Country/Americana Band of the Year: The Travelin' Kine 

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Ruta Smith

When Slaton Glover got on the phone to talk to us about the Travelin' Kine's CPMA, his mind was actually on something else. He'd just stepped away from listening to the mixes for the band's new album, Ride, their first since 2016's Change in the Wind. Well, at least it'll seem like a new album to us.

"It actually feels like not so much our new record because we've been working on it for so long," Glover says with a laugh. "I didn't think it was going to be this long."

As exasperating as the extended wait might have been, at least some of it was deliberate. Change in the Wind was Glover's first studio album, and he learned a lot from that experience.

"We did this one completely differently from the last one," he says. "The last album, we kind of wrote in the studio. It was the first album I'd ever been involved with. Obviously, the other guys had been involved with other albums, but it was my first one. This time, everything was completely choreographed by the time we got to the studio."

Of course, it helps to have a band full of pros to help you out, and one behind the boards as well. Josh Roberts, of Josh Roberts & the Hinges, produced the new album after a lengthy songwriting collaboration with Glover.

"I wrote the songs and then brought them back to Josh," he says. "We edited and rewrote them, and once that was done, we took it to the band. I knew that I really thought a lot of Josh. I've always loved what he does. He's got a really unique way of writing songs; they're really different. I wanted more of that in my music, so I wanted more of his thumbprint on what I was doing."

"It's been an awesome experience," Glover adds, "even if it took longer than I thought it was going to."

Interestingly enough for the group that just won Country/Americana Band of the Year, Glover says the new Travelin' Kine album is going to be more rock-oriented, thanks to Roberts' production, the band's new-ish lead guitarist, Bobby Plexico (who joined in 2018), and the band's own evolution.

"We were still trying to figure out where we were when we made Change in the Wind," he says, "and we found our sound. There are definitely a couple of country songs on the album, but Bobby Plexico is just amazing, and once I heard him play, I thought we needed to lean more on guitar now." —Vincent Harris


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