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Re: “Charleston County Schools surprises teachers by reducing job security

Once again we have clear reasons why our country is in trouble. Why don't we focus on all the amazing and inspiring things happening in our classrooms? No one becomes a teacher for the money or the fame. Sadly, those who became teachers to make a difference and save all the starfish, are leaving the profession as fast as bargin hunters swarm Best Buy on Black Friday.

Testing is out of control. The last 5 weeks of school are nothing but testing in the high schools and teachers battle to get kids to even try to learn anything more once Spring Break happens. The ridiculous pressure to get kids to pass no-matter-what has made teachers virtually invisible and ineffective in the educational picture.
Decisions are made at every level of the system by people who are ignorant to how it works and what is broken about it.

Students no longer have to worry about coming to school when they can make up as many as 144 hours of missed classroom time and still earn their credits! They do not even have to behave or follow the rules as they sit in "make up time". They can talk back, refuse to follow directions, disrupt and shiw extreme disrespect with absolutley zero consequences. No one is kicked out for such behavior and told that the opportunity to save the failing grade is now gone. Instead they are all allowed to stay and once again we reinforce the bottom line which reads:

Dear students,

Your school dictricts want you to pass so badly that we have throw out all standards for you (except the ones teachers are threatened with their jobs to be sure that you learn!). You no longer have to do well- we have lowered the grading scale to 60% as passing; you no longer have to come to school and try- we have unlimited make-up time if you don't bother to come ti school at all many times, or just decide to cut certain classes whenrver you want; We have all kinds of accomodations for the attendance impaired, effort impaired, study and work ethic impaired and even the morally impaired to assist those of you who cannot bring yourselves to do what is expected of you with our newly lowered bar; if you cannot earn a passing grade, have no fear- we have test corrections - simply go to your teachers aftee you fail to study for a test and simply fix your errors and your grade can go up; you no longer have to prepare when the test is actually happening, you can take it and see what you need to know and then go and learn it for the test corrections retest and raise your score; for those who still fail the nine week reporting periods, we now have quarter-recovery to assist you when you do not do the work during the assigned quarter- we give you another month (so you can bring even a 15% up to a 60% if you just finally do the work); and if that is not enough and you still need help- we have credit-recovery to give you yet another chance to finally show you can do a bare minimum of work and earn a passing grade at the end of the year ( even after failing quarter after quarter all year). If coming to school for 170 of the 180 school days is too daunting, have no fear - we have make-up time on an unlimited basis. Don't worry students, we are here for you because we want you to pass far more than you do. Also, please tell your parents that if all of these safety nets and do-overs are not enough, simply ask them to come in and yell and blame the teacher (even when you are clearly at fault for everything regarding your failure to succeed) because that is the secret to success in American society as a whole now. You are not responsible for yourself and your actions in any arena anymore- just learn to point the finger and blame someone else. You are sure to be a success one day!


Your local school districts

Wake up America! This is simply wrong!

As mentioned earlier in the post of another teacher, the attendance records of the testing students, as well as behavior, and effort all play a HUGE tole in their success rates. If they do not come to class and do not behave or try, how can their scores reflect poorly on the teacher? We do not blame dentists for cavities or police officers for crime rates or doctors for illness.

Teaching used to be a noble profession I was proud of. Now it has been reduced to a demoralizing, humiliating job with almost none of the former rewards (intrinsic of course) that it used to have.

Our country is in serious trouble because we are creating lazy, entitled monsters out of our students. We are to blame because we are enabling them by running a system which teaches them they are not responsible for anything and they are not accountable for their own poor decisions and actions. We will make sure they pass no matter what even if they do not care at all and fail to take advantage of every safety net available to them. The almighty graduation rate is so very important. Their teachers can be the scapegoats because we would never dare to blame the parents/guardians and students for their failures.

End of rant from a discouraged teacher who still tries her best every day despite the road blocks and opposition she faces daily. Although these things continue to reduce her effectiveness and hope for the future, she will return to fight the odds and save her starfish.

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Posted by Michelle Anne Barnum on May 11, 2017 at 9:23 PM
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