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Re: “Pence's Liquor and Wine

I actually appreciate this guy. He's voluntarily enforcing parking. We'd have to pay a bureaucrat a very high salary and pension to do the job he has volunteered to do for the community for free.

Guys like this used to keep the community safe. They were the first responders before the police showed up half an hour later and didn't seem to care. I feel safe knowing that this man is keeping a watchful eye and protecting the shopping center.

He deals with lunatic drunkards and winos all day. He has to be short with people. All things considered, the man displays extreme patience considering what he deals with.

Plus he has the best liquor and wine in town.

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Posted by Neo Marcist on March 14, 2018 at 9:57 AM

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Re: “Gowdy to Trump lawyer: "If you are innocent, act like it." Trump lawyer: I'm resigning

I'd fire Mueller for the mere fact that his investigation has been proven to be partial. The only reason you get a "Special" Counsel in the first place is for impartiality and objectivity. You don't want Republican hacks conducting the investigation and you don't want Democrat hacks conducting an investigation. It's already been proven that members of Mueller's investigative team were actually PLAYERS when it came to obtaining the fake dossier in the first place! Pretending that this "Special" Counsel is impartial and objective at this point is laughable.

For that reason alone you fire Mueller for failing at conducting a non-bias, professional investigation. He foolishly chose hacks to fill his team. People who DONATED to Hillary's campaign! Comey's puppets. People who said in e-mails they would do anything to prevent a Trump presidency. That's not justice. That's tipping the scale. I don't care if you are a Republican or Democrat. You can't believe that is okay.

Do any Democrats want to tell me what you actually believe at this point? You believe Trump is a Russian spy? You believe that Russians somehow hacked voting machines that were not even networked? That's like me hacking your backpack when it isn't connected to the internet or to any wireless network. It's not possible. What are you actually accusing Trump of at this point? I don't care if he and Putin were best friends and played chess together and went to the same parties. Obama was best friends with African dictators and you didn't give a damn. Nelson Mandela blew up over 200 women and children in the Church Street bombing and Obama was taking selfies at his funeral, pretending to weep for a dead terrorist as if he was some kind of grand peacemaker. Practically every foreign leader, especially the ones in the Soviet European Union, all supported Hillary and meddled by publicly proclaiming their support. Should we charge every Soviet European Union citizen who posted pro-Hillary memes on Fakebook with "meddling"? Why not? It seems like a double standard not to. If a Russian citizen posts pro-Trump material on Fakebook then it is a crime. But if a European posts pro-Hillary material on Fakebook then it is NOT a crime? How does that double standard work? Explain yourself.

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Posted by Neo Marcist on March 22, 2018 at 3:48 PM

Re: “McMaster, the only one shameful is you

Hey Tom Martin,

You could have stood up for yourself. Sadly, too many liberal democrat progressive neo-marxists enjoy playing the victim role their entire lives. You don't have to be a victim. But Democrats have created an industry of it. Everyone in America, according to Democrats, is a "victim" with the exception of white Christian heterosexual men.

"yet they were living in a war zone all the same."

No. They were living in your phony "GUN FREE ZONE." Which just happens to be open hunting season for wackos on prescription psychotic drugs prescribed to them by quacks (professional, legalized drug dealers).

"Our country has become a war zone"

Eight years of hatred, bigotry, and divisive politics from Barack Hussein Obama seems to do that. You demonized every successful person in the nation and blamed everything on white people. You attacked people who wanted to keep their own income (you wanted to confiscate it). You attack people's rights granted to them in the Bill of Rights. You and Obama pitted race against race, class against class, male against female, heterosexual against homosexual, American against Anti-American, Atheist against Christian, and so forth. You attempted to divide and conquer. Then the silent majority fought back and elected President Trump and you've been whining and throwing b**** fits ever since. Eventually you liberal Democrat progressive neo-marxists will just go back to sucking bongs and porn and celebrity worship.

Now that you've finished reading my comment, delete it like you did the others. Cowards.

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Posted by Neo Marcist on March 22, 2018 at 12:15 PM

Re: “Henry McMaster, Catherine Templeton, and Dylann Roof's sister are all disgusted with student protesters

Only liberal democrat progressive neo-marxists care about what Dylan Roof's sister has to say about anything.

That would be like me caring about what the violent, oppressive African dictators Obama invited to the White House have to think about free enterprise, individualism, capitalism, or the Bill of Rights.

I'm disgusted with anyone attacking my protected individual rights in the first 10 amendments to the Constitution. I don't care if they are pimple faced teenagers or old croons.

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Posted by Neo Marcist on March 22, 2018 at 12:00 PM

Re: “The 5 coldest takes from Southern Living's 'The South's Best City' award for Charleston

If you want to go to a plantation, visit one of the Democrat housing projects they keep servile uncle tom black Democrats on. They went from picking cotton to picking seeds out of their weed. Take a scenic drive down America Street and waive at the people pointing guns at you and cursing you. You can then pride yourself in stealing other people's earned income to redistribute to these poor, downtrodden people. The glories of socialism!

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Posted by Neo Marcist on March 22, 2018 at 9:48 AM

Re: “Harris Teeter pulls gun publications from shelves in the wake of Florida shooting

Great comment Mr. Fredrico Alvarez!

Hypocrisy is a tenet of liberal democrat progressive neo-marxism. It's a requirement to become a Democrat. Be a hypocrite and have double standards and an elitist sense of

But they'll leave the liberal Democrat Hollywood sewer pipe celebrity tabloid trash in every aisle for your children to see.

Wow I wish Piggly Wiggly never sold out to these Harris Teeter schmucks.

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Posted by Neo Marcist on March 22, 2018 at 9:25 AM

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