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Re: “Who deserves a promotion — Nikki Haley or Vincent Sheheen?

I submit that Obama was the "anybody but Bush" candidate, and he charmed millions with his "Hope" message, which was, as we have now seen, and as Joe Wilson rightfully characterized, a lie.

He has not changed the Bush policies of eternal war, bailouts, government spying on its citizens, arrest (and assassination) without hope of judicial review. That's just for starters.

Let's us begin with repealing the entire Healthcare "Reform" Law, before it destroys what insurance coverage people have as rates escalate to cover the increasing mandated coverage and costs. And of course all the hidden intrusions into all our lives there were written into the 1000+ pages of the "You'll find out what's in it when you pass it."(Pelosi) bill.

As for Haley, if she is anywhere near the governor that Sanford has been, I will be more than content. My only concern is that having received the backing of most of the Republican establishment, that she continues her fight for recorded votes in both houses of the legislature. She does not strike me as someone who "goes along to get along", and that's a good thing, but we'll see.

And as for going along, I am sure that we will see the Republican 1st congressional district candidate, should he win, continue the spending and eternal war policies of previous Republican congresses. He sounds good on the campaign trail, but history shows government continues to grow under both Republican and Democratic parties. The only real choice here is Keith Blandford, the Libertarian who is focused on the economic realities as our nation goes bankrupt. He rightly charges the private Federal Reserve Bank with being the enabler who keeps giving out the punch to keep the party going.

Take away the punch bowl, audit the Fed. Vote for sanity in government with Keith Blandford.

Posted by Freedomcalls on October 28, 2010 at 8:46 AM

Re: “Will Folks plans tell-all book about Haley, Sanford

Where I come from, a real man would never, ever, disclose his sexual escapades, especially with someone who might be hurt by that disclosure. The more this slimeball talks, the smaller he gets.

Posted by Freedomcalls on October 22, 2010 at 4:22 AM

Re: “Nikki Haley wants term limits for Gen. Ass. officials

I have not seen such sophomoric writing since I was in college... no in high school.

Obviously, you have nothing intelligent to say, either pro or con, about Nikki's recommendations, so you malign her in any fashion that you can.

What a pathetic piece of attempted "journalism".

Posted by Freedomcalls on August 26, 2010 at 10:18 PM

Re: “Nitpicking Democrats and excusing Republicans do nothing to limit government

Your comments about the Republican and Democrat parties are of course right on point. Sean, Rush, and the lesser talk radio stars on the right are sickening in their application of different standards (or none at all) to Republicans as a whole. The reality is that both major parties are, if not the same, not very different, each of them giving us bigger deficits and bigger government.

But here in the Lowcountry, in South Carolina's 1st Congressional District, we have a breath of fresh air in the Libertarian candidate, Keith Blandford. [] Blandford recognizes the hypocrisy of the other candidates' mantras of "this time we will do it differently". No they won't do it differently and we all know that, or should know that.

Spending, pork, "nation-building", bureaucracies, and infringing civil liberties are the themes that they do not publicly espouse, but which both Republican and Democrat politicians embrace in their caucuses and their voting once in D.C.

Blandford, on the other hand, recognizes that without the ability to spend unlimited amounts of money, most, if not all of the above would surely recede. And the ability to spend all of that money comes directly from the Federal Reserve Bank which monetizes the debt, creating money out of thin air, allowing the politicians to continue their reckless ways. It is the central bank, Blandford points out, that is at the root of the approaching bankruptcy of America.

Voting for the Republican or the Democrat means simply voting for more of what got us to where we are. Blandford offers a real choice for fiscal responsibility and a return to Constitutional values in this upcoming election

Posted by Freedomcalls on August 19, 2010 at 11:05 AM

Re: “New candidate in 1st Cong. Race

Keith Blandford, Libertarian candidate for the South Carolina 1st Congressional District, is a local businessman, and lives with his wife and daughter on Sullivan's Island. Republicans will find, I think, that Mr. Blandford comes closest to reflecting the party that they once knew, before it had been co-opted by those RINOs [Republicans In Name Only] who seem to have no idea of the Founder's principles laid down in the Declaration of Independence and again in the U.S. Constitution.

As an elected Congressman, it is expected that Keith will join with the Liberty Caucus in Washington D.C. whose most notable member is Congressman Ron Paul of Texas. As a member of that caucus, our new Congressman will find the strength in numbers and philosophy to stand up to the "go along to get along" crowd that has brought our country to the very brink of insolvency and serious loss of personal liberty.

I first met Mr. Blandford at a small gathering in North Charleston and was extremely impressed by his knowledge of the issues and his very lively and dramatic speaking style. Not your average candidate at all.

I suggest that you give his website a turn at and make it a priority to hear him when he has a speaking engagement in your neighborhood.

Posted by Freedomcalls on August 17, 2010 at 10:43 PM

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