Blotter: Thieves in toy land 

"I got the right"

Blotter o' the Week: A man was stopped while riding a bicycle that had been reported stolen. He told officers that he had purchased the bike from a friend for $20 earlier in the week. While officers were contacting the legal owner of the bike, the suspect announced that he had a gun and lifted his shirt to reveal a pistol tucked in his waistband. Upon further inspection, officers discovered the pistol to be a toy that had been modified to resemble a real weapon. The Fisher-Price bandit told police that he uses the toy gun to protect himself.

  • Steve Stegelin

A man and a woman were spotted falling from their scooter while riding around downtown one evening. When questioned by officers as to how much they had to drink, the woman replied, "All day." The officer then asked her to stand, but the woman was unable to remain on her feet. While being escorted to jail, the woman fell asleep in the back of an officer's patrol car, but she awoke unable to recall where she was or how she had gotten there.

A bank teller called police to report a suspicious man who entered her office and began asking if there were any tall fences located behind the bank, according to an incident report. Unable to figure out if the man was up to no good or simply planning his next parkour route, the teller assumed the worst.

A woman received a call from her credit card company reporting some strange activity on her account. Rousing the suspicions of the fraud protection specialist were charges made to the woman's account for more than $3,000 at a local strip club in a single day. It turns out the woman had not decided to make it rain and told officers that her son was the last person in possession of the card, according to an incident report.

A man attempting to purchase a vehicle online was told to submit his full payment in eBay gift cards. After providing the card information to the dealer over the phone, the man was told that it would take five to six days for the vehicle to arrive. The man was unable to get back in touch with the dealer and later noticed that a picture of the vehicle he attempted to purchase was posted online in another ad.

Someone had the bright idea to sneak into a public park one evening and steal all of the light fixtures arranged along the ground.

An officer was called to check out a suspicious vehicle that had been parked downtown. Police found the driver slouched over the steering wheel in an apparent state of intoxication. When asked where he was headed, the driver said he was leaving his home in West Ashley to visit a friend who also lived in West Ashley. When asked how he ended up downtown, the man told the officer that was his preferred route. After being asked how much he had to drink that night before he was pulled off course, the driver replied, "Too much."

An intoxicated woman was hesitant to pull over during a traffic stop and told the police that her truck only appeared to be going above the speed limit because of its large tires. After being taken into custody, the woman admitted that she was "buzzed, but still good to drive." When asked why it took her so long to pull over, the woman stated that she was attempting to "chug" the rest of her beer before speaking with the officer. She acknowledged that she was in the wrong, but said, "It is what it is."

A man was spotted urinating on a parked car late one evening. As the officer approached the scene, he noticed the man had a large wet spot on the crotch of his pants and his zipper was undone. When asked what he was doing, the man told police that he was "looking for his friends." The officer later discovered that the suspect was only 19 years old and soon discovered the gentleman's fake ID.

A woman called police to report a shirtless drunk man standing in her yard early one morning. The homeowner said she spotted the uninvited guest when she pulled into her driveway. When she attempted to exit her vehicle, the man allegedly pushed the car door shut, saying, "You will get out when I say you can," according to an incident report. Officers soon arrived to find the man seated in a lawn chair in the woman's front yard with a case of beer. He was unwilling to answer any of the officers' questions. Instead he repeatedly stated, "Anything you say, I got the right."


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