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Re: “Sarah O’Kelley tells CP about her Glass Onion departure

Kinsey, that would be cite, not site. I'm not typically a grammar Nazi, but someone working as a writer & journalist should get it right.

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Posted by Ned.Hill on June 20, 2014 at 11:40 PM

Re: “Haley plays the race card in Myrtle Beach

Moredock needs to see the news stories I've seen over the years where blacks living & working in Myrtle Beach are interviewed. They consistently mirror the police reports and other facts/evidence .... The "white" bike week is relatively safe & tame, whereas the "black" bike week is out of control and dangerous. Not my opinion, but the opinion of black people living and working in and around Myrtle Beach. But as usual, facts & libturds are like oil & water. And no progressive or liberal would dare miss an opportunity to call a Republican a racist. Never mind the fact that the object of his racist accusations is a minority.

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Posted by Ned.Hill on June 12, 2014 at 5:09 PM

Re: “Mayor Riley's plan to put Charleston nightlife to sleep

Great read, Chris. You do the best real journalism at the CCP.

We disagree often, but 1/3rd of the time we're on the same page and 50% of the time there is some common ground. Even when I think you are full of it I appreciate your effort. Too bad everyone there doesn't work as hard.

Riley is way off base. That section of King is sandwiched between CofC, students, and businesses. Riley's development plan fell through and the F&B scene moved in and revitalized the area. Now Riley wants to capitalize on that happy accident and reward his cronies.

Amanda, I partied my ass off in college and graduated on time with good grades in a hard major. Students can have fun and get an education. College is a lot more than getting a degree. Also, the F&B scene is more than the college scene. It's big business, creates a ton of jobs, and is at the heart of the tourism trade that saved Charleston following Hugo and the pull out of the Navy. I appreciate your perspective, but it's a very narrow one.

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Posted by Ned.Hill on June 11, 2014 at 1:49 PM

Re: “Ruth’s Chris Steak House to open in French Quarter Inn

Ah yes, mat slinging his typical anti-business communist bullshit. Let me paraphrase ... one restaurant is wonderful, and maybe, just maybe, despite all the bullshit fees, taxes, and hurdles the government throws your way you can scrape out a decent living, but don't dare try and grow beyond that because now you aren't contributing to the local community. Now you're a scumbag capitalist. Anyone that has this attitude has clearly never owned a business. I love how progressives claim to be all about people, the little guy and the "community", while at the same time trying to destroy capitalism & democracy and replace it with one world order based on communism, which crushes people and individualism. Marx would be so proud.

Kinsey - Enough with the elitist attitude. East/South of the crosstown there are rarely chain restaurants. You can count them on your fingers over the last 10 to 20 years. This isn't a damn McDonald's or Waffle House. There is plenty of over priced local shit being served downtown, but there are few pure steak houses. Oak and Chops, maybe Cypress, but that's about it. This is a well respected high end steakhouse. Bitching about a Ruth's Chris downtown is like bitching about a Ritz Carlton. God forbid there be anything downtown not locally owned. I guess rich elitist asshole are OK as long as they are locals. Just don't bring no stinking corporations here!! We don't want their investment and jobs. By the way, this has been getting reported as far back as 2010 so it's old news. It probably took this long to get approval from King Riley or they finally agreed to build it where he demanded and use the companies & contractors he requires.

Factory - I've had some great meals over the years at RC restaurants around the country while traveling for business & pleasure. The name was always a curiosity to me as well so years ago I did some research. Contrary to mat's usual smug attitude, Ruth's Chris is indeed a great American success story. The restaurant started in 1927 in New Orleans as Chris Steak House and was bought in 1965 by a single mom named Ruth who mortgaged her house to buy it and create a better life for her sons. Her policy in the early years was to only hire other single moms. As Nancy posted, Ruth later had to rename it, which she did, creating Ruth's Chris Steak House.

Hey mat, now we know you despise and hate not just white men, but women, including single moms, working hard to provide and become successful as well. I guess they should learn their place and be thankful that elitist white men like you are looking out for their needs and making it easier for them to get Sect 8 housing, Medicaid, and food stamps. Right? I mean, what would a single mom, esp in the south, do without big gubment?

How about Jews, blacks, Muslims, indians, Asians, or Mexicans. Are they greedy capitalist scum too if they work hard and are successful and create jobs and opportunities for others?

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Posted by Ned.Hill on May 29, 2014 at 11:46 PM

Re: “Senate leader wants to expedite University of Charleston bill

HappyPessimist - God you are an ignorant moron.

Pat - ALL colleges are already diploma mills. At least half of all degrees now awarded are worthless and at least half of all college students would be better off learning a skill, trade, or doing something that doesn't require a college degree.

Having a research aspect to your academics and graduate programs bring in trillions of dollars for colleges from the private sector and create extremely valuable public-private partnerships. I agree CofC should go back to it's older mission as a solid liberal arts school serving the lowcountry & SC, but the research money & grants pouring into Clemson every year create jobs & economic opportunities and have been benefiting SC in unimaginable ways for decades. Clemson. Clemson may be in the upstate, but most people would be shocked if they knew how much of an impact Clemson has on Charleston. There are jobs and Clemson programs all over Charleston.

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Posted by Ned.Hill on May 27, 2014 at 7:10 PM

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