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Love for The Chase

Jessica, I'm relatively new to the area (native NY'er) and the City Paper has sustained me thus far. I love your column (The Chase is On). You are right-on and hysterical. I just broke up with my partner after 10 years and am starting over. It is a whole different world to be single and I see both sides now.

James Island


You hillbillies are hilarious (Sorry, that's a cheap shot). Being from the Northeast, it's entertaining to listen to you hype Jesus. Why educate yourself when you can read just one book and it will tell you everything you need to know? And, you can interpret it anyway you want. If you really did follow the teachings of Jesus, you would love everyone and treat them the same way. Everyone would have the same benefits and opportunities regardless of who they are. Don't you understand that the rest of the country looks at the South as being the uneducated little brother because of this sort of stuff? There is a reason the South was the last to accept minorities into their society. You are proving it again with this ridiculous amendment. Join the rest of the Christians that practice the faith the way Christ meant it to be. Treat everyone as though they were your family (which I am sure you have a gay or minority member).

Mark Smith



I read the unfortunate news of Nate and Di's podcast retirement ("iTuning Out," Screen, Nov. 1). What really kills me about the whole thing is that entertainment by its very nature is meant to get people's reaction! It's what makes a drama a drama; and a comedy a comedy! Howard Stern did not get where he is without upsetting a few people. These two people were merely using their First Amendment rights on the internet and got punished for it by a bunch of un-American hypocrites. Maybe because I know these two people I am a little biased, but I was also a fan. Granted, there are other reasons for the retirement, but I did want your paper to know that me and a few other fans (from back home who were listeners) wanted to wish them the best of luck in their full time jobs.

Madalyn Mavris
Mt. Pleasant


After reading the Nov. 1 City Paper's commentary on the Eminent Domain Amendment (Election Guide 2006, Cover Story), I must ask: did you really read what it says about "slum clearing?" Your comment that the "lengthy text then outlines exceptions to the rule, meaning 'slum clearing' is still okay," might be inaccurate. The amendment proposes to delete the slum clearance and redevelopment power.

After hearing of a case of eminent domain being used in the Northeast recently simply for large private economic development, I think folks are concerned about this language in our State Constitution that could perhaps be used for such private development here.

The amendment is less than to-the-point, though, and is more like the ever-twisting plot of a bad novel. At first it seems the only exception is for public use development, then there may still be a private development loophole "for the remedy of blight," but only if passed through the General Assembly (is this on a per project basis, or a topic to be considered in more detail in future legislation?), and you also have "except as otherwise provided...", not as much teeth in the amendment as we might hope for. I guess it says slum clearing might be OK but we're just not calling it that anymore.

Please note, the projects you mentioned where slum clearing benefited the city are all public use. We do need clear limits on the private and commercial side of eminent domain and I'm not sure this amendment completely does that, though it is an improvement.

Chris Grimm


The City Paper Gay Issue (Cover Story, Oct. 25) was awesome and so supportive of our campaign. We cannot thank you enough for being so bold as to publish a gay edition and for the City Paper in just being "out there" on Amendment No. 1. We thank our lucky stars for people like you and the good folks at City Paper ... thank you, thank you.

Susie Prueter
The Alliance for Full Acceptance


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