American Idol voters send Elise Testone home 

We're proud of you, Elise

During the Thursday American Idol results show, I learned more from the ad breaks than I did from the judges or certainly the voters. Halfway through the show, there were back-to-back ads featuring Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez, which both flawlessly illustrated the further degradation of America.

Steven Tyler played his harmonica while some bald dude sang, “Exciting things are happening at Burger King!” To anyone who grew up when this guy was cool, that says it all. It also says that he equates being a judge on American Idol with doing a Burger King ad -— and the sad thing is, he’s really not wrong about that.

In her ad, J. Lo prances around with a magically shifting costume and sings the same line over and over: “I’ve got the music in me,” an ironic choice of words since it's not for her music, it’s for her perfume. It’s moments like these that make me hope the Mayans are right about this whole December 21 thing.

But I digress. This is about Elise Testone. This is about the 12-year-old girls who vote for the next American Idol. This is about their decision to send this talented singer home last night.

I know Elise would have liked to win, but the truth is we all knew from the get-go that she was better than this show. We all knew the tweener text-a-thon wasn’t her game. Her goal, which she has repeated several times, was to get herself out there to as big an audience as possible and have a positive influence on people’s lives. She’s done that. And she will do much more of it.

Elise Testone will be able to use Idol as a stepping stone into the music biz, a foot in the door to the palace of her future. And anyone who knows her knows she doesn’t mess around; once in, that foot ain’t going anywhere. Elise, we're proud of you, and we can't wait to see what you do next.

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