Blotter: Vase-Off 

Every rose has its scorn

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Steve Stegelin

Blotter o' the Week: Police responded to reports of a woman screaming and throwing items out of her apartment. Entering the woman's home, officers found her standing on a table in the living room. Spotting the police, the woman then leapt from the table, grabbed a vase, and attempted to attack the officers. After detaining the woman, police noticed random words had been written across the walls in the apartment and broken items were littered around every room.

An employee at a bake shop is suspected of stealing money from the business. A manager told police that she had discovered empty deposit bags in the trash and missing cash, but the employee was not caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

Employees at a fast-food restaurant received a call from a woman claiming to be a corporate representative who had been watching the location through closed-circuit televisions. The woman is said to have called earlier in the day and asked an employee to gather all of the money from the safe and cash registers and exchange it for money orders at nearby stores. The regional supervisor told police that the employees who removed the money from the store are suspects in the case and would be terminated.

A man was allegedly hit in the face after he turned down the sexual advances of a drunken woman with whom he and his girlfriend had been celebrating. Police were called after the three returned home from a night out on the town. Officers were forced to detain the woman after she continued to shout and run around their apartment.

An employee who was recently fired from his job at a grocery store caused a scene while arguing with his former manager. After refusing to leave the store, the man called his ex-boss a "pussy boy," adding "I should slap your ass in front of this officer," according to an incident report.

Emergency personnel responded to a fast-food restaurant after a man was found unconscious on a toilet in the bathroom. After waking, the man told police that he had been smoking crack right before he lost consciousness, drawing into question the concept of "Having it your way."

A woman contacted police in regard to harassing messages she had received from a co-worker's female friend. Early one morning, the woman received a call from her coworker to discuss an issue in the office. Less than 20 minutes later, the woman received another call, but this time it was an unknown woman yelling at her not to "talk to her man." After hanging up the phone and ignoring several more calls from the same number, the woman received a text message, further advising her to stay away from the man. After texting both parties to say she would report the incident to the police, the woman received a final text from the woman, saying she didn't care what the police were told, and she would come to the woman's house if she continued having any contact with the man.

A woman attempting to do laundry in her apartment building happened upon a bloody T-shirt that had been left behind by someone in major need of getting a few stains out.

Someone is believed to have started a fire inside of a woman's car late one evening while she was in her home sleeping. Inside the vehicle, officers observed the driver's seat to be charred and smelling of gasoline.

Approximately 1,000 pairs of eyeglass frames are believed to have been stolen from a woman's car late one evening. The woman could not name any possible suspects, but whoever committed the crime definitely made a spectacle of his or herself.

An intoxicated man was escorted from a bar late one evening. As the man staggered down the street, officers noticed him pick up a traffic cone on the sidewalk and hurl it over a nearby brick wall, according to an incident report. The man was quickly taken into custody, and during his ride in a patrol car the man began chewing through several exposed camera wires inside the vehicle.


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