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Re: “The Agenda: S.C.'s radioactive landfill; New ethics probe bigger than 'Lost Trust'?; Moped rules sharpened

The Savannah River Site in Aiken, SC? You mean the one Barack Hussein Obama "scrapped"? Obama's best buddy, Vladimir Putin, backed out of a treaty with the U.S. to safely dispose of 34 metric tons of weapons grade plutonium (SOURCE This is after Obama did Putin a favor by backing out of the missile defense system in Eastern Europe which Putin opposed (OBAMA-RUSSIA COLLUSION!). Obama did Putin many favors, only the FAKE NEWS media never wanted to report it. The plant is Aiken, SC was abandoned by Obama and his Muslim Brotherhood counseled administration.

World Food Program? Listen, most of us are having a hard enough time putting food on the table for our own families. I mean, those of us who aren't stealing from taxpayers and having taxpayers pay for our own meals via the food stamp program which should be renamed the "rob peter to pay for paul's food program." If you are such a bleeding heart humanitarian, try reaching into your own pocket to provide food for the whole world. There's so many redundant food welfare programs (both private and public) it is hard to believe anyone is actually starving in America. In matter of fact, we have an obesity problem. Most of the people on food stamps are obese. What part of 'America First' do you not understand? Because Venezuelans voted in a Communist (Hugo Chavez) and there wasn't any incentive for anyone to go into business and open a bakery because, you know, "capitalism is evil," now it is my responsibility to feed all the commies in Venezuela because their government rationed bread lines stretch miles? Where's all the liberal democrat progressive neo-marxists who supported Hugo Chavez? Sean Penn, Noam Chomsky, Naomi Campbell, Oliver Stone, Danny Glover, Courtney Love, Jesse Jackson, and the rest of the liberal losers?

And where in the Constitution does it say that it is the Federal Government's job to feed the rest of the world? Do you even know what the enumerated powers are? These are charity functions that government not only should NOT be doing, but isn't even GOOD at doing! Every welfare program government operates has a ridiculously high overhead. Only a small fraction of the money government spends on these welfare programs actually makes it to the people who need it! I urge you to start your own not-for-profit and engage in these philanthropies yourself if you believe so strongly in them! If only Democrats donated as much in charity as Republicans did...Or, here's an idea; donate to the Clinton Foundation since they're supposedly saving the world. You can contribute alongside the $143.5 million the Foundation received from investors in the Russian company Uranium One. Russia-Clinton Conspiracy!

Could you imagine if Trump had received $140+ million from Russian donors? All you have are allegations that someone in Russia might have paid a few thousand dollars for Flynn's travel costs. You alt-left snowflakes are hilariously hypocritical and conspiratorial.

And regarding mopeds, how long until you liberal democrat progressive neo-marxist fascists require us to register bicycles and scooters? Maybe I should register my push lawn mower too? More laws, more fees, more permits. "Gub'mint keeps me safe!" It's what you guys love. How many extra bureaucrats should we hire to administrate the new moped rules? Add 40% extra for the cost of their benefits. You guys claim to be against the "one percent" but continue to empower them and increase the debt you owe to them.

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Posted by Neo Marcist on May 25, 2017 at 3:34 PM

Re: “CARTA isn't an attractive option for most car owners — but it could be

The idea that buses in Charleston reduce traffic is a myth perpetuated by the people who stand to profit. At any time, only a few people are riding a bus. The buses are mostly empty. Next time you pull up next to one, peer inside and see how many people are actually in it. How many people do you see at an average bus stop? less than 5. Also, I'd like someone to do a real cost benefit analysis. Take the total cost to operate CARTA (overhead, personnel, capital equipment, fuel, operations) and divide it by the number of passenger trips. I bet it isn't any lower than a uber ride. It'd probably be cheaper to subsidize people's uber/taxi rides than operate this large, inefficient, behemoth bus company with its unionized employees and overhead and wasteful spending. It makes sense to operate the bus lines downtown, but the area is spread out with islands everywhere, connected with bridges, all making it highly inefficient to operate bus lines. Last time I rode on CARTA, people would try to get on and pay with pennies and nickels, wasting our time. Other times, people would try to beg their way on for free and hold up the rest of us. No wonder the buses can't get anywhere on time. Bums and people trying to count out pennies to the bus driver at every stop! And the buses hold up traffic, driving slow and making frequent stops.

Posted by Neo Marcist on May 23, 2017 at 11:13 AM
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