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JACKS ! Love my new neighbor on Andrews BLVD as a fine addition to a giant buffet & Food Lion, 2 gas station candy bar stores & our Post Office.... THE SPEED LIMIT IS TOO HIGH and too many people lead foot and accelerate zooming past this fine weiner roaster. Hope to see more good people again today as we visit our veterinarian across the street.

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Posted by Larry Henry Carter Center on August 4, 2012 at 8:40 AM

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Re: “In final days, 1st District race moves to toss-up

The cyber voting was "won" by a grass roots signage & massive PUSH POLLING campaign by Sanford, two tactics that easily reach a tiny turnout race.... Lu Lu made the continuing mistake of being a Republican instead of mobilizing working families for UNION WAGES AND UNION SAFETY CONTRACTS THAT SAVE LIVES.... something the vast majority of voters have a direct interest in ..... if just a few hundred people cared enough to telephone and visit the offices of Bobby Harrell & Glenn McConnell DEMANDING A RETURN TO REAL PAPER BALLOTS AND REPEAL THE photo id illegal "law" enforcement.... democracy just might grow in the uterus of South Carolina.... and when we get public financing of elections as in states like AZ & CT, the dependence upon CORPORATION MONEY which Lu Lu gave 1500 buck$ to Sanford to defeat Governor Hodges.... when we make corporations property instead of the illegal "persons" of US Sup Ct infamy, we'll have a Constitutional Republic again... 843-926-1750 @LarryAccomplish Larry Carter Center for Congress 2014

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Posted by Larry Henry Carter Center on May 8, 2013 at 2:44 AM

Re: “I'm sick of whiny third-party candidates

once again Catastrophe fails to search for facts & passes off g o o g l e search percentages for political discourse.... # 1 Eugene P l a t t was put onto the ballot illegally.... Catastrophe did not bother to attend the March 9th 1st District Green Party Convention where my 6-4 victory was rigged to become a 9-5 defeat by 4 people coming 100 miles away to cast illegal votes for P l a t t. Accordingly our grass roots campaign to mobilize UNIONS Socialists United Citizens, Independents REAL DEMOCRATS, Greens and Working Families was cut off at the balls. P l a t t has consistently REFUSED to campaign in Folly Beach, James Island as well as any county besides Charleston. P l a t t refused radio interviews & presented his sweet personality as his only political asset. His embarrassing "poet performance" before the Chamber of Commerce last winter was AFFIRMED by THE TINY GREEN PARTY clique while our consistent defense of women from the onslaught of TAMPON TERRORISM outside the abortion clinic is cited by such Greens as reason to betray their TEN KEY VALUES and select ..... P l a t t ....when critical facts are ignored, censored or unsought, WE GET idiot columns like Catastrophe who pretends competence in political science.... the war upon women rages and Sanford is headed to Washington again to introduce the kind of legislation N I M R A T A Haley would sign. City Paper wasted more than one tree's worth of paper endorsing a write in candidate in 2010 for US Senate while trashing a great Green leader in Tom Clements..... No wonder ..... Will ......... M o r e d o c k refused to return to this paper. Our campaign resumes now for 2014. When Catastrophe gets a real name maybe he'll cite real facts like the foolish waste of union money for a Republican woman in the candidacy of Lu Lu. 1500 CORPORATION DOLLARS given to Sanford by Lu Lu IS INEXCUSABLE AND EPITOMIZES OUR POLITICAL PROBLEM, the K o c k Bros & other filthy fascists are bribing and paying for duopoly. Bobbie Rose got more votes last November than Lu Lu is getting tonight... The only good in all of this is Tim Scott quit 3 days too early to qualify for a Congress Pension. If we can rid ourselves of him in 2014 and elect a Green like Tom Clements, sane voters and sane columnists will have something to crow about 843-926-1750 @ Larry Accomplish Larry_Carter_Center @ yahoo . com Larry Carter Center For Congress 2014

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Posted by Larry Henry Carter Center on May 8, 2013 at 2:26 AM

Re: “Mark Sanford is needed in Washington now more than ever

Jack Hunter is incompetent. Marcus Sanford has voted for war crime spending and borrowing from China to keep the insanity going, paying for Chinese air craft carriers with our interest payments on such debts.. ... attacking Social Security benefits by the pennies WHILE SPENDING TRILLIONS on endless polluter oil wars and impeaching Clinton for the lies about sex Sanford was GUILTY OF AT THAT VERY TIME is not a person Jack Hunter should be spreading "conservative" lies for....the forked tongue calling social programs "welfare" & war crime spending anything but CORPORATION FASCIST MEGA WELFARE must end out of the mouths of City Paper & other voices... I am still shocked how stupid people can be ignoring the facts about BOTH REPUBLICANS LuLu and Marcus... and censoring hapless Green Eugene Platt ices the cake of dupoply... 4 people illegally voted inside this Congressional District to keep me off the ballot from 100 miles away... CONSERVATIVES & liberals alike ought to defend the Constitution and the ONE MAN ONE VOTE dicta settled law since the sixties.... but, I'm not going to sue anyone in that room as do many "parties" in this state for the flimsiest of "reasons" such as BALLOTgate 2012 where 225 of us were thrown off Dem & GOP ballot lines by the corrupt gangsters of South Carolina courts.... I"ve been busy traveling the nation to rally NEW PROGRESSIVES and peace activists to END THE WAR CONGRESS IN 2014 @LarryAccomplish 843-926-1750 Larry Carter Center For Congress 2014

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Posted by Larry Henry Carter Center on May 8, 2013 at 1:43 AM

Re: “Lawmakers revisiting South Carolina's sex ed laws

MY LAST POST was blocked, so I shall try shorter words: theocrats in Columbia need to reverse the tax exemption for luxury purchases & exempt only purchases under ten thousand bucks when buying a car or boat... and eliminate the tax exemption on dry cleaning as only the rich elites pay for gowns, suits and expensive shirt cleaning TAX FREE.... we need tax money to hire back the thousands of laid off teachers & hire exellent nurse educators to teach safe sex to kids instead of the ignorance only policies of the Vatican and Baptist bedroom controls 843-926-1750 @LarryAccomplish

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Posted by Larry Henry Carter Center on March 30, 2013 at 12:44 PM

Re: “West Ashley dentist receives threatening letters over "alliance" with women's clinic

DRAFTAWAY there is no sidewalk, you obviously know nothing about our neighborhood crime scenes.... THIS IS NOT FREE SPEECH TO CALL A WOMAN OR ANYONE SHE SEES FIT TO SEE a " murderer " no less so than to call someone in a movie theatre an active arsonist.... THERE IS NO political agenda involved in a privacy medical setting, many cities bar these terrorists from getting withing 15 feet of anyone entering private property and buffer zones so that their religious fanaticism can not impose their screams and assaults 100 feet away.... 3 centimeter embryonic goo is not a 20 inch baby.... get a clue and stop talking out your anus, FREEDOM TO CHOOSE is under a full scale 24 hour per day assault for the last 40 days.... we need citizens to rally against all the local priests who drag their assorted few dozen co-criminals co-rapists of children & co-pedophiles AWAY FROM THIS CLINIC AT LEAST 100 YARDS

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Posted by Larry Henry Carter Center on March 30, 2013 at 12:39 PM

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