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We don't like to toot our own horn (that's why we've obviously played down this whole 10th birthday thing), so we have culled the libraries of newspapers and magazines throughout the nation (and one from across the pond) to bring you what other people are saying about the City Paper and other places where our faces have popped up. — Greg Hambrick

In an Atlanta Journal-Constitution piece about Spoleto, the paper notes an interview with Mayor Riley.

"When asked by Charleston's City Paper if he is worried about Atlanta competition, Mayor Joseph Riley said, 'Not one iota.'" — May 1998

The Charleston Regional Business Journal cites the proliferation of niche publications in Charleston, including the City Paper.

"Some audiences prefer a newspaper with a youthful attitude. Thus the appearance of the Charleston City Paper." — February 1999

The National Restaurant News quotes restaurant reviewer Tricia New on opera singer/chef Robert Dickson. The story notes the City Paper is "considered the alternative news tabloid for the historic coastal Charleston." — July 1999

The Christian Science Monitor prints an article on alternative weeklies called, "Free and Quirky." The story wraps up with a quote from City Paper publisher Noel Mermer.

"It's a good business to be in if you can do it right," he says, joking that these days the rule about alternative newsweeklies is "if you can find a city that doesn't have one, let me know." — September 2000

The (Myrtle Beach) Sun News contributor Bob Bristler complains about a City Paper cover story, "Fear and Loathing in Myrtle Beach."

"Our boys from the City Paper could have been sent by Ravenel," Bristler wrote, proving that it must have been the only issue of the City Paper he had read. — July 2001

The Post and Courier reports on how advertising companies are changing their business models. Mermer says it's not a problem.

"We've been lucky," Mermer said. "This is a great market for an arts and entertainment newspaper." — September 2001

In a story about Skirt! magazine, The State explains the differences between us and the magazine.

"While Skirt! can be brassy, it does not have the hard edge of the Charleston City Paper, the alternative weekly, another must-read for the city's well-connected." — November 2001

Iain Levison, author of A Working Stiff's Manifesto, tells Philadelphia Magazine about the good time he was having in Charleston as a caterer.

"A guy from the Charleston City Paper took me out, we got drunk, and I went off about the rich people I work with at the catering company: "Fuck this, fuck that, fuck them." I figured they'd fire me, but they thought it was hilarious." — June 2002

City Paper Assistant Editor Bill Davis is featured in a segment on CNN with local radio host Rocky D. on the 2004 Democratic Primary. From the transcript: "My dad's a (UNINTELLIGIBLE) Republican." — January 2004

A Michael Graham column on John Kerry is quoted in London's Independent, referring to Charleston as a historic city "whose cobbled streets and antebellum houses make it probably America's most beautiful city." — February 2004

Sun News columnist Bob Bestler again took issue with a Will Moredock column on the beach's new mall.

"Ah, if only Mr. Moredock would put his pen to work on all that traffic generated by miles of strip malls leading into Charleston. They really slow us down on our way to Hilton Head." — July 2004

A story in Editor and Publisher notes the changing face of the police blotter.

The Charleston City Paper's "Blotter" has even changed how its writer, Bill Davis, introduces himself at parties: "If I say I'm assistant editor of City Paper, and that doesn't get a number of 'oohs' and 'ahhs,' I say, 'Oh, yeah, and I write 'The Blotter.' And then they go, 'Oh, I love that.'" — July 2005

A Post and Courier reader gives the daily hell over printing a picture of a sports fan peeing in a urinal with an American flag draped over his shoulders.

"I could expect this in The City Paper but The Post and Courier?" he wrote. — June 2006

The State notes the City Paper's report on Rep. Wallace Scarborough's alleged affair with another legislator.

"The Charleston City Paper is a rag," Scarborough says. — September 2006

City Paper reporter Greg Hambrick is interviewed for a Settle Post-Intelligencer story on Charleston Superintendent Maria Goodloe-Johnson being selected as a finalist to lead the Seattle School District. — April 2007

A Washington Post story recapping the YouTube debate notes the tagline on the City Paper cover, "Somebody save us from a YouTube democracy." — July 2007

The State reports on questions surrounding abstinence education programs, noting a previous City Paper cover story on local education giant Heritage Community Services. — July 2007


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