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Re: “First-time candidate announces Democratic challenge to Mark Sanford by standing against Nancy Pelosi

As much as I dislike Sanford, I'll hv to vote for him. I did not vote for him in the primary. I wanted him out. The way the Democratic Party has shifted to the Far Left shows they are no longer the Party they were 30 years ago. Even 20 years. The fact that they wanted Keith Ellison as their Committee Chair? And now is their Deputy Committee Chairman? Sorry. This man is an anti Semite. Has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Being a Jew, I have found the Democrats are much more pro Palestinian. The Left on college campus's support BDS boycotts. My parents were victims of Nazi Germany. I know what a true fascist is. Trust me, Trump is no fascist . I love how uninformed people use the term so loosely and refer to Trump as Hitler. Ivanka married an Orthodox Jew and converted. Eric and Don Jr. Both married Jewish women. Hitler took guns away from the German people immediately, once he became Chancellor. Goebbels was head of propaganda. Ya think Trump is in control of the press? Ah, don't think so. Jeff Bezos, a huge Lefty, owns THE WASHINGTON POST!! He seems to be taking over the world, and all of you think Trump is the fascist? Ha! Worry about George Soros. He owns most of the media. NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN ,MSNBC , NYT, Washington Post, LA. Times. Every major newspaper is liberal, and all the liberals accuse Trump of being like Hitler. People should brush up on their history.

I used to be a democrat. But in good conscience, I can no longer vote in that party. Republicans are not much better either. It's all out of control. All of D.C. Need a good kick in the ass. And guess what? They got it. Trump was voted it. And the more the democrats continue this witch hunt, they will keep losing elections. Instead of taking accountability of running a horrible candidate, they blame Trump and the people who voted for him. All I heard for a year from CNN and MSNBC was there was no way for Trump to get 270 Electoral College votes. Like parrots, repeating the same thing. Until the day after the election. Then all of a sudden because CA had more popular votes, Trump really didn't win. Give me a break. But, that's the dem's for you.

Europe is a mess. Thank God we don't live there. I lived in London. Forget it. The worst health care. U get what u pay for. Hopefully they will work out this healthcare mess. There is tremendous fraud too. So much bureaucracy. There were 2700 pages to thing. Really? Tons of added taxes. That were not needed. Obamacare is imploding. So something needed to be done. I did read you will be able to buy insurance over state lines. That is a good thing.

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Posted by lynnar on June 25, 2017 at 2:21 PM

Re: “Support your neighborhood cafe, or you may lose it

Coming from NYC and being in the food business, 88% of restaurants go out of business in the first year. It's a very difficult business as we all know. I do agree we should support our neighborhood food joints. I hate Starbucks. We can't compare downtown restaurants to the out lying neighborhood restaurants. I never ate at Park Cafe because I didn't live in the area. But, from reading the posts, it seems they lost sight of who they were. They forgot the locals. You can't do that. I had been to Rutledge Cab Company and, I agree, not the same. Don't fix something that isn't broke. In fact I had a bad experience there. There were 5 of us and one ordered the dessert fondue. They had cut up fruit, pretzel and macaroons. I took one taste of the macaroon and told everyone not to eat it! It tasted off! I asked the waitress to come over and told her it had a weird taste. Like a pickle. ( I hv my degree in Pastry). So she goes to the kitchen and finds out that the staff stored the macaroons in the savory bins, and it was where the pickles were. She apologized. But I thought, how many people had eaten that the way it was!!!!
Point being? No one cares. And as someone pointed out, hard to find good people. I worked in NYC restaurants, and I know.

But, you have restaurants like 5 Loaves that is always busy. Why? Neighborhood place. Great, straight forward food. They cater to the neighborhood. Lost Dog out on Folly Beach. Yes, busy during the season. But, they are pretty busy off season. Great, straight forward food.

I say to myself, why don't we have more places like that? Why not a Greek Diner? I lived on James Island and there was not a decent place to go to. Actually Crust is pretty good. And they have managed to stay in business. I'm now living temporarily in West Ashley and there is nothing! At least to my liking. Ok, I went to 5 Guys for a burger. Big deal. Panera's? These are chains. Starbucks? Yeah, there is one off Sam Rittenberg. But are there any really good neighborhood restaurants? No. And, I'll be moving to John's Island. Forget that. Wild Olive and Fat Hen( which I don't like at all). Wild Olive is ok. But that is it! It's a gold mine out there and rents are still decent.

So the person who posted: good food, good prices and good service is doable. But, I would add consistency. If I love a certain dish, I want to know that every time I go, it's going to be the same.

In Manhattan, there are restaurants that have been in business for 30-35 years. There is a reason for that.

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Posted by lynnar on June 25, 2017 at 1:28 PM

Re: “Confessions of a Southern Charm Newbie: Ain’t that Tuff Enuff

Always look forward to the recaps. What a train wreck. I wonder if some of this is not scripted....I could hv sworn Daddy Langdon said $100,000 commission. Not $200,000. But what is $100,000 in the scheme of things. Craig did not know the word "Lothario"? So not surprised he did not know "pescatarian". I think Naomi should give Craig his "walking papers". How could he not know the word "lothario" and go to law school? Hmm. Poor Shep. What a waste. He is a bright guy, but boy does he have issues. He needs to see a shrink. He says he has no feelings? He doesn't care? Ha! I cannot wait till next week. I hv a girlfriend who I got hooked on this show and lives in Palm Springs, CA. She is loving this hooey:) Guess you don't have to be a native to get hooked. I send your column every week.

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Posted by lynnar on June 14, 2017 at 6:30 PM

Re: “Confessions of a Southern Charm Newbie: We can all just get along

I just passed Thomas's house the other night ( driving) and it is up for sale...hmmm.I agree, thought, Kathryn should at least get joint custody. She is young. She loves those children. Thomas is a mess. So is Shep. He will end up like Thomas. And he only wants Chelsea, because Austen is into her. As soon as Austen is out of the picture, Shep will lose interest. Shep is so easy to read.

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Posted by lynnar on May 31, 2017 at 1:59 PM

Re: “Confessions of a Southern Charm Newbie: Our New Business Mentality

Not sure the audience knows this..I could not believe when I saw Georgette Mosbacher!! She is a huge socialite in NYC! I mean big! She is a business woman, political activist, Chairman of the Green Beret Foundation. She raises money for many charities. She is a class act. She bought the cosmetic firm La Prairie. A very expensive line. But fantastic. You cannot get it in Charleston. The reason She and Patricia said if you mention guns at a Manhattan party, is because they are all anti gun up there.....these gals are true republicans. Georgette raises money for the GOP. I think she is fabulous. I Know of her because I am from NYC and have followed her from the NYC Newspapers through the years. I love both those dames.....

You think anyone knew what you meant by "soylent"????

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Posted by lynnar on May 24, 2017 at 1:44 PM

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