Blotter: Good fuses make good neighbors 

Hi-De-Woah, Neighbor

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Steve Stegelin

Blotter o' the Week: Two neighbors got into a fight after one of the men became heavily intoxicated and began to set off fireworks between their two homes. After police told the man that he could not use fireworks in that area, he told officers that he was upset because his neighbor doesn't acknowledge him when he is coming and going from his home.

A woman found her car with all four tires slashed, both windshield wipers ripped off, and the fuel door torn from the vehicle. She told officers that she had been having issues with her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend who came to her apartment and stated, "I'm gonna put that bitch on all four flats," according to an incident report.

One man called police after he was robbed while attempting to buy crack. The man did not wish to file charges, telling officers he only wanted to make them aware of the situation. He also mentioned that he was high on crack at the time.

An officer discovered marijuana in a man's car during a traffic stop. When asked if the marijuana was his, the man told the officer that "he did not know that there was marijuana in the glove box, but that he does smoke marijuana occasionally and could have put it there and forgot about it."

An officer found a man smoking marijuana in his home after police received repeated calls from his neighbors reporting a "strong chemical smell." According to an incident report, the officer told the man that he must cease smoking pot in his apartment due to the "numerous complaints and because it is illegal." After the officer requested that the man turn over any remaining marijuana that may still be in his apartment, he retrieved a mason jar full of a green, leafy substance. The officer noted the substance was "so potent that it filled the air and the jar was still closed."

An intoxicated man stumbled into traffic downtown after being removed from a bar. An officer on the scene noticed the man was bleeding from the nose, but he could not recall any physical altercation.

A woman entered a department store and attempted to return a seven-piece bed set that she had picked up on her way in. On her way out of the store, the woman attempted to shoplift lotion and baby wipes before being stopped by store security.

Police responded to a department store to find a man running around outside with blood on his face, chest, and hands. After refusing to calm down, the man told the officer he would "kick his ass" and burn down the police station, according to an incident report. After questioning the man's brother and mother, it was determined that the family had been drinking and the two brothers had been wrestling.

A man called police after one of his employees borrowed his leaf blower and never returned it. The man also suspects that the employee entered his home while he and his family were out of town during the holidays and drank all the man's beer, wine, and liquor, and drove the family's vehicles without consent. Upon returning home, the family also noticed that someone had vomited in their bathroom. The suspect later informed the family that he had used their vehicles because his car was low on gas.

One man used a brick to break through his own bedroom window after his roommate kicked him out for not being able to pay rent.

A woman attempted to steal $37 worth of spices and air fresheners from a grocery store. While attempting to flee the scene, the suspect dropped her purse containing the stolen items along with her ID and social security card.

Two female suspects stole a non-functioning display phone from an electronics store.

An intoxicated man went to the nearest fire station after sustaining a few scrapes during a minor fall. The man told an officer that he was on his way to the bus station to purchase a ticket to Myrtle Beach.

One man managed to shoplift approximately $250 worth of baby formula from a grocery store.

Officers found a man drinking beer in a public park one evening. When questioned by police, he replied, "It says non-alcoholic on the bottle." The man was then informed that even non-alcoholic beer contains a small amount of alcohol at which time he apologized.

One man discovered the word "HOE" scratched into the trunk of his car.


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