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Re: “Why Tecklenburg's position on Confederate monuments is a non-starter

I thinks I'm beginin' to see the problem.
Honestly, who gives a rat's a$$ about
some rustin' old statues? The problem
is Southerners didn't ask no
PERMISSION to puts up no statues. Let
me rectify that issue right now.

Please, PLEASE, purty please with sugar
on it Marse Yanqee, Marse Jew, Marse Antifa,
Marse American Taliban, Marse NAACP,
Marse black man, cans us Southerns please
puts up a statue to our dear old departed
gen'rals? Weuns promise to clean the pigeon
poop offs 'em and we'll even plants flowers
aroun' 'em and makes 'em looks Real purty.
The first thing they did was take away the
slaves' dress, then their language and
finally all idols, religion and vestiges
of their culture. What's the first thing
Big Brother did? Remove all trace of
individuality. What did the Commies do?
Erase all signs of nonconformity. What do
Yanqees do?

Listen to Secrest and Julianne Moore, can
you tell them from any other Yanqee? Don't
they, and Rose and Connick, dress like
Yanqees, bet they eats like Yanqees, ain't
a damn one of 'em gots a Southern flag.
You know who the slaves are now, Yanqees
makin' sure Everybody knows who the slaves
are, Now.

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Posted by Jaddy Baddy on August 30, 2017 at 2:46 PM

Re: “Mayor Summey opposes proposal to move Confederate Relic Room to Hunley site

Exactly what are NY values? NY values are what you see
on the news, what you read in the paper, what you read
on every damn blog and news feed on every hot damn
server, every galdam day. NY values are what get
proselytized, professed and propagated in every
galdamn state assembly, city council, schoolboard
meeting, governor's mansion, senate, house of
representatives and outhouse, local state and national,
every galdamn day of every galdamn week in the YSSA.

You think that little stateroom drama broadcast on
C-SPAN over a freakin' flag nobody has even looked
at for fifty years was held by the people, for the
people of South Carolina? Every word, every gesture
and posture was written, rehearsed and acted out to
appease the liberal editorial boards of ABC, NBC,
Cnn, CBS, C-SPAN, the New Yank Times, the
Bosstongue Globe, the Destroyit Freak Press and
their subsidiaries, affiliates and franchises on the air,
in print and online. Each and every one a member in
good standing of one news syndicate or another, all
of them run, directed and produced out of NY City.

The flag wasn't an issue in Charleston, the flag was
an issue in NY City, and you bet your galdamn
bottom dollar if a flag is an issue in hotdamn NY
City; ABC, NBC, Cnn, CBS, C-SPAN et al, ad infinitum
were going to make damn sure it was an issue in
Charleston. Every single activist, from Charleston to
New Orleans was trained, paid for and got their
instructions from NY City, to make damn sure
every city council, legislature and statehouse in
the galdamn country promulgates and adheres to
NY City values.

You think your local news decisions are made
locally? They're made in a teleconference between
the editorial board of a national news syndicate
in NY City and your local news people; who are
told what to say, when to say it and how to say it.
Every law in Watchington is vetted in Wall Street
board rooms, before it is even presented to congress.
Questions of mine safety ain't decided in the mines
of Tennessee and West Virginia. The decision of
who gets to cut down what forest, and how to use
what land for which purpose, are all made on train
rides into NY by the editorial and governing boards
of Wall Street and NY news syndicates, and carried
out by their local, state and federal lackeys.

The wars between Uhmericuh and the rest of the
world are just wars between NY City, and the rest of
the world. The reason Uhmercuh sucks is because
Uhmericuh doesn't run Uhmercuh, NY City does.

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Posted by Jaddy Baddy on January 20, 2016 at 10:31 PM

Re: “The Agenda: Democratic campaigns converge on downtown; King Day rally refocuses; Taking notes from BMW

It's like it was only yesterday, in 1965,
having conquered the South with the
renewed terrorism and occupation of
the Yankee Army, when MLK turned his
offensive North, on Chicago. As memory
serves, like Lee before him, King was
damned near, and quite literally stoned
to death by the Jews, Russians and
Poles of Illinois, and King and his
followers were run out of Chicago
on a rail.

King found out damn quick that the
Yankee Army only occupies down
South, and never enforces black
rights, North of the Mason Dixon.

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Posted by Jaddy Baddy on January 20, 2016 at 10:27 PM

Re: “The Agenda: DHEC could close abortion clinics; Visiting Dylann Roof's most recent home; Sex trafficking in S.C.

Imagine that, S.C.'s Step'nFetchit Governor acting like she got a back bone.

Posted by Jaddy Baddy on October 15, 2015 at 7:05 PM

Re: “Here are the 20 lawmakers who voted against removing the Confederate flag

Erasing all traces of anyone who disagrees
with you, to erasing all traces of the
history of anyone who disagrees with
you. Tell me again the difference between
the Yankee, Slobodan Milosevic and ISIS.

Now you are digging up the dead? You have
gone from cultural terrorists to ghouls.
Dylan Roof is one poor, mentally afflicted,
sick batard, and you have done him one

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Posted by Jaddy Baddy on July 10, 2015 at 4:15 AM

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