope the CSO lives on in Charleston. I could watch last night's show again and again. Thank you Maestro Malina. Thank you Mayor Riley. Thanks to all who performed last night and to those who support the CSO.
Last night lifted us up and made a difference.

Posted by Pete on October 9, 2010 at 12:48 PM

Re: “Jack Hunter: "Deranged Blogger," Possibly Gay

You consistently write well thought out, intelligent articles and I look forward to reading them each week. Levin obviously has some serious problems with his own psyche if he's labeling others as gay in a written piece. It's childish to say the least.
Keep writing and I'll keep reading.

PS I know Paleo Pat is a blogger that supports you as well but his comments above are just as if not more dispicable than Levin's. He consistently shows his true colors as a equal opportunity hatemonger.

Posted by Pete on July 17, 2009 at 3:19 PM

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