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This spring, many homeowners were spooked by suspicious fires happening in houses near the Crosstown. At one house on Cannon Street, there was another reason to be afraid.
The rules for swimmers in a West Ashley apartment pool seem to be very progressive.
Saint Michael, the patron saint of soldiers, apparently has a small army on King Street
An important warning that will now go unheeded, found on Noisette Boulevard in the Navy Yard
Balding times call for desperate measures. A box of hair with a used roll of duct tape found in the restroom at a Hanahan barbershop.
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Spanish flashcards of some sort, found in the parking lot of the downtown Charleston County Public LIbrary. Elephant: “Where is the water?” Fish: “Under the sea!” Lion: “I’m sleepy …”
This page of lyrics was found near the playground in North Charleston’s Riverfront Park. All songs need more “Woah, woah, woah.”
Unopened condom, NoMo.
Remnants of a Tae Kwon Do gi on the train tracks near Meeting Street. Hey, hobos need self-defense, too.
Either these two slippers found near Romney Street are different colors, or the one on the left is not something you’d want to put your foot inside.
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Mr. Bar Code Eyes, Cool Blow Street.
Welding mask, Romney Street.
Yikes. What the heck happened to this wig that was found at East Bay and Romney streets?
This old saddle on Romney Street has seen better days, but it made us wonder: What the heck happened here? A dog attack? A nasty wreck? A bike-riders’ turf war?
Dog poop sign, Woolfe Street
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A clever tagger on St. Philip Street caught our attention, all right.
A big, little, small bike is for sale on Woolfe Street.
Speed limit monster, Park Circle
David Letterman was so impressed with these guys that he asked them for an encore. But obviously, someone in Park Circle was so unimpressed that not only did they not pay for the album, they didn’t want to hold on to a free copy of it either.
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We Ohio South Carolina too. Found above an electric meter in Park Circle.
A cartoony scrap of cloth found near Park Circle. Would make one heck of a quilt piece.
Wedding sign, Navy Yard.
A boat chained to a tree on Meeting Street Road. Call it an inland dock.
You’re not in control of your destiny; the U.S. Postal Service cannot be stopped. Calhoun Street.
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Someone won $2 and left the scratch-off card on Isabella Street. It’s ours now.
This pen on Romney Street has seen happier days.
Found at a CARTA bus stop with no bench on Meeting Street. Hard to read, but it says, “In Jesus name Please do not move seat for senior citizen come out every morning at 6:00 a.m. Thanks, Dorothy.”
Shower knob, NoMo.
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Dry-cleaning ticket from January, found in December at Mall Playground on the Eastside.
Found this shopping list on Church Street. Here’s hoping Kat wanted a traditional housewarming.
An offered trade of Warheads for “Peperment Herrsy” (sic) Kisses sounds like a sweet deal to us.
Booklet for the 2008 Senses Fail CD Life Is Not a Waiting Room, found on America Street.
Math homework, near the Courtenay School construction site.
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Someone on Meeting Street Road could not be convinced to visit New Orleans
Someone on Meeting Street Road is a close personal friend of Alex Trebek.
Even cats get nice architecture in Charleston: This kitty mansion in West Ashley comes with a cupola. How very ’90s.
Obama pin, Marion Square
A throw pillow in an unlocked locker at Citadel Mall. Mall walkers gotta get comfy, yo.
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Muddy loafer, Line Street.
These dungeon master notes were found pressed in the pages of a book at the Green Dragon in North Charleston. Abandon all girlfriends, ye who enter here.
Found this laminated certificate in Marion Square. Waiting for someone to do something excellent.
Hate to give away the ending of this tract from the Ladson Flea Market, but Gomez gets born again.
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This page of lyrics was found near the playground in North Charleston’s Riverfront Park. All songs need more “Woah, woah, woah.”
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