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Re: “FEATURE STORY ‌ Rethinking AIDS

Hey Kamileon. As far as whether they are HIV or AIDS in the state listings, Lets also remember that once anyone who has been diagnosed as HIV positive comes down with any of the 29 common and supposedly "AIDS" defining diseases such as common pneumonia, they are forever after defined as having "AIDS" for the rest of their life. They are NEVER removed from the AIDS listing category, no matter how healthy or illness free that they ever become for the rest of the remainder of their lives. The state likes it that way, and so do the individual counties, as they both tap the federal government for funding every year based on these bullcrap and phoney baloney numbers. It's a convenient little shell game to keep the bucks flowing. If HIV causes anything at all, it is most definitely the cause of fundraisers and money shuffles to keep the game going.

Posted by Michael on December 3, 2006 at 9:24 PM

Re: “FEATURE STORY ‌ Rethinking AIDS

Right On Greg! You did a great job balancing both sides of a very touchy issue. But make no mistake. Nobody has ever died of AIDS. AIDS is a definition, not a disease. AIDS is NOT a disease! It is a definition that includes about 30 common diseases that even HIV negative people die from all of the time, like pneumonia. Once diagnosed with the flakey and faulty HIV tests as HIV positive, a patient is not allowed to catch the flu or get pneumonia without blaming it on HIV and calling it AIDS. Yet most of the death certificates of those who died of what is called AIDS almost always say "complications of AIDS" which is a convenient way of saying they were poisoned to death by the AIDS medications. Liver failure is the most common cause of death in American HIV positives, not anything viral! Kidney failure and heart failure are right up there as well. All due directly to the AIDS drugs, yet the pharmaceutical companies making and selling these drugs have not even taken responsibility for even a single death! Those doctors and scientists and drug companies who have cashed in on the hundreds of billions of dollars dumped down the AIDS hole will not go down without one helluva fight! Their bank accounts and overly inflated egos are at stake! Do you think any doctor that has handed out toxic and deadly AIDS drugs to his patients will ever admit to having helped to do his patient in? Not in your life! It's about time somebody speaks out on this. How many people scared themselves to death, and how many doctors scared their patients to death over this very issue. By the way, the number of AIDS deaths in the US did not come down until high dosages of AZT were taken out of the doctors hands in about 1995. But the scientists say it is because today's drugs are better at controlling HIV. Bull! The drugs are simply less toxic than the AZT that was given in 1200mg dosages to patients from 1987 to 1995, the years of massive death said to be due to HIV. Today the leading cause of death in American HIV positives, according to a 2002 study by University of Pittsburg AIDS researcher Amy Justice, is liver failure, which is not due to a virus, it is directly due to drug poisoning. But the issue is even deeper than this. Ever wonder why HIV and AIDS hits 99% gays and blacks? Do you really suppose a virus knows the difference between white and black or between gay and straight, or drug adicts of any race? How come it is not ravaging West European and American heterosexuals, as it does in poor poverty stricken and starving Africa? That is one genius of a virus that knows how to tell the difference between race and sexuallity and also knows if you are a hardcore drug abuser or not, dontcha think? The pharma companies make money selling the ingredients for making crystal meth to the public and then cash in again when the ravaged bodies of the addicted are diagnosed as having HIV AIDS. I don't believe death by AIDS will ever stop unless and until big pharma is reigned in and unless and until our gay sons and brothers and friends are accepted just the way they are, instead of being disowned and shamed to death by the so called moral majority. AIDS in Africa will not stop until hunger, dirty water, and hopelessness are eradicated. Any time you find people living in shame, starvation, squalor and hopelessness, you find disease and death to be rampant. Back in the 1950's we just called all the dead drug addicts "junkies". They were found dead all the time back then, and we rightfully condemned the drug use. None of them were called HIV/AIDS, which is what they are called today. The population of Africa just so happened to have doubled during the last 25 years of the so-called AIDS epidemic, and the starvation and hopelessness and water pollution has doubled as well. America's bigoted answer to this is to put all of Africa on toxic and deadly AZT and Nevirapine. No wonder South Africa's president Mbeki is an AIDS Rethinker! At least President Mbeki can think for himself and see what is at the core of the problems in South Africa for himself, which is more than I can say for the imbeciles who lord over the more developed countries of the Western Hemisphere. What was Bush's answer for AIDS? First to put the CEO of Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals in office as the AIDS Czar, which did not even raise an eyebrow of 99.9% of supposedly intelligent Americans. Second to throw 15 billion dollars at HIV AIDS as long as it was spent on American pharmaceuticals. Excuse me, but Gee, I fail to see how this will help Africa come up out of poverty. It will only clean out their national treasuries trying to pay for these drugs for exploding pulations. I fail to see how this will help American drug addicts to overcome their addiction and self loathing. I fail to see how this will help us all to love and care for our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters, exactly as they are. And I fail to see how it will end the bigoted and racist attitudes that still drive many blacks even in developed countries to overcome the handicap of being born black and poor. The only thing Bush and Clinton and any other elected official throwing Money at HIV and AIDS will do, is to make the poor poorer and the rich richer, and we regular tax paying fools out here, who elect these morons to continue to keep us ignorant, will continue to pay for it all. And then we have the problem of many who were diagnosed as HIV positive, cash in big time on their diagnosis. Free medical, free food, free dental, free housing, and perks galore for lots of them, disablilty checks, welfare, etc. These people are not about to give up their diagnosis of HIV. It gives a lot of them a free ticket to skate through life. Lots of others get stuck up on the self pity and the pity poured on them by others. For a lot of them, it is the first time they ever "felt loved" by all those pity filled friends and folks close to them. Not that pity is love, but its the closest that a lot of many of these often self loathing and self destructive people will get to it. Not anywhere near the majority of HIV positives, but many fall into this spell. But what the heck, lots of them are still untreated drug addicts, and/or disowned gay sons of the self righteous moral majority.

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Posted by Michael on November 30, 2006 at 8:09 PM
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