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Re: “State needs temporary rules now to promote more absentee voting

Did I read that one can vote while you are in JAIL? I don’t think so. You give up that right if you commit a crime. Also, stick to one subject please. Gun control? Medical Marijuana? I thought this was about voting? And i’m for passing medical marijuana.

Let’s be real here. How many people have the virus in SC? To date? 7000? Out of 5.1 million. And that is mostly elderly. People in their 80’s. Be realistic. I was at the DMV in Ladson about 3 weeks ago, waiting over an hour outside on line, and none of us were wearing masks. And social distancing. Glad I wasn’t living in a police state, bc we all may have gotten arrested. We all felt this is a contagious flu. But not to have shut the entire country down. And not everyone on that line were republicans. We can have our primary the regular way, bc most people don’t vote during that time. When I voted for mayor, that was a joke! I walked right in!

For November, we have always had early voting to ease up voting lines. By that time we should have no problem voting. Mailing in votes will cause so much fraud. Anyone can send in as many votes as they want. And internet? You have to be kidding! You know how many people can hack into computers?

Why was it so easy 50 years ago for people to get to voting places. Even 20 years. And spare me the race issue. Seems you had no issue with voting when Obama got elected for two terms. Then you Democrat’s felt everyone was able to get to the voting booths. Seems it’s only a problem when YOUR. Candidate doesn’t win.

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Posted by lynnar on May 11, 2020 at 11:33 AM

Re: “With more cases still expected, McMaster relaxing some coronavirus restrictions

Time to open now. People need to go back to work. NY is finding out only now that their people had it already in February with the testing they are doing. And just by these early numbers the death rate is .05%. We then find out that this virus will die as soon as the sun hits it in warm weather and its humid out and also ultraviolet light! Also, good old rubbing alcohol will kill it in 30 seconds. Bleach in 5 minutes. But, more people live getting it than die. And for all we know? A lot of us could have had it, and didn’t even know. To have shut down the entire country over this was absolutely insanity. Madness. To punish Americans for this I find disgraceful. A doctor yesterday said, all stores, restaurants, public places have to do is put ultraviolet lights in with ceiling fans and it can kill the virus in a nano second to ease people’s minds. More damage has been done by shutting down America! Just think about it! 22 million out of work! Yes, 40,000 have died. But, no more than in a regular Flu season! Look it up. What about the 60,000 who die of drug overdoses! What about the people who die of heart attacks each year, cancer, car accidents. This was a sham. And look who is paying. All of you. I’m a senior. Of all people, I’m most prone to get it. Guess what? I didn’t get it. Knock on wood, I’m healthy. I never got a flu shot. Living in NYC most of my life, when all the major flu’s hit, I never got one of them. People who got this one were people with pre existing conditions. It has come out that a huge % were over weight, had diabetes. Elderly people are always prone to getting it and unfortunately dying. And, if you are just not a healthy person, with other conditions, you will be prone in getting it. But, it’s now time to get back to our lives.

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Posted by lynnar on April 24, 2020 at 11:33 AM

Re: “Charleston restaurants forced to weigh realities of coronavirus closures

I feel terrible for all the restaurants. Owners and employees. I hope they will be able to re-open after this blows over.

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Posted by lynnar on April 1, 2020 at 10:46 AM

Re: “SC attorney general's office says local "stay at home" orders likely illegal

The mayor compared us to Italy and NYC. I beg to differ. NYC is a highly dense city with 8 million people living on top of one another. Living in apartment houses, traveling on subways. You had the Head of the Board of Health on 2/2 and 2/6 tell New Yorkers to go out and not be afraid of this virus. Travel the subways. Take no precautions. They had them attend the Chinese New Year Parade in Chinatown. Italy has been besieged by the Chinese. They have bought up real estate, bought up companies, factories and have moved into towns. They have brought in cheap labor from guess where? Wuhan. And they were coming in back and forth during their New Year when the virus was already spreading and telling the world it does not spread from human to human. We then learn the Italians had a HUG A CHINESE DAY during the height of the virus to show they were not racist. Italy has a majority of an older population. More men are dying from this and most men smoke in Italy. Also, Italy has a terrible healthcare system. You don’t want to get sick in Europe.

So for our Mayor to use scare tactics that we could turn into Italy and NYC was absurd. Of course we need to take caution. I was out with my friends for dinner on March 10th and the restaurant was packed! I was then out to dinner on the 12th downtown, and the restaurant was packed. All of us are ok. And us dames are in our 50’s and 60’s. We are supposed to be the most vulnerable.

I pumped gas yesterday. I used gloves. All around me? No one used gloves! What? I hv wipes in my car. I wipe every time I go out. I get home and wash my hands. I wipe down my kitchen. I went to Walmart this week. I wore gloves. Just took my credit card. Got to the car, took gloves off, wiped my car down, my credit card. This is just common sense. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t have it and are just not clean.

There also now is a study, though not 100% proven, that people with type O blood seem to be more immune to this virus.

We had the Swine Flu back in 2009, 60 million people got it. 500,000 died. How soon we forget. I guess our Mayor forgot too.

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Posted by lynnar on March 28, 2020 at 10:38 AM

Re: “What you need to know about Trump's campaign rally in North Charleston

Good for you Kevin. I don’t think back in 2016 Hilary would have filled the Coliseum. Definitely not even any of the candidates this year. Not even the anti Semite Bernie. I don’t even think Obama could hv filled the Coliseum. But the City Paper as we know hates the President. I tell people who hate him? You are not having him over for dinner. It’s what he is doing for the country. I tell people to look at their own lives. Are their lives so horrible? SC seems to be doing pretty well. Especially Charleston!

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Posted by lynnar on February 28, 2020 at 11:13 AM

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