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Re: “Only 19 percent of African Americans own guns — it's time to change that

No, we are NOT all Americans @TruthAboutCharleston.

Not even going go into the South of the border matter we have i will keep it all on the books... I have green card acquaintances from every habitable continent and island region, and most of them are not of African decent and one resident alien family members from Europe that has not claimed US citizen ship in over the 48 yrs here in the U.S. of A. (pause and let that in) and yes, you are a European-American also known to as "white" which is the polar opposite to being black OR if you have any ounce of acknowledgement of your heritage and culture, and it should not be a insult to hyphenate.

Now lets put away the s'mores, guitar and campfire song book get really honest about the matter of the color blind American. Lets not act like its all Kumbaya here today in 2016 while the weeds of racism, and bigotry continue to rear its head from coast to coast, border to border. Lets be honest, the Emancipation Proclamation signed in 1863 no more made Black/Africans free that were bought/sold traded raped and bred like cattle in the) Americas no more than did the Civil Rights act 101 years later in 1964 made us all equal. Now see, if "we" were all Americans, why would we need to be granted freedom and equal rights by law? didn't the constitution cover that? oh no, it originally didn't.. See that's how and why its NEVER going to be a United States unless we fighting and killing someone else other than each other inside our borders. Now if you wish to rebut please do so and talk to me like a man that can trace his history back to 1780 here in AMERICA, is 4th generation War-time veteran (WW1 to Desert Storm) and if you want to talk about all of US being treated like Humans as well as just "Americans" then we can have a honest conversation about it, but not here.

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Posted by John Merritt on January 30, 2016 at 1:09 PM

Re: “Only 19 percent of African Americans own guns — it's time to change that

I am 50/50 about these types of articles. Before the tone is set as anti, i am one of the 19% that owns 50%!
I been in this "gun game" as my circles call it a while, over 3 decades.
Reason i'm not going to go all yeah go buy a _____ is due to several a pair of factors even the most anti to pro person should able to see eye to eye on.
1. Compentency. Even if we had 89 % to legally own guns, how many are going to take the time to become a safe handler, and develop marksmanship skills? Black firearms instructors are nationwide and were not flooded with students.... i think 19% of a million is a hefty number of people and i dot think ive seen 300 to include my years training 1k+ military personnel.

2. Zero product. Now the other layer is this: How many of USS are in the production to retail and training chain in the firearms game? Truth told, i think in the group alone, i have interacted with more brothers doing something profit generating that all my worldwide travels, and that is sort of sad when you can say that that 19% is a fraction of a million! As far as an exclusive African-American owned and operated firearm maker/builder that can circulate the black dollar into a black community at least once before it goes out would be nice. The firearms industry outside of police and military use, we talking sport, recreation, personal defense, generates over 6 billion annually. And what part are we in on a cashier at Cabelas, Gander Mountian and Bass Pro Shops?
no black folks before you give more get something out first.

That said, i have a broader perspective than we need to buy more guns because we already hard tapped into blind consumerism with no return iinvestment. And last but most importantly. You dont need to own a gun to be skilled to use one. Knowledge is key. #urbansharpshootersgunclub

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Posted by John Merritt on January 29, 2016 at 5:43 PM
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