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Bad Manners

I felt the need to write regarding the Scene section of your paper and in particular to comments in the Jan. 16 issue with the article titled "White Noise: More Snow than a Thomas Ravenel Party." I do not appreciate this derogatory reference made to Mr. Ravenel; I think it is very inappropriate and certainly has nothing to do with the article which was discussing a children's event.

This type of journalism is very unprofessional and another example of how the media enjoys smearing people. I do hope that in the future the paper will try to clean up its act and report things as they are, without making such comments and slanders to others. It would definitely be more enjoyable, and I do hope that in the future the author of the headline will exercise his southern manners and leave any bad thoughts about others to himself.

Barbara E. Boylston

Wait a Sect

It is a surprise to me to see so much continuing comment on the article on Pagans ("Who You Callin' a Witch" by Will Moredock, Dec. 12). Charleston has the moniker of the Holy City due more to brick and mortar than any good from such vitriol.

One wonders if those commenting are aware of the fact that Judaism is a heretical monotheistic offshoot of a polytheism dominated by goddesses. Christianity is a Jewish heretical sect, with Islam taking some from each.

Paganism is simply what remains of the ancient polytheistic religions. The three major monotheistic religions of the West being rooted in polytheism, one is hardly well advised to make ill of it. Nor can I say that the good nuns taught me all of that in grammar school, but it is a fact which can be found by any reasonable researcher.

If readers are afraid of any affiliation between Pagans and Satanists, it is ill-founded. The two have nothing in common. Indeed, Paganism evinces a great respect for creation. Hardly the same as Satanism.

If readers are afraid that Pagans are the same as psychics, I do know that some of my fellow psychics use Pagan practices to effect good. The pastor of the local Roman Catholic parish to which I belong knows that I am both a psychic and exorcist. He may know more of my history, also, as my profile can be easily found on the internet. Like myself, psychics who follow pagan practices are honor bound to use such spirituality for good. It is our raison d'être.

Likewise, as an exorcist who as recently as yesterday performed an exorcism in Charleston, it is clear that my purpose is to work for Our Creator against any and all who would harm His creation.

Worry about your own souls, ladies and gentlemen. If I have been assigned here by God, it is not because Charlestonians are simon-pure.

Mark J. Janssen
The Psychic Monk


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