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Re: “Mayor Riley calls Secession Gala 'unfortunate,' 'the opposite of unifying'

Then you try again, the constitution has given us all of the tools to resolve issues like that legally. I realize that the federal government often stretches the power given to them by the commerce clause and the supreme court often judges incorrectly however, the supreme court also upholds states rights as often as not.

I believe in following the federal system set up by the constitution. However, celebrating a confederate system which is totally at odds with the constitution and which the constitution was created to replace does nothing to protect the governmental system created by the founding fathers.

Posted by abk643 on December 17, 2010 at 1:47 AM

Re: “A Portrait of an Activist as an Asshat: New details about Julian Assange emerge

The "Collateral Murder" video revealed a helicopter crew firing on people they mistook for enemy combatants, not a war crime or murder. The war logs likewise revealed nothing because they were nothing but war logs. And the airstrike revealed more incompetence than malice. Most of the wrongdoing revealed by wikileaks was the government and military's decision to cover up the accidental deaths.

The person that leaked the information deserves no medal. He did nothing to help the country and specifically stated his actions were done in order to harm it and the military, not to make the country and military better but to harm them.

Posted by abk643 on December 17, 2010 at 12:04 AM

Re: “Mayor Riley calls Secession Gala 'unfortunate,' 'the opposite of unifying'

If California were to secede over gay marriage it would still be illegal and stupid.

And the attempt at secession during the Hartford convention DESTROYED the Federalist Party. So evidently the US had a non-partisan history of disliking secessionists before the civil war.

No one has said that the North fought to end slavery, everyone knows that the north was just as, if not more racist than the south, however the south specifically stated on numerous occasions that it fought to protect the institution of slavery.

So the hundreds of thousands of American men that died in the war died because the south wanted to protect the institution of slavery. Celebrating the secession is like celebrating the Banana wars, or Germany's invasion of poland. These people aren' commemorating the dead, they're celebrating a decision to fight for the cause of slavery and an attempt to destroy the country.

Yes, secession almost destroyed the country because if a legal precedent was set that all states could ignore the constitution whenever they felt like it, there would be no United States.

Posted by abk643 on December 16, 2010 at 2:52 PM

Re: “Mayor Riley calls Secession Gala 'unfortunate,' 'the opposite of unifying'

The confederates fought to keep slavery, the north fought to keep the union. states rights gets thrown around a lot but the main states right that southerners fought for and the one that all of the rebel states acknowledged in their decrees of secession was slavery.

And states didn't have the right to leave the union. States were sovereign in all areas except for those delegated to the federal government. The rights delegated to the federal government were
# Print money (bills and coins),
# Declare war
# Establish an army and navy
# Enter into treaties with foreign governments
# Regulate commerce between states and international trade
# Establish post offices and issue postage
# Make laws necessary to enforce the Constitution

The confederate states illegally usurped all of these rights from the federal government when they declared the CSA a new country. The secession was illegal because the southern states refused to follow the laws of the constitution. All of the states made a legally binding agreement to follow the laws of the constitution. There was nothing at all legal about secession.

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Posted by abk643 on December 13, 2010 at 7:03 PM
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