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Since Mr. Hunter obviously does not listen to Sean Hannity, he or she is obviously NOT QUALIFIED TO MAKE AN INTELLIGENT COMMENT, since intelligence is not his strong suit. Ha, I will continue. Exactly when is it that it will be OK of us to leave Kosovo? An oft-commented lament of the lunatic LEFT!

Hey, I could go on and on, but since you're an unintelligent liberal communist, I'll just end by saying that I have had enough of your stupid paper and will avoid the pain any longer. Please do not reply, as I get enough of the liberal left as it is.

You may carry on deluding yourself, not me.

T. Hennessee
Summerville, S.C.


I am writing in response to the editorial, if such it can be called, entitled "End of A Dynasty" (Will Moredock) in the June 18 issue of your publication.

I am amazed by the pettiness and mean-spirited nature of the piece. The use of such pejorative terms as plantation mentality gives a clear indication that your viewpoint values political correctness far more than it does personal courage. You refer to Arthur Ravenel's rock-ribbed Republicanism. It is well that he has been so staunch, as you are hardly the first to put the boots to him while he is down. Anything less than rock ribs would have been caved in long ago.

I've known Arthur Ravenel and his family for more than 50 years. I watched as he and his father built homes in what was then St. Andrew's Parish. I knew him during the '60s, when he and his wife had a special needs child, a child to whom Arthur has shown a lifelong dedication that you seem incapable of or uninterested in acknowledging.

I watched as he built a pool for that child, but he built it big enough so that such special children from all around could use it as well. As a lifelong southerner, were you in the Charleston area then?

Arthur Ravenel was one of the first political figures in this state to step away from the liberalization of the Democratic Party and declare his Republicanism. Is that what bothers you, or is it the fact that he was repeatedly elected to public office at the local, state, and national level?

Your tone is petty and personal, and the points you make have been well chewed. He has said things he shouldn't have said, but as a true Southerner, I, as well as the countless thousands who voted for Arthur over the decades, also value his actions.

As to arrogance, on that subject, I yield to your credentials, for seldom have I read a more arrogant newspaper column than the one referred to here. For you to even suggest removing his name from the bridge that bears it is ludicrous and self-serving. The smallest dog in the yard always has to yap the loudest to be heard, and this piece, sir, is yapping at its ugliest.

It is little wonder that your publication has to be given away.

Elizabeth Welch
Anderson, S.C.


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