Create your own Joe Riley Jr. Jack o' lantern 

We've got palmetto bugs and construction barrels too

Here at the City Paper Lab for Pumpkin Studies, we've worked long and hard to bring you the very latest in Halloween jack o' lantern technology. After many months of research, we now unveil three new pumpkin carving templates that are the very embodiment of the Holy City itself.

Take care, for these designs are not of the typical dime store variety, but offer a challenge to any carver. If you want an easy pumpkin to carve, we shouldn't have to draw out three triangles and a jagged-toothed smile for you—we're all big boys and girls here.

If you do attempt one of these designs, send your name and a photo to We would love to see your handiwork.

Tips for carving up your pumpkin

1) Use an ice pick, small nail, thumbtack, or other small pointy object to punch through the template to create a follow-the-dotted-line carving guide on your pumpkin.

2) Start with the smaller and more detailed areas first when carving.

3) Try carving with a keyhole saw or another small saw blade or a carving tool instead of a knife.

4) Seem too tough for regular carving? Try carving the design in relief instead of cutting all the way through for a different effect. Don’t forget to thin out the flesh on the inside of the pumpkin first!

Click the images to download the PDF templates

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