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Re: “People Against Rape suffers from Haley's budget vetoes

I agree with many of your points and counter! I understand that much work of PAR, and other groups, comes from volunteers - day and night and anyone offering their time and effort to help others is to be honored. I'm suggesting that more effort be placed on requesting funding from the private sector (people and businesses) rather than just going to govenment. Yeah, times are hard now for just about everyone but very few are really hurting badly. Game system sales are up, the grocery stores are full, gas stations are busy on Friday with lines of traffic trying to get out of town. Best Buy, Lowes, Home Depot, aren't closing the doors due to poor sales and fast food joints are as busy as ever - there is money out there and most folks don't really prioratize their spending properly and could help - if only asked.

No, I'm not flippant about any of this - I understand the value these organizations provide. I'm just saying that if you want something you and those that support the same thing then they should pay for it. Government should do the same thing by taking our tax dollars and provide only basic services to everyone and not provide "special" or "additional" funding to any group. Yes, this would require an major mindset change in all of us but it could happen if we wanted it to happen.

You agreed in your last line that cuts need to be made but it seems like a crime to cut this one. I understand where you're coming from but that's the hard decision. If we don't cut programs that "help or work" for "my" special groups then none of them would ever be cut. We really need to crawl out of the box and find different methods (private) to pay for programs we want or need and we need to stop electing people that freely spend our tax dollars on funds for any and every cause under the sun.

I recall the legislature supports the Lima Bean industry with funds for a place to build a future musem to celebrate the importance of lima beans in SC history. This is just one example of government funding that should never happen. You want a lima bean monument - then let the lima bean growers pay for it!

Thank you for your comment. I don't beleive we are that far apart when we look at the big picture.

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Posted by creekman on July 16, 2012 at 1:44 PM

Re: “People Against Rape suffers from Haley's budget vetoes

I completely understand that my comment will upset many people and some very nasty comments will come my way, but sometimes hard decisions have to be made by individuals, families, support groups, small and large businesses for them to stay in business. The cuts the Governor has made are some of those hard decisions! Our state is broke and funding for anything not related to government operations needs to be thrown out of the budget. In my opinion the Governor should have cut many, many more programs across the board.

While People Against Rape is a good organizations I think we first have to agree that just about everyone with half a brain or better are against rape - not just the members of PAR. We also have to agree their services are very specfic and may actually help many people but in the "big picture" of government paying for every type of service under the sun for anyone and everyone must to come to an end. The 81 budget cuts, including PAR are a beginning. Unfortunate, but necessary!

According to the article Ms Blanche received counciling, self defence classes, and a mentor to follow her through the case - all paid for by PAR. All well and good but it sounds like all of PAR's funding is from the taxpayer and a loss of $19,000 will cause PAR to have to shut the doors! The counciling is fine - but don't we already have professionals working at hospitals and clinics that provide this service. A self defense class is great as well - so why doesn't every woman enroll in self defense classes early so they can protect themselves before a crime against them is committed? Someone leading her through the entire process in and out of the courtroom. Don't we already have people in positions within the judicial system to do the same thing - as part of their current jobs? Sure we do!

Bottomline is simple! If $19,000 will cause PAR, or any other organization, to close the doors they need to look at other revenue streams to pay for their services. The article says PAR seen 700 people last year. Do the math - $19,000 / 700 clients - that $27.14 per client! If $27.14 per client is going to shut the door to anything then changes need to be made within the organization! Maybe some of those supporting the group need to go into the community and have fundraisers thoughout the year or organize members to visit businesses to ask for donations or other forms of support. And if nothing else, bill each PAR client $30.00 minimum to cover PAR cost and still have almost $3.00 to go to the next case. Better yet, bill for $50.00 and have the funds in the bank for the next client already on hand.

There are many other solutions to our problems in this state and most can be handled without taxpayer dollars. You beleive in an organization or an advocate group, great! Write them a check yourself - give a few hours a week of your time to help them - collect funds from your family, friends, business associates and places you do business. If all this fails then go to govenment, but if you have to go to government after doing everything else, then your groups mission may not be of any concern to the general population.

OK, before you begin screaming at me just let me tell you my family has gone through the same situation as Ms. Blanche - TWICE. It is tough to deal with and you want the low-life sob that committed this crime to pay a very high price for what they have done. It sounds as if the system has worked - the rapist was caught, found guilty, and is now in prison. Yes our tax dollars are paying for the sob's three meals a day, TV, air conditioning and many other items - but that's our fault! We keep electing and reelecting members of the legislature that are soft on crime and want to hug and rehabilate those that commit crimes against law abiding citizens. The problem is not Gov. Haley but rather those that make the laws that don't require stiff, uncomfortable, regulations to make those in prison or jail not want to come back!

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Posted by creekman on July 16, 2012 at 11:50 AM

Re: “Andrew Breitbart: Remembering a traitor who used lies and trickery to deceive his fellow Americans

When will you be commenting on the lies told by our president, Harry and Nancy?

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Posted by creekman on March 1, 2012 at 12:33 PM

Re: “Ravenel Bridge arrestee had prior records of stalking, service

I disagree with the previous poster that thinks this guy should be given "special" treatment. He's no angel - he has a criminal record and has now added to that record and should be handled just like any other criminal! Would you feel the same way if you were the one he was stalking earlier this year? How about the guy that Cannon chased down on Hwy 17 earlier this week? He most likely was someone's son, brother, uncle, loved one as well so do we weep for him as well? No! You put them on the ground, put the cuffs on, and throw them in jail and treated like anyone else, then figure out the details! To suggest we wait to post his mug shot until we "figure out the details" is out of the question. Unless you had your head buried in the sand it was clear what happened. This guy could not handle life's crap that's handed to all of us every day so rather than take 10 deep breaths and calm down, talk to his friends, or seek professional help he causes problems for thousands and thousands of people who are dealing with their already stressed lives just fine - until he thinks it is time to turn the spotlight on himself with a big "look how my life sucks" spectacial! Now we go into the next several months hearing about his bad childhood or why one of his bosses yelled at him and hurt his self-esteem or why no one wanted to play with him at school. He is nothing special at all and should be handled the same any anyone else. Sorry - just my opinion!

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Posted by creekman on February 3, 2012 at 9:19 AM

Re: “S.C. now at war with Uncle Sam thanks to Rick Perry

Hey, Deb, there is nothing wrong with having a photo ID to vote! You must have one to purchase a beer, drive a car, cash a check, get on a plane or train, and many other "things" in life. I, for one, would like to know that only legal citizens, living in my voting district, are voting for those that are going to run our lives for the next few years. The "disenfranchised" you speak of don't seem to have any problem with getting on every "hand-out" list in existence so having a picture ID should be no problem as well.

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Posted by creekman on January 11, 2012 at 10:51 AM

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