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Re: “Hustler publisher Larry Flynt endorses "sex pioneer" Mark Sanford

Ha! I think a mockery SHOULD be made of this election and every race where hypocrite, knuckle-dragging, republican, "family value", Jeeezus-loving, gun-toting, confederate flag-waving, "small government" (unless of course, you want an abortion or gay marriage...), redneck candidates are running.

Flynt is perfect for Sanford...I think the ad should have run, especially if the ad had no nudity or profanity in it. In a state where elected officials have called the president a liar in the middle of a speech in front of hundreds of millions of viewers around the world and officials that have made public statements comparing poor kids who get free lunch to "animals" (that if you feed them they will never go away- because what conservative wants poor, mostly minority kids to get an education anyway?...), I find it hard to believe that somehow an ad "mocking" our ridiculous state politics is compromising the apparently non-existent "standards" of SC voters. The fact that any of these republicans in charge actually hold an office speaks to the absence of standards that SC voters have applied to candidates and is the reason why SC has been fighting Mississippi for BOTTOM since reconstruction.

Sanford will probably win. And voters of SC will continue their role as a prolific well-spring for late night monologues. It seems appropriate thatHustler magazine would be in on it somehow.

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Posted by jazzjames on May 3, 2013 at 11:54 AM

Re: “Obama is the best Republican president we've had

What is sad is that even though you have a president that in many ways reminds us of republicans of old...republicans themselves are so busy demonizing him either for his race or being from a differing party, that they won't admit it.

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Posted by jazzjames on November 15, 2012 at 11:15 AM

Re: “Obama’s biggest selling point is the same one the GOP used to defend Bush

How anyone can take the GOP seriously at this point is really beyond me. Romney will say anything to get elected and has changed his position on every issue at least twice. So presidents should hide their money in overseas accounts to avaoid taxes, refuse to release tax returns, lie about their residency to be eligible for office, destroy the records of leadership positions to hide unethical behavior, and lie continuously about their own positions and their opponents record?

I find Romney's lack of integrity disgraceful and the only thing more disgraceful is the lack of concern about it from those who are supporting him for president. I guess for many of them it doesn't really matter what he says because at least he is WHITE.

The GOP have been proud obstructionists who are striving to appear as radically conservative as their FOX "news" watching audience demands them to be. It truly has become the tail wagging the dog. Republicans are willing to allow America's economy to completely collapse as long as they get to blame the black guy and have a chance to get a republican in the whitehouse. They have refused to even vote for ideas that were their own! As soon as Obama likes something, they disavow it. Anyone who votes for conservatives is an idiot. They have been on the wrong side of every issue in American history: women's rights, civil rights, social security, Medicare, Medicaid, unions, minimum wage, environmental science, evolution, religious tolerance, public education, healthcare for all Americans, and the list goes on...

Romney will not be president of the united states. Polls are basically a measure of what Americans with a land line, who will answer the phone between 7 & 8 pm think.

Conservatives should get set for disappointment in November. The lies are obvious, the voter registration fraud is on the news, the voter ID laws are being struck down and the electoral college is deep in Obama territory.

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Posted by jazzjames on October 25, 2012 at 10:23 AM

Re: “Bilderberg conspiracies have become a handicap for the Liberty Movement

With the exception of Jack (who I am diametrically opposed to politically...) and a few other commenters here, I must say you guys are bunch of nut-jobs.

Get a life and quit believing every YouTube video you see with a conspiracy in it. It does not make you "special" or "smart"... It makes you look like what you are: a NUT-JOB. Thankfully, progressives like me always have one of you idiots to point at around election time to make all of the other conservatives look stupid for embracing you for votes. Luckily for us Democrats, conservatives like Jack will never get through to the conspiracy idiots wearing their tin-foil hats and huddled in the basement /bomb shelter with their assault weapons.

I cheerfully look forward to more " birther" , "trilateral commission" behavior to help Obama win the next election! Lol! And oh yeah, get a few more PUBLIC idiots like Bachman and Palin, too! I could use a few more laughs before we wipe the floor with you racist, gun-nut, Jeezus freak, conspiracy nut-jobs in November! Lol!

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Posted by jazzjames on June 29, 2012 at 10:20 AM

Re: “Wrestling with the contradictions and immorality of abortion politics

Jack, make no mistake about it- when you looked at your nephew in the womb at 5-12 weeks you are most definitely looking at a "CHOICE". The difference is, if a woman chooses to terminate a pregnancy she doesn't sit around looking at fetus photos (unless conservatives have their way, of course...and pass legislation to require it...).

That being said, any woman I have ever known to have an abortion AGONIZED over the decision and made the choice after careful deliberation.

Since you want to speak of contradictions, here are some you left out:

First of all, most of the conservatives I know (to keep with your anecdotal style...) are FOR the death penalty and against healthcare for all Americans, yet are also against abortion. The sanctity of life seems to take a vacation when dealing with people that conservatives generally feel morally superior to (like the poor or those convicted of a crime). If someone can't afford healthcare "let them die" is applauded and chanted among conservatives... Yet they have nerve enough to present themselves with some moral authority when speaking of abortion.

The second contradiction involves your Libertrian philosophy of personal liberty being so important ...unless it is a woman's right to choose whether to carry to term an unwanted fetus? At THAT point, the government should have a right to limit your healthcare procedures?

This issue is about assignment of rights. The "viable" fetus is one that if it were taken from the mother's womb could breath and exist with fully functioning parts apart from the womb. This is when pro-choice advocates say a person is a person... To me it is even more simple. This is when the fetus is assigned rights on par with the mother.

When a spider is put outside out of respect for life it is a life that apart from us has developed and presented itself as whole. A fetus is a part of a woman for a time and cannot exist apart from her. The decision to keep that fetus within her is HER choice. More than that, if conservatives don't like it, TOO BAD.

As far as vegetarians are concerned...many vegetarians are not opposed to animals being food as much as the horrible conditions that intelligent animals face prior to slaughter. If every cow, pig and chicken were cage free and an adult when slaughtered I, as a compassionate carnivore would feel far better about my choice to have the occasional steak.

If you still don't "get it", then your choice should be not to get an abortion. But your stance on "personal liberty" that you have continually written about SHOULD include a woman's personal liberty to make whatever decisions she and her doctor decide are best for reproductive health.

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Posted by jazzjames on April 25, 2012 at 12:55 PM

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