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Steve Stegelin

Blotter o' the Week: Two men with a history of fighting got into an altercation outside of an Elks Lodge one evening. The victim stated that the other man initiated the fight as he was entering his vehicle, and the man hit him in the head with his own car door. The attacker told police that the fight started after the victim "smirked" at him, according to an incident report.

A woman worked out an arrangement with a salesman wherein he would find a buyer for her used car. After being unable to contact the salesman, the woman was told that he had not shown up to work for several days. According to an incident report, the woman later received a text message from the salesman telling her not to call the police and that he had given her car to a drug dealer because he owed the man $200.

A man was released from jail to find that his samurai sword and Adderall prescriptions had been stolen from his home.

Officers responded to reports of a man found sleeping inside of a convenience store downtown. Police were initially unable to wake the sleepy shopper, but he later informed medical personnel that he had a couple of beers before his nap.

After responding to a possible burglary, officers noticed the smell of marijuana coming from the complainant's home. When asked if there was any marijuana in the residence, the man told officers, "I smoked all of it."

A man claims that he was threatened by a stranger who approached him on the street and asked for money. According to an incident report, the suspect told the man, "I will fuck you up" as he stood in a fighting stance. Witnesses said the suspect was behaving erratically and "rambling about his anger" before officers arrived.

After accidentally leaving his car keys at the bar while he stepped outside to smoke, a man discovered his vehicle missing and called police. Before allegedly stealing the vehicle, the suspect used a credit card to make a purchase at a neighboring establishment, which allowed officers to track down the missing automobile. After searching the suspect's home, officers were also able to tack on an additional charge for the manufacturing of methamphetamine.

More than 40 lollipops and 60 gummy bears infused with THC were discovered in a man's backpack.

A woman believes she was the victim of a scam after she attempted to order a dog online. After the woman sent a money order for $600 to the canine con man, she was informed that she needed to send an additional $980 for shipping. The woman offered to pick up the pup herself, but she was told that wasn't an option.

An intoxicated man began to cause a disturbance one night after having a problem with the key to his motel room. The motel's desk clerk told officers that he had already provided the suspect with three copies of his room key by the time they arrived, but the suspect said he was still unable to access his room. Police were nice enough to give the man a place to stay for the night after he was taken to jail for kicking an officer.

A drunk man stumbled into the side of a police car and began trying to converse with the officer seated inside. The officer was unable to understand the man due to the fact that his "level of intoxication appeared to be to the point that he was stupefied," according to an incident report.

A shirtless, intoxicated man was found downtown screaming obscenities at passersby. When asked the whereabouts of his shirt, the man told police that he had just been fired from his job and was upset.

A man claims he exited the shower one evening to find his ex-girlfriend, with whom he lives, cutting up his current girlfriend's clothing. He says his ex then attacked his girlfriend who was asleep at the time. An officer noted that there was no visible evidence of an assault, and he also wrote that he overheard the man say, "She is going to file papers on me, so I am going to file papers on her."

A young man shoplifted $90 of teeth-whitening strips from a store one morning. Witnesses say the suspect headed straight for the personal hygiene aisle upon entering the store. The man was able to flee the scene, but not before store staff got the license plate number of his vehicle.

A man said he was visited one afternoon by someone claiming to be a representative from a security company who was there to repair the man's home alarm system. The suspect was invited inside to work on the alarm system, and he was left alone while the homeowner attended church service. The homeowner returned to find the repairman, who was soon joined by an assistant. At one point, the repairman requested to see the homeowner's phone bill, saying he could reduce his charges to $24 month. Around 11:30 p.m., the repairmen finally left, but not before being paid nearly $300 for their services.

An officer stopped an intoxicated student who was out walking late one night. During his conversation with the officer, the youngster collapsed into a nearby flower garden. While waiting for a taxi cab to escort the man home, he began to curse and shout at the officer. When asked for his ID, the man handed over his debit card.


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