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Re: “House Dems lambast Haley for rape victim service vetoes

She has worked agianst the citizens of our state since her first day in office. She follows her parties agenda of doing nothing until they have control again and can finish the destruction of our country and it's middle class. Big business has bought the republician party and they work for them and not the people who elected them. I'm sure she doesn't mind all of the jobs that where taken from the American working man and sent to India and China, at least she doesn't mind those her relatives got as American lost them.

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Posted by grt_49 on July 19, 2012 at 3:14 PM

Re: “Bachmann's Tar Baby controversy and the truth about Brer Rabbit

Donald, you are intelligent enough to know that a political speech is written to do many things. And any politician today who would used such a word has an agenda . Over the last year or two someone has been promoting racism in the US; remember the KKK in West Ashley last year. I'm trully ashamed of where this country is headed, and so are others. Take the TV show GCB, Annie Potts said on a talk show that the show was meant to point out the hypocrits in religion today in this country. And I'm sure every christian thinks "I know just who they are talking about. Now religious people can do as they like, but true Christians MUST follow Chris words. Not the old testement as Christ birth did away with the law. Now me, I'm amazed at "christians" who are prejudice since Jesus WAS NOT WHITE. If you judge a man by his color, you judge. What did GOD say ABOUT THAT?

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Posted by grt_49 on April 21, 2012 at 11:26 PM

Re: “Bachmann's Tar Baby controversy and the truth about Brer Rabbit

Michele, get a grip yourself. Facts are Bush and the GOP invited immigrants here and told us it was to do jobs Americans "WOULD NOT DO". Then they worked with big business lobbist to send the manufacturing jobs the middle class HAD to Communist China, telling us we would have a service economy. We have that now and working Americans can't provide a desent living for their kids. You don't see much of this in Charleston, but millions upon millions lost their jobs from coast to coast. VERIFY THE DATA. They allowed Wall Street to steal the middle classes 401Ks and used SCAM banking loans to try and finish their plans for the middle class. I wonder if they used the high tax breaAs they get to move the jobs we once had. This week congress passed a bill for more tax breaks for the wealthy. And you can't expect Obama to fix this in this time frame and with a congress that only has one purpose. And that purpose is not looking after the American middle class; it is to destroy the middle class at all cost. The American people are to blame as they sit on their rears and allowed it. Obama saved the US from a major DEPRESSION, for now. He saved the American auto industry that congress said "I wouldn't do that." No, they wanted America to fell completely. When you add 2 and 2 you get 4. America, you had better start adding. Do some research. And DO NOT take anybodies word for anything that envolves your childrens future. NOT MINE, NOT ANYONES. Also verify this, the republicians now want to allow child labor in the US. And Newt said on TV that he saw nothing wrong with it. Ask yourselfs why anyone would want to allow child labor in the US as we fight it world wide and while there aren't enough jobs for the middle class adults to do.

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Posted by grt_49 on April 21, 2012 at 11:02 PM

Re: “Man arrested for releasing personal info ex-Dem Party committee member

America is the only industralized country in the world without public health care. If more people lose thier jobs they still deserve health care. Take into fact that $6.3 trillion of the monies Americans paid for social security was wasted by congress and you would have had enough to cover medical cost. This $6.3 trillion makes SS the largest holder of our national debt. China is third.

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Posted by grt_49 on April 21, 2012 at 10:28 PM
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