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Re: “The truth about the founding father of big government in America

The Great Hoax: Lincoln and Obama
On Lincoln's 200th birthday, the media continues to deify Lincoln. If you tell a lie big enough, bold enough, loud enough and often...then the lie becomes reality and the new truth to the ignorant masses. On January 20th, 2009 the United States inaugurated Barack Hussein Obama as its 44th President. Obama took the Christian oath of office on Lincoln's Bible. The liberal media is attempting to make Obama the reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln. Furthermore, the media would have you believe that Lincoln is God. You can't make this stuff up! Can Obama be Lincoln reincarnated? Time will tell, but be very careful of what you pray for because it just might be true that Obama is a Lincoln. Obama, the son of a black Muslim male and a white atheist female has rose in meteoric fashion upon graduating from Harvard to become a community activist coordinator (ACORN) for Blacks in Chicago. His election to US Senator from Illinois is only eclipsed by his against all odds election to President of the United States of America. Never mind that Obama may not have met the letter of the law requirement of being a natural born citizen of the United States of America in order to quality to run for the office of President. Never mind Obama had only 147 days of experience as a US Senator with nothing of consequence in legislative sponsorship to show for it. Never mind his twenty year association with the Reverend Jeremiah Wright (God D... America fame) rhetoric or his association with the Catholic Father Pfleger. Never mind his sweetheart real estate housing deal with Syrian-born, Tony Rezko. Never mind his on-going association with domestic bomb terrorist, Bill Ayars which was overlooked and given a pass by the voters of America. So much for our experiment with Democracy which has indeed proved to be 'mob rule.' Black Americans voted overwhelmingly (95%) for Obama. Why? Is it because Blacks are truly racist? Is it because he has promised to make their mortgage payments? Is it because Obama has promised to reward proverty? Our mob rule democratic process elevated him to the most powerful position on the face of the earth; the Presidency of the United States of America. The inmates are now running the asylum! This could have never happened if our beliefs and our founding Christian fathers' values on (religion, morals, respect for the law, corporate integrity, ethics, drugs, family, immigration, education, etc.) had not been compromised over the years. There is no one simple answer; in fact there is no longer an answer! Our republic form of government based on our founding Christian fathers' United States Constitution and Bill of Rights/Amendments(law) worked quite well for nearly 200 hundred years, but the last 35 years of its existence has seen an unrelenting assault (mob rule) on everything that had made up our America way of life and core belief values that sustained America into the early 1960's. Our Norman Rockwell picture of American life as it was and the way we remember it is now gone forever or as some might say like the movie, "Gone With The Wind" just a different time, values, beliefs, etc. Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States was the reason for the ' 'War of Northern Aggression,' aka the 'Civil War.' South Carolina led the way and was on record as saying if Lincoln, a republican, was elected then they would formally secede from the Union and become their own sovereign nation or state(s); (Confederate States of America). They were as good as their word! Even the ill-faded Corwin Amendment which passed both Houses of Congress, but was not ratified by the necessary number of states in order to become law. The Corwin 'Ghost' Amendment would have guaranteed the institution of slavery forever in the rebellious slave states. This fact on its own merits proves the War was not over the issue of slavery. The War was over the fact that Lincoln was owned by the rich northern industrialists, railroad men and other big money and was on record saying that the Union could not survive without the taxation revenue from the southern states which amounted to over 70% of the entire federal budget. The unfair taxation rate was the prime reason for the secession of southern states. The same reasons why our founding fathers rebelled against British Rule in the American Revolution of 1776, fought a war and won their freedom and established the United States of America. Lincoln was responsible for the death of some 650,000 of his countrymen (Union and Confederates) and untold numbers of men who were injured, maimed but survived the War and endured their horrible reality for the rest of their lives. Lincoln was responsible for total war against the South and genocide against defenseless civilians. Lincoln was a despot, a tyrant. He jailed thousands of people in the North, and suspended the 'writ of habeas corpus.' Many of those jailed were newspaper editors, who did not agree with Lincoln's War against the South. At least one Congressman from Ohio had to flee to Canada for the duration of the War to prevent his arrest for his support of the South. Lincoln had the state legislators from Maryland arrested so they could not vote on the issue of secession from the Union. Lincoln said, "Congressmen who willfully take actions during wartime that damage morale and undermine the military are saboteurs and should be arrested, exiled, or hanged." Lincoln, also was no friend of the Negro slaves in America. If Lincoln had not been assassinated; he had plans to relocate Blacks back to Africa, Central and South America, etc. Immediately, following the surrender of General Robert E. Lee on April 09, 1865, the President of the Confederacy, Jefferson Davis was fleeing south but the Vice President of the Confederacy, Alexander Stephens in a meeting with Lincoln asked 'Honest Abe' what was to become of the newly freed slaves in the South? Stephens said that the new Freemen had no money, no education, no property and no skills to make a living on their own. What will happen to them?, he asked. Lincoln retorted, "Root hog or die!". Lincoln was not the fatherly kind figure that politically correct historians have pushed since his assassination. Lincoln at best was very dangerous as evidenced by his War actions. Many American citizens were executed during Lincoln War without a trial. Lincoln also had a warm relationship with Communist Karl Marx of Russia. Does that give you a hint of Obama's plans? If you didn't know, Lincoln was an atheist, he was not a Christian, so what the Hell is this thing about Lincoln's Bible? Lincoln was not God! Maybe the Devil would describe him better. As for Obama being like Lincoln and loving Lincoln and having Lincoln's Bible for his swearing in ceremony. Go figure! Oh, by the way Obama has a brand new state of the art, black Presidential limousine. Guess what name the secret service has given the limo? You guessed it, "The Beast."

Posted by ConfederateOne on February 20, 2009 at 9:40 AM
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