Blotter: Shoplifting snacks 

Lookin' like a Tide pod

click to enlarge Don't actually eat Tide pods. - STEVE STEGELIN
  • Steve Stegelin
  • Don't actually eat Tide pods.

Blotter o' the week: Slightly late to the meme, a woman was charged with shoplifting after trying to steal Tide pods from a West Ashley department store.

A woman felt dizzy and began having double vision after accepting a drink from an older man wearing Dallas Cowboys merchandise at an upscale King Street steakhouse.

Officers stopped two men walking downtown because they smelled like weed. The men had 34 pills of molly stamped with the Apple logo on them.

A woman chose to sleep in her car because children were being loud in her sister's apartment. When she woke up, she noticed that someone had broken into the vehicle and stolen $370 in cash while she slept inside.

Following an accident, a man yelled, "I will peel you like a banana," at a rider who was knocked off his bike.

A woman was walking her dog at a downtown park when a man chased after her, smacked her in the back of the head, and knocked off her glasses. She had said hello to him earlier as he sat on a bench, but she soon noticed that he was talking to himself.

A woman tried to steal $600 in clothes from a West Ashley retail store. She was quickly found out when she walked into a fitting room with numerous items and walked out, less than a minute later, with nothing in her hands.

A woman forgot her wallet in a cart at a restaurant supply store. Surveillance footage shows another customer wheeling the cart down an aisle and taking something from inside the wallet before placing it on a shelf behind other products. The woman said the wallet was short $400.

A man was caught trying to steal three mini wine bottles from a West Ashley supermarket.

An officer stopped a "suspicious" car facing a concrete wall near a West Ashley park one night. The officer noticed that one of the parties was "very nervous and was unable to stay in one place," which is understandable given that the person had smoked crack two hours earlier.

A man was arrested for disorderly conduct after drunkenly banging on the door of a College of Charleston guest house thinking it was his hotel. He also told officers to go fuck themselves.

A woman told a James Island grocery store manager that she had stolen body wash, body mist, and a 20-ounce drink because she is poor and on disability benefits. While she was being detained by employees, the man driving her getaway car went to the front desk claiming that his car was stolen from the parking lot. When he heard that police were called, he got in his Volvo and drove off.


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