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Re: “Predicting 9/11?

You cannot prevent events from repeating until you know the reason behind them and take action to change the status quo.

Want to know why we were attacked on 9/11? Let's ask the "Mastermind" of the 9/11 attack --

Want to know why our Government failed to protect us before and after 9/11? Let's ask the FBI --…

Posted by Pappaws on September 12, 2009 at 5:38 AM

Re: “Abuse of Presidential Power

I see many parallels between the Nixon and Bush Administration. Nixon promised safety from the violence in the US, bush is promising safety from the violence from foreign sources. Both reduced civil liberties and investigated peace groups. Both regimes were extremely secretive. Both have been bit in the Butt by technology that they used. Nixon by his fancy tape recording system, and Cheney/Bush by e-mails. Nixon was likely hand selected by Prescott Bush. (GHW's dad)(Google him for some interesting tidbits) Two lowest popularity ratings with the Public. Both loved to listen in on Law abiding citizens without any warrant or evidence of wrong doing. Both allowed the power of the Presidency to complete their corruption. Instituting an ILLEGAL and UNCONSTITUTIONAL wiretapping program is all that is needed for impeachment. There are many other possibilities, granted, but I don't see any need to impeach on many charges. Stick to one and make it stick, then investigate and prosecute for the rest after they are all out of office. Oh wait -- LOOK OVER HERE -----> Attorney Firings Continuity of government has nothing to do with the Congress therefore the Congress is not authorized to see it? Can't wait to hear this one play out.

Posted by Pappaws on August 12, 2007 at 6:50 AM

Re: “Governor Sanford's dubious motivations

Cracker - Sentence #1 Name calling no relevance. Sentence #2 Why would you wish to segregate yourself from others in your own race? He never said he did not like the South. The South is great! Some of the people... Sentence #3 False Racist statement. Blacks are the minority here remember? The only things that they are the "most" in are poverty and imprisonment, both directly caused by hopelessness , lack of opportunity and education, and the War on Drug(User)s as orchestrated by the majority. Yes, us white males...well you Republicans anyway. You know, the ones with pounds of cocaine, not just one gram of crack. Sentence #4 you did just say that. Stupid as the statement is... Sentence #5 false claims of reverse discrimination. Beyond pitiful. It is simply silly to confirm the statements you are trying to discount. He was being complimentary to the Gov, acknowledging that the South is still far from dealing with people as individuals, instead of along racial lines. This was more generous than I would be. By your very statements you have confirmed his comment, and every negative stereotype of southern white males. Your debate coach will be so proud! I, for one, do not understand racism or racists. What is it about other races that incites this irrational fear? Why does any race feel the need to oppress all other peoples? It is so far past the time for us to see each other as individuals, ignore the destructive programming we received as children, and ensure that none of our children are taught this stupidity. Cracker you do not make this easy. How can the "Holy City" and an overwhelmingly Republican, Christian citizenry of the entire State permit and endorse this? All the major racial groups here have a majority of their group that claim to be Christians. Yet a large number of our adults and their children either practice some form of racism, or condone it through silence. Speak out when you hear a racist statement! I may be naive, but I have to believe that stupid people are a minority. They may yell and scream the loudest, but that is because they have to know that their position is doomed. Leviticus said slavery was ok, Jesus Christ did not. (I wouldn't listen to old Levi much, I don't think he was quite right)

Posted by Pappaws on August 12, 2007 at 4:41 AM

Re: “Hurricane study reveals reluctance to leave

Your two "people piles" were in New Orleans, not elsewhere in the Gulf. The flooding there was not typical of the flooding elsewhere. The storm was also not the only contributing factor. Many years of improper or non-existent maintenance of the levee systems was at least equally responsible for the flooding in New Orleans. While the loss of life is tragic and should be minimized whenever possible, I believe the majority of people not directly on the coast or in mobile homes should stay. Once people leave there is no guarantee of a timely return. Many people are still dislocated from Katrina all of this time later. Many until recently were still stuck in the FEMA death trailer camps. I was here in Charleston for Hugo. Nasty storm, long night. Rode the storm out tied to a pier at the Weapons Station, not by choice. The damage was horrendous. All of the streets blocked, no water or electricity for weeks in most areas. I knew some of the injured, and many persons I knew lost their homes. But I was also here for after Hugo. This is where staying made the difference. Entire neighborhoods self-organized and got to work. Chainsaw gangs in the back of pickups were everywhere. Joe's grandma can't get out of her house? - Boom - a team was there, trees were cleared. Many of the main roads had been cleared for one lane traffic within 24 hours. The bulk of this work was done by those of us who were still here, not FEMA or any other government agency. People were going door to door, checking up on those that had not been seen. We pooled our resources and lived rather well, eating off the grill, taking cold showers, etc. Maybe not a night in the Hilton, but the food balanced the trade-off. Everyone had to empty their freezers - eat it or throw it out. If most or all of the people are evacuated, who is there to help the day after, or a week after? I watched the "news" reports from Katrina, and at least one local TV station put the word out for us not to go to the Gulf area. I believe that they mentioned clogging the roadways and getting in the way of the government's efforts. Whoever was responsible for that should have been fired. There were many heroic tales from Hugo, and they were not limited to the Coast Guard. They were acts done by our neighbors and friends, or even the stranger from an entirely different State. Because the debris was being cleared from the coast to the inland ares, and from the upstate to the coast at the same time, supplies were available here in less time than it took to evacuate all of the victims of the storm in the Gulf. The answer to this problem is not too hard to figure out. We know how far inland the flooding will likely go for a given storm surge. We know how to build structure to withstand a hurricane. We can design a system of permanent shelters to protect those that live in mobile homes or other structures, or on the immediate coastline that should ALWAYS be evacuated. Leave the rest of us alone. If everyone leaves, some idiot with a government ball-cap on gets to decide who gets in, when, and for how long. If I am here and need help, I don't want to wait for him. My neighbors are much closer, know our area better, and care much more about those of us that will still be here.

Posted by Pappaws on August 12, 2007 at 2:08 AM

Re: “THE USUAL SUSPECTS ‌ Brown Eye Express

Accept the book as his confession, corroborated by Richard Durbin's confession on the Senate floor. Charge all involved with Treason for misleading the Country into an illegal preemptive occupation of a sovereign country that posed no threat, imminent or otherwise, to the United States. Laws and regulations regarding secrecy do not override Constitutional Oaths of Office. An Independent, not bi-partisan, investigation should be started immediately. Tenet and Durbin have given us the place to start.

Posted by Pappaws on May 7, 2007 at 4:26 AM

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