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Re: “Orchestra board, musicians differ on cuts

Yes, weddings are great gigs for the musicians. But they generally happen on Saturdays, and mostly in the summer. I am sure the people that do choose Charleston as their wedding destination perhaps know they will find good musicians. This might not be the case after the orchestra folds though, as skilled players will leave town to look for permanent job. That means that most of the wedding would be played by amateurs. Now straight away, Charleston does not SOUND as good of a wedding destination. Wedding is a special thing, and you wouldn't want to walk down the isle, the most important day of your life, to a sctrachy violin.
Let me continue the thought. When mayors/cities try to attract companies to move their operations to their town, they always mention at the top of their list "good schools, orchestra and other cultural institutions" But of course the same city governments are stingy with supporting the same arts that they use to attract businesses!!! It is beneficial for a city to have an orchestra. Especially a city like Charleston. We are not one of those faceless towns off an Interstate, with just malls, and a downtown that dies after 5 pm. Charleston is a very special city. Trust me, I spend most of the year traveling the world. And this is the sad part for me actually. The reason I am in the US for only about a month a year is because I am a musician, and I am reaping the rewards of government supported orchestras in Europe and Asia. That means that arts organizations out there think mostly about art. Where is in the US it is all about survival. Sad isn't it, that small countries like Sweden and Denmark can subsidize arts, and we can't.

Let me go back to your high school comment. You know, there have been many studies that support that when a student is exposed to classical music, he/she performs better. And better students, and better education is something we certainly need in South Carolina. We are one of the worst states for High School education I think.

I am still puzzled that you use the word supply and demand in connection with arts. Do you measure love or religion by supply and demand as well?

Free market values do not apply, and should not apply to certain things!!! What the heck, they do not always work on Wall Street either. Supply and demand/ profit....Greed is not the best value that a society should go by.

Posted by Ghost of civilization on February 24, 2009 at 5:54 PM

Re: “Orchestra board, musicians differ on cuts

Harborgrl, I do not think you do understand the difference!

There are too many burger joints , and those things are not good for you anyway. What is the benefit of yet another Wall-Mart, Home Depot or McDonalds? Those pavement wastelands Jobs you would say. But at what cost to the environment?! And let's not forget that if a burger joint can not be profitable and closes down, the people who work there can get a similar job, that does not really require a degree. Yet a musician from a regional orchestra like Charleston, has spent about at least 15 years studying the instrument, and then years to perfect his/her playing. That means that public funds that have been invested into his/her education (High school, college) are going to waste.

Posted by Ghost of civilization on February 24, 2009 at 2:27 PM

Re: “Orchestra board, musicians differ on cuts

This is the problem of our society, harborgrl! You don't compare a burger joint to an arts organization.

Posted by Ghost of civilization on February 20, 2009 at 5:55 PM

Re: “Orchestra board, musicians differ on cuts

Once upon the time, we will be a society that goes beyond the "dollar mentality".
I am really shocked when I hear "if the orchestra can not be profitable, and make ends meet, they should fold." That sums up our philosophy. Profitability should not be the most important measuring stick in a civilized society. Look, dealing drugs is a very profitable business. It does not make it good though. Schools are not profitable, but are more valuable to a society then drug dealers.

When a country is young, of course the emphasis is on the basics. The stomach, and other bodily functions, but once that is taken care of, we should think about the soul! We are a young country. But I believe once we have achieved the status of the most powerful country in the world , it is puzzling that we as a country do not support arts. By not supporting the arts, the government, the head of the society is saying that arts are NOT important.

Let's take Italy for example. In the 13th century it was the wealthy, the Medicis who were great art patrons (private sponsors). They wanted to make their city, Florence an important city. But at some point the governments in the old world realized the value of arts to the society, and started supporting it.

When is our government/society/us/ you and me are going to realize that the world can not be measured only by financial instruments and profit.? As we can see now, dollar is not invincible! And if it is our sole value that is very dangerous! Once people lose jobs, and are not as well fed, they start to notice other people's skin color, accents etc. It is the time like this that the value of the arts really comes into play. There is a saying that music is the universal language, because in music, there is no Us and Them! It is all us.When we are hungry, one hopes we are not a society of barbarians.

Just like religious spirituality is vital for good values, so is cultural spirituality.

I hope to live long enough to see our government/society see the importance of the arts. Because at this point, by not supporting arts, it is saying that it is just a toy of the silly rich people, and not important to all of us. Only because of this kind of message from the top, can we have people saying "if they can't make a profit, let them fold"

Fish always rots from the head

This is very sad

Posted by Ghost of civilization on February 19, 2009 at 7:44 PM
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