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Re: “Heart Woodfire Kitchen

Hmmm...I guess I don't see it. I think it's a generational thing about wanting to sit in a very loud room and scream at your companion 2 feet away. And then have some sort of "music" buzzing overhead like a drone about to strike.
The food was good, but I'm WAY over this "buy local" crap. Really? That's the new rallying cry? Based on the amount of non-local booze, cars, clothes, gas and about everything else that isn't made here yet robustly purchased, I guess someone needs something to hang their hat on. Freeing Tibet got boring so now they're on to Buy Local. I want to sit a line of non-local tomatoes and a local tomato next to each other and bet someone they couldn't objectively pick it out by taste. Unless "buy local" means buy it from a local person who imports their goods. In which case, buy my stuff. But I digress, the food was very good - no problem. By the way, the local tomato was divine, it made the meal. I detected a hint of Johns Island with the aftertaste of pluff mud and Carnival Cruise Line soot. The alcohol is being too cute, almost kitchy. If the idea is to be different - don't. There's a reason popular drinks are popular and a reason why Pabst is only served post "what's the cheapest beer you got?" being asked to a bartender by a beaming young man with his date in tow and hand full of crumpled up dollar bills and change. I watched a bartender artfully muddle berries for a good 2 minutes to make a drink. I slipped in and out of a coma during the process. Service - extremely underwhelming. I actually agree with Zoe on this one - it shouldn't take 4 trips. Silverware at least should be on the table already. Menus can be taken with the hostess while seating. Specials told by waiter, then water brought and dinner ordered during that visit. Maybe three trips if I'm not ready to order when he brought water. That's it - MAX. But they are very friendly there, I must admit.
And yes, I agree - I hate to admit it Zoe, you're only being friended because of your outfit/body. But being a woman, I'm sure you not only realize that, you exploit it. But I also have to admit, I guess I would too if I were you. Kudos.

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Posted by Comrade on July 23, 2012 at 6:18 PM

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Re: “More roads and bigger boulevards will not solve congestion

Given that Charleston is a service based economy, staggering opening times of our overly abundant restaurants and tourist traps...err..fine retail establishments, would not be feasible. Other than that, what "large" employers are there? MUSC? Boeing? OK, so you have two which already operate different shifts. Additionally, a mass transit system doesn't have room to operate downtown efficiently because there is no room to stage multiple drop-offs from a train.
Why is this town so adamant about growth yet so infantile about infratructure? It's the most backwards, retarded (yea I said it) and uneducated thinking I have ever seen from supposed adults. This city is so consumed with themselves it hinders their ability to create a true world class city that they claim to be. Screw Conde Nast and their rankings. Clearly they give that "Best City" ranking lip service because if they ever truly dug into this chaos they would find a city that is suing a cruise line because those aren't the "type" of tourists we want, arguing over building a 7 mile road that would alleviate serious traffic issues and most importantly finding time to alienate the newest part of the city's population at every turn because they are "yankees". Here's a news flash you inbred rednecks - Conde Nast is headquartered in New York City. Yep, that New York City...home of the damn YANKEES. Dang, Booger - go git yer cuzin Skeeter and invade them daggone carpetbaggers! Yee haw, we gonna rize agin, Beau! Make sure you put on your best camo visor, make those croakies tight around your neck, iron those cargo shorts and polish up those flip-flops you gotta look sharp when you strut around for those fancy New Yorkers.
And you wonder why the rest of the country points and laughs at southerners. Hey, look at the good news, you cheated your way out of dead last in the education rankings though.

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Posted by Comrade on August 29, 2012 at 10:45 AM

Re: “The forces of bigotry score a victory with yesterday's Chick-fil-A chicken choking

Landsnark - Your only defense is to personally attack me and not address the issues? Not once did I say anything demeaning to you, but in true victim mentality you attack me personally. That just further proves my point of your hypocrisy.

once again due to drama and the typical hysterical reaction YOU missed the point. The discrimination law reads "Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity...job applications from qualified individuals without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, ancestry, family care status, veteran status, marital status, sexual orientation or any other lawfully protected status. Minorities, women, disabled persons, and veterans are encouraged to apply."
LAWFULLY PROTECTED STATUS. Get it? Do I need crayons? Take the comment in its entirety and not just the parts that you think you can distort. It is explicit in its inclusions and implied in the exclusions.

As with diversity training. You totally got it backwards. Diversity training was made for-in essence-white males to be more culturally sensitive to minorities, not the other way around as you stated. Not to have anyone think like us, for us to include all forms of "minorities" (however that is defined on any given day) in all facets of corporate business. Your comment is just another false dichotomy to make yourself look victimized. And that's putting it extremely politely. Minorities don't go to diversity training to think like unvictimized straight white males, silly. Again, there's no conspiracy here. No secret organizations. No clandestine movement to oppress gays or any other group. In fact, because of laws - everyone has to treat you with kid gloves (made from goats, not children-just in case you want to get all dramatic and call the ACLU or accuse me of skinning children for gloves. And no, I'm not NRA or kill goats for fun either. Did I miss any false drama there?) or you immediately scream foul and run behind the ACLU. Again, I go back to my original theory - because I don't run out and buy a rainbow flag, become distraught with false drama and only defend the freedom of speech to points which I like, I'm anti-gay? And a slave proponent too evidently. Which begs the question - which victim group to support next? There's so many I can't keep enough flags. Like every other self-professed victim, no matter what is done it will never be good enough.

And true to form, you totally missed on the ACLU defense of Oliver North (and I'll help you out on this one- Rush Limbaugh). The ACLU filed an amicus brief. That is nothing more than a publicity stunt - it's a "oh yea, me too" document. Rush and Oliver had their own defense teams who were defending them, not the ACLU - the ACLU in typical liberal fashion, jumped in when the hard work was already done and filed a friend of the court brief. The ambulance chasers just followed the obvious case and added those documents to those particular cases to look less radical left wing. Don't you worry, they're still way out on the radical fringe ready to defend people like Al-Qaeda. Poor terrorists, being treated so ugly in prison - now that's a real outrage, huh?! They should have the right to behead American tourists and post it on the internet.

This appreciation day isn't anti-gay, it's pro-free speech. You thought you could strong arm your way and make this about your poor victimized selves. It backfired and now you're scrambling to defend your half-truths and poorly thought out, illogical fallacy of false choice arguments. You got called out alright - not for being gay, but for being the hypocrites that you are for trying to suppress free speech that you don't like. I truly don't care if you're gay, black gay, Asian gay - whatever. I do care that you're trying to extort your way into suppressing free speech. THAT'S the issue. I'd say the same thing to any other group who was trying this.

I don't like the Westboro Baptist Church at all. Their actions and words are disgusting- but the Supreme Court defended their right to say those things. You take the good with the bad. You suck it up and move on. It's called laws and majority rules. We don't rule by exception.

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Posted by Comrade on August 3, 2012 at 10:24 AM

Re: “The forces of bigotry score a victory with yesterday's Chick-fil-A chicken choking

Drifty -So the issue isn't what he said, it's what he supposedly supports personally? So why wait until now to stage a kissy-face in the parking lot? Or is it that "heteros" mess up marriage? Or that your free speech somehow involves not buying his chicken? I'm getting confused in your smoke screens, red herrings and slippery slope arguments you're creating as you go. But if your plan is to sound more and more like a victim, it's not working - with me anyway. Like so many "victims" you want to make this an 'either or' argument. Either you agree with the gays on this or you're anti-gay. Obama does the same thing. Either you agree with him or you're racist. You try to create a false dilemma by using a fallacy of argument. It takes the focus off the issue and back on the person questioning it. Nice try, didn't work. Actually it wasn't even a nice try.

"People like me"? Again, for someone who begs for tolerance, understanding and special rights you sure don't have any tolerance for others. Because I don't agree with your flawed logic and kneejerk reaction to a non-issue I'm now a bigot and slave proponent? Wow. Again, so typical with hysterical nonsense. You reek of desperation.

Who else don't you tolerate? Jews? Blacks? Armenians? C'mon, fess up..what about little people? Latinos? Sounds like you're in the bigotry closet. What's the saying?...takes one to know one? I have never known the ACLU to come to the defense of a white, anglo-saxon, heterosexual, protestant male under the age of 55. But they have for gays (among others). Nor does that group have any special rights (hate crime victim, bias, discrimination, gender, age, sexual orientation) but you sure do. They have no "victim" status whatsoever to base a legal claim. If someone doesn't hire me because I'm white and they need to achieve a quota of minorities, there's nothing I can do. But the reverse doesn't hold true, even if I am more qualified. Sounds special to me. And again, contrary to your overactive imagination, there aren't secret meetings to oppress minorities or self-professed oppressed groups. I promise...pinky swear. And before you say it -no - straight white guys don't get ALL the jobs and get special treatment and automatically get hired by other straight white guys. There's not a grand consipracy. I've hired 2 women this year and no men. And I have no idea if they're gay or not nor do I care. The fact that I even have to qualify and defend my actions is pathetic, but that's what special interest victim groups do to society. Have you ever gone to diversity training to understand more about straight white males in our society and what we tolerate, accept, find approrpiate and how to communicate with us in order to not offend us? I didn't think so.

And if I have to "look it up", it's not news. I've never heard of these groups, their issues or agendas. I doubt anyone else has either so they are hardly mainstream. Do you sit around and find new ways to be a victim by looking up these miniscule little fringe groups for your smoking gun?

I totally respect your right to free speech, but yet you don't respect his or evidently anyone elses who doesn't immediately fall to your feet. That's the crux of the issue. And by the comments made by all the gays, it doesn't appear you even know what the issue truly is. It's a scattered mess if illogical comments none relating to free speech.

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Posted by Comrade on August 2, 2012 at 10:33 PM

Re: “The forces of bigotry score a victory with yesterday's Chick-fil-A chicken choking

Gay oppression?! Bigotry? Give me a break. I'm so sick of this strong arming by self professed "oppressed" and "suppressed" groups I could go buy 100 Chik Fil A's an open them just to piss off as many gay's as possible. The man expressed his opinion and that oppresses you?

Get over yourself.

And stop creating these imaginary armies of straight people out knocking on doors and dragging gays into the street to be "outed" or taken to gay concentration camps.

News flash - no one cares.

I have far better things to worry about than if you can legally get married. Because every single law doesn't kowtow to your specific agenda, it's biased and bigoted? If I had the room I could name literally hundreds of local, state and federal laws that don't benefit me directly or my agenda - I guess I'm a victim now? Good, maybe I'll start getting SPECIAL laws to benefit my poor victimized self. It's special interest groups, self proclaimed victims and our thirst to be individuals over citizens that has turned this country in a nation of self-serving pussies. No one is an American anymore. They have to be a special American with special rights and special needs and special treatment. I'm not an American! Look at me!... I'm a Gay American - African American - Gay African American - Italian nauseaum. "Majority rules" no longer exist in this country, we're too busy bending over forwards for every special interest group out there. This is apartheid, we just won't recognize it.

Lastly and most importantly, FROM A GROUP THAT PREACHES TOLERANCE AND EXPECTS TOLERANCE I FIND IT DISGUSTING (and revealing) THAT THEY DON'T PRACTICE WHAT THEY PREACH. But that's typical of a self centered victim minded person.

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Posted by Comrade on August 2, 2012 at 8:50 PM

Re: “Folly City Council considers ditching proposed booze ban referendum

I'm pro-ban and I hope vote or not, it's passed by whatever means necessary. People keep up this nonsense of "it's my right". No it's not. It's a privilege that can be revoked if you're a moron. Clearly it needs to be revoked, the morons have spoken.

WHAT is it with this town and it's obsession with drinking? And it's not just drinking, it's drinking until you're hammered. Is it because you wake up everyday and know you're an idiot and this pathetic life you lead is as good as it will ever get? Is it because you know, deep down, you're a complete lazy loser? Whatever it is, either quit or move. To another country preferrably.

In my experience the only people who complain about big government and big brother are the ones who want it to go away so they can do whatever they want. The only people complaining about drug tests are the ones who would fail them. The only people whining and complaining about drinking on the beach are the people who maybe should look in the mirror and wonder why drinking is so central in their noon. Or sooner.
Look, I lOVE to drink. But there's a time and place. And if it's all day, everyday or on your mind all the time...or you use the beach as an excuse to drink all day, I'd say that's an issue. I hate to sound like MADD because I deplore them, I think they're neo-prohibitionists, but when one of these Folly Fun Timers gets hammered all day and drives home and kills someone, then what? It's not like it's 2AM and they wrap themselves around a tree alone - good for them, the world is a better place. But when it's at 4PM when a family of 4 or more is headed out to the beach for some fun, it's not their right to be killed by one of the College of Charleston's finest who not only is drunk but more than likely texting or talking on the phone in an urgent conversation "dude, I'm so hammered right now - let's go party bro".

Folly needs to decide what it is. Is it a free-for-all beach scene where the rules are thrown out the window? Then don't complain about drunks, riots, litter, urination and used condoms on your streets or your property. And don't complain when it's your daughter or sister roofied, killed by a drunk driver, getting a DUI or killing someone behind the wheel themselves. And even better, losing upstanding residents because they don't want to put up with this ignorant crap and further turning Folly into...well....a folly.

I, for one, know what it takes to earn a living have nice things. I'm sure someone who has worked their whole lives and retired (or not) doesn't appreciate some 20-something douchebag using their property as their toilet or trash can. The lack of respect for other people by this generation of punks and jackals is unprecedented. Whomever raised these imbaciles need to be fined and put on trial too.

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Posted by Comrade on July 25, 2012 at 6:17 PM

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