A favorite talk show posse returns to Charleston 

Housewives' Homecoming

These girls know how to talk

These girls know how to talk

Meet the upper-middle-class women of white suburban America. You've got Jenni, Cami, Jessi, and Brandi, part-time talk show hosts of Posse Talk and part-time Stepford wives. While they spend the majority of their time sitting around gabbing, they often touch on important topics, like what the best medicines are to give to their children (and themselves).

The cast of Mary Kay Has a Posse is made up of all-female talent who display extraordinary chemistry. They've been together for nearly seven years, and though the cast has since split up location-wise, they still return to their on-air uppity roles two to three times a year when they rendezvous in Charleston.

Jennifer Buddin plays Jenni, a former local weather gal who was fired for being an alcoholic. Jessi, played by Jessica Mickey, once held the Miss Shrimp and Grits crown but has since been tragically dethroned. Brandy Sullivan, a.k.a. Brandi, has a motherly touch and even boasts the talent of talking to plants, while Camille Lowman, as Cami, previously directed low budget risqué films before landing a spot on Posse Talk.

Even though thousands of miles separate the women now, Mickey says when they're reunited, magic occurs. "We fall back into our places like we've never missed a beat," Mickey says.

And while they might think they know the key to life's secrets, it's hard to take anyone seriously who complains about a day filled with going to the post office and the bank all in one trip. Though we all know these characters are full of it, they don't — so enjoy the blissfully unaware, heavily medicated, Taser-armed women as they take on the world. Or just their neighborhood association.

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