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Re: “Walk, run, or crawl — The ultimate Bridge Run after party roundup

How about they have a Everybody Picks Up Their F*cking Trash After the Bridge Run Party?

That'd be something new.

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Posted by Gabriel Gotaway on April 5, 2018 at 11:10 PM

Re: “Charleston Black Lives Matter activist Muhiyidin d'Baha reportedly shot and killed in New Orleans

Heroes show their faces and die for it.

Cowards wear masks to keep their jobs.

Rest in power, Muhiyidin D'baha.

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Posted by Gabriel Gotaway on February 7, 2018 at 10:10 AM

Re: “A night in the life of a woman walking to her car

Why are you still talking to *me*, man? It was her article. I was merely using your responses to further illustrate to you the cracks in your logic.

You see, Connelly Hardaway *doesn't need me* to defend her article because it's a sad and universal truth for women everywhere--and the beauty born of your ugly argument is that every response you've given thus far has served only to upstand her article. In your haste to be on the Debase Team, you've completely shredded your own argument, and any rational person can see that.

Try telling *her* that's not what you're doing, and that no others agree with you (gaslighting). Try telling *her* what her point should be, and how she should be thinking about it (mansplaining).

I doubt you'd get very're Too Late for that. However, if you'd just take a deep breath and rouse your empathy from its slumber, you just might be in time to share in something called selflessness.

Giving a shit is so much better than being the funny guy, and I hope you get there. We all do.

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Posted by Gabriel Gotaway on January 29, 2018 at 5:35 PM

Re: “A night in the life of a woman walking to her car

Born Too Late,

Changing that wouldn't change the fact that you (and your supporters) used the opportunity to derive *pleasure* from a woman's pain.

It speaks volumes.

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Posted by Gabriel Gotaway on January 29, 2018 at 1:09 PM

Re: “A night in the life of a woman walking to her car


"Do you know what it feels like to be a woman?" is the question, and so far we have three anonymous fellas proffering the same bulls**t, and based on the likes-to-dislikes ratio to their responses it appears that many would still prefer to defend men behaving badly, rather than to call out our own systemic and viral misogyny.

1) "Born Too Late" "tries to help" with "humor", diminishing and dismissing a woman for talking about a very real fear that most--if not every--woman has. Too late, indeed.

By the way, the narrative he suggests would have in reality gone something more like this:

"Dude. I am SO going to Office Depot at night again. I was waiting for some copies to be made, so to kill time I was looking at cel phone cases. There was this hot bitch over in the Sharpie aisle, and I totally knew she wanted me to f**k her because she was going all Woodstock and twirling. WHAT ELSE COULD THAT MEAN?! 'Dance' and 'dick' both start with the same letter, amirite?" *high fives bros*

2) "Ima Oldman" proffers his own your-fear-isn't-valid-because...#whataboutmen story, but forgets that someone beating him with a night stick--albeit a horrible abuse of power--just isn't on par with having that night stick (or an attacker's penis, knife, found object, etc.) shoved *inside* of him.

His anonymity prevents me from determining his race, but the context clues in his response ("to you and your ilk ours aren't nearly as valid as your own") could suggest he's *not* a white man. If that is the case, some clarity would dramatically re-frame his story. However, even if he is a person of color, living every day in varying levels of *very* understandable fear among everything white, his response seems to address being a person of color in a racist society, *not* being a *woman* in a misogynist and sexist society controlled *by men*, and as such diminishes and dismisses a very real fear that most--if not every woman--has: men of any race who would like to hurt them.

3) "CID95", whose handle and avatar seems to denote a military background, delivers a one-two punch of both racism and mansplaining by suggesting that the raping and murdering of women could happen only in a North Charleston or a Chicago "ghetto". He then advises her to get a gun (applying a typical male low-tack "done and done" Mand-Aid to cover one male born problem with yet another), which really helps nothing if sone has not not been extensively trained in firearms and fear-response control, as most attackers aren't going to wait for her to pull, disengage the safety, chamber a round, and fire.

Having it in her hand while walking to her car in such a state of heightened fear might prove accidentally disastrous for residents or innocent passersby.

And if she's *not white*, having it in her hand (or with her hands not visible) could prove fatal to her, because police get away with shooting POC for literally anything.

So again, diminishing and dismissive.

Suggested by women everywhere is the radical notion that WE AS MEN SHOULD HOLD OURSELVES AND OTHER MEN to a higher standard of man, rather than to suggest instead that *they* adapt to the ever-evolving and terrifying behaviors of our gender.

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Posted by Gabriel Gotaway on January 29, 2018 at 10:28 AM

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