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Steve Stegelin

Blotter o' the Week: A man was standing in front of his home enjoying a nice, cold beverage when a mysterious creature landed on his head. Believing himself to be under attack, the man drew the pistol from his front waistband and opened fire on what turned out to be a raccoon, which ran across his yard and escaped up a tree. While the man explained the situation to police, the raccoon climbed down from the tree and casually walked around the man's yard. As an incident report stated, "It did not appear to be concerned about the presence of humans."

A former sushi chef who was banned from his former place of work continues to return to the grocery store to demand the $110,000 that he is allegedly owed. If true, he really got a raw deal.

A woman received a call from someone posing as a member of the sheriff's office saying that her friend had been arrested and needed money for bail. The woman handed over $5,000 in giftcards before a department store employee warned her that a scam was going around.

An ATM was stolen from inside of a laundromat. While the machine is valued at $3,000, only $100 worth of cash was believed to be inside.

Another woman told police that shortly after last Thanksgiving she began receiving emails from a person claiming that she would go to jail if she did not pay $500 using iTunes giftcards. Chances are she was also told to pay her taxes with a bundle of Keno tickets and frequent flyer miles.

An officer came across an intoxicated man drunkenly yelling at a food truck. After removing the man from the middle of the street, the officer realized that the man was too incoherent to answer questions.

A woman who does not lock the doors to her home during the day reported that more than $121,000 worth of jewelry was missing from her home.

A man walked into a department store and ripped a laptop from the display stand before walking out of the building.

The manager at a grocery store contacted police regarding an employee/customer theft ring that had allegedly cheated the store out of $14,500. According to the manager, an employee working along with four friends utilized fake coupons and cashier overrides to drastically reduce the cost of purchases. It's a lot like Oceans 11, but instead of a casino heist, the culprits made off with loads of Hot Pockets.

A young woman was found urinating outside the patio of a downtown restaurant. When asked if she had relieved herself outdoors, the woman replied, "Yes, where else am I supposed to go?"

After purchasing a beverage and a bag of chips from a corner store, a shoplifter grabbed about 25 lighters and fled the store. The total theft by this firestarter, twisted firestarter, is estimated at $57.25.

A steel safe was discovered by city staff inside of a public fountain. According to an incident report, it appeared that someone had tried unsuccessfully to pry open the vault.

A man's ex-girlfriend arrived at his apartment and began yelling because his new girlfriend was in the home. The intrusive ex then entered the man's car, spraying lotion around the interior and taking the man's keys and cellphone. Before leaving, the woman informed the man that he did not need his phone.

A son told police that his father had consumed about 12 beers before falling out of his boat while trying to start the motor.

After he was spotted urinating outside an apartment complex, a suspect attempted to excuse his actions, saying, "I had to pee. It's a man thing, you know?"


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