Community reaction to Obama's victory 

In Our Lifetime

Supporters of every race exploded in celebration after Barack Obama's election last week, but the black community was looking at more than hope. They were looking at the dramatically turned page of their own history. The City Paper visited Dave's Carry Out in the Elliotborough neighborhood to speak to the community for some reaction to the milestone.

"It is history, and I am just happy to be a part of it. It is unbelievable. It's just crazy that something like this would happen in my lifetime. I wish Martin Luther King Jr. was here to see it."—Carl Simmons

"For years, I dedicated my time to the study of my peoples' history and its global impact. Seeing Barack Obama win the presidency was a manifestation of all the hopes and dreams, not only of my people, but all who have held high the lamp of hope in the darkness of despair." —Shawn Wilson

"It's a good thing for the whole world, not just for African-Americans, but for everybody. It is only one step toward the world getting past its bigotries. Everybody has a plight, and this serves as a good example, or a beacon of light, for the whole world." —Terry McCary

"Congratulations to Obama. I was in the Navy, I know how we are perceived overseas. A lot of people don't like Americans, but now they're more accepting. Before, their (perception) was we're lazy and arrogant. But now they have proof that our voting process works, and that change did come. Looking back, the idea of a black president was a fairy tale, but now it is reality. Obama is the fiber and substance of the country." —David Dejoi

"It is time for a change, meaning a new beginning not just for Americans but for everybody. I am glad to be alive to see the first black president in office." —Genesha Brown


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