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Blotter o' the Week: A man suspected of shoplifting a $13 pair of headphones tangled with the wrong employee at one department store. As the suspect attempted to leave the store, the employee said, "You're not going anywhere" and blocked the shoplifter's exit, according to an incident report. A scuffle ensued as both gladiators battled it out over the $13 item. Finally, the employee held the man on the ground until he calmed down and could be escorted to the store's loss prevention office.

Responding to reports of suspected drug deals taking place outside of a hotel, police located a vehicle containing 30 grams of cocaine, 12 grams of cocaine base, and almost 1,800 Ecstasy tablets.

Several men entered a department store and proceeded to fill a plastic bin with more than $1,300 worth of nicotine gum and lozenges. After shutting the lid on the container, concealing the items inside, the men paid for the bin and exited the store, according to an incident report.

An officer noticed a young woman being turned away from a bar one evening after presenting her ID. When questioned by the officer, the woman originally said she was just using her sister's ID because she left her license at home. It also could have been because she is only 19 years old.

An officer patrolling the area of Market Street stopped to question a vendor after he had repeatedly shouted, "Try not to shoot any civilians with your gun today," as the officer drove by throughout the day. After speaking with the man's boss, the officer was told that the vendor was in need of a little vacation and given the rest of the week off work.

A man had a little too much fun at a gentleman's club one evening. Officers arrived to find the intoxicated man lying on a piece of porch furniture on the front patio of the establishment. When police informed the man that he needed to go home, he argued that he was home and was unwilling to accept that he did not live at the strip club. This just goes to prove that for better or worse, home is where the heart is.

After ending their relationship, a former couple has entered into a dispute over the rightful owner of the apartment they once shared. As a result of this disagreement, both parties have changed the locks on the apartment in hopes of leaving the other out in the cold.

An out-of-state man traced his stolen ATM card all the way to Charleston after it was used to purchase $63 worth of pizza downtown. That's a long way to go just to grab a slice.

Police were called in response to a man who was allegedly hiding behind cars in a parking garage and jumping out in front of moving vehicles in an attempt to get hit. According to an incident report, the suspect did not have a vehicle parked in the garage and doesn't even own a car. Officers also noted in a report that they have received numerous similar calls of a pedestrian playing chicken with vehicles in that same garage over recent weeks.

During a traffic stop, an intoxicated driver exited her vehicle and told the officer that she would just walk home. After asking the woman to return to her vehicle, the officer noticed numerous prescription pill bottles littered throughout the car. Brushing one of the pill bottles out of the way, the woman was able to grab a photocopy of her proof of registration, which turned out to be expired.

During a routine traffic stop, an officer noticed the scent of burning marijuana coming from the vehicle and asked the driver to turn over any pot she may have tucked away. The driver responded to the officer by asking, "You can smell it?" before handing over her stash. When asked if she had anything else in the car, the woman replied, "What all do you want? Like, literally everything? I have paraphernalia," according to an incident report.

A man was standing at a street corner when a car suddenly pulled up to the curb in front of him. It was at this point that a woman exited the car and began swinging a baseball bat at the man, who was able to grab the bat and take it from the would-be attacker.

A man filled his pockets with cheese and luncheon meats and grabbed a 10-pound bag of ice before attempting to leave a grocery store without paying for any of the items. His not-so-subtle plan for cold cuts was quickly put on ice as a store employee forced him to return the goods.


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